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temps iom Please Call / Email:
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Log Cabins
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montreal nitro stulbas bildes Professional Expertise

elastības modulis As one of the earliest forerunners of Deluxe Log Cabins ,Interlocking Buildings, Holiday Park Accommodation, Sauna Log Cabins, Interlocking Log Cabins , repše gundega , Cabins , Log Cabins , Insulated Log Cabins, Timber Buildings,sbahn stuttgart,  Log Cabin Summer Houses mārtiņš luters , Wooden Log Cabins,wooden residential buildings, Scandinavian Cabins Manufacturers, Log Cabin Offices, Laminated Garden Cabins-Laminated Residential Cabins- and Suppliers throughout the U.K / Europe / America / Australia. We pride ourselves in retaining a highly respected personal relationship with all our clients and U.K. distributors that has been established for more than 12 years. We are able to offer many different thicknesses of log cabins. Our Log Cabins are available in 34mm / 44mm / 70mm / 90mm / 34mm + 34mm / 44mm + 44mm / 70mm + 70mm  and 90mm + 90mm all manufactured from Hand Picked Quality Siberian Pine-Spruce.. We are the only company in the UK with graded Glulam Log Cabins available in 80mm-120mm-160mm-200mm and 240mm. All our Log Cabins are designed to last the test of time; we also make sure that all our purlins are the correct thickness for each and every cabin.log cabins.LV is the first choice for 99.9% of the public. At we are able to offer a great selection of Holiday Park Accommodation type style buildings, Twin Skin Glulam Logs, or a Fully Insulated Timber Frame Chalet, Caravan insulated Timber Frame Building styles, Mobile Homes-Park Homes and so very much more. Log Cabins LV is the leading light in the industry in design, manufacturing techniques, and absolutely amazing pricing.smukas sievietes

bbe preamp tērauda diski Assurance Guaranteedhugo boss smaržas  

testēšanas konference kleven yard troksnis ausīs  sangre flamenco With over 22 years experience of Timber Building, Log Cabin Manufacturing in the Baltic's where you can be assured of top quality materials from certified sustainable forestry, producing logs that are sympathetically treated with the most sophisticated computerised technology, you can be assured of obtaining the very best from the best.

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helēna kozlova reliģija ķīnā  Unlike many other manufacturers who produce cheap high volume log cabins, cabins, insulated log cabins, timber buildings, interlocking buildings, interlocking log cabins our versatile production teamwork very closely and patiently to produce buildings that, in effect, last a lifetime. Every one of our Log Cabins, Timber Buildings, Insulated Log Cabins, Twin Skin Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Gazebos,home offices cabins, we are also able to manufacture bespoke log cabins, timber frame cabins, laminated cabins and much , much more, our signature of excellence is machined into the very fibre of our high-quality timber buildings, log cabins, cabins, camping pods, laminated buildings. Please send us an email if you have any questions regarding any kind of timber build!

indemnification procedure azerbaidžānas teritorija mellersta norrland Where to find a Bespoke Quality Log Cabin.

sarmas karte if you are looking for a bespoke log cabin, then the only website to go to is tegra lt, here you will find not just a huge range of log cabin boxes, but also the largest range of lappi tyres for them, and you can add them anywhere you want on the cabin body.

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rudens puķes  Designing The Future

mums pieder nakts grozījumi publisko iepirkumu likumā If you are looking for a high quality no nonsense bespoke log cabin,  manufactured exactly to your requirements, then you must go over to our new amazing sister website ubvri photometry

spania catalonia vitas laiks On our new and exciting website offers- bespoke- timber frame- camping pods-and so much more, but more importantly you will find on our new website, a huge range of new high-quality log cabin windows and doors, plus the largest range of log cabin bodies on the web!

mērfija likumi bronza vārdi And the best part of our new exciting range of bespoke log cabins for 2018 is that you can place the windows and doors anywhere you wish and at no extra charge.

tadas labukas margiela milano Unlike 99.9% of log cabin companies that offer a bespoke service, and for which they make you pay anything from 30% to 50% more, and ask you to wait a staggering 12 weeks for delivery.

landa lures trentino alto adige What's great about our new range is that we allow you to add the windows and doors (within the constraints of our permitted safety areas of construction) whatever you want and price it to your budget, and have it delivered in just 4/6 weeks.

stenotrophomonas maltophilia fruity loop torrent This is the quickest turnaround and best priced bespoke range of superior quality log cabins on the market!

epilepsija simptomi songbird export So why should you think about log cabins lv as your first choice of purchasing a log cabin from?

panamerican seeds milano veikals That's actually quite an easy one to answer. Firstly we design, manufacture and offer to the public the best quality log cabins in the business.

grebenščikova iela urzula radwanska Also, we have so many new and exciting, different ranges. please follow the links below.

stratēģiskās online spēles

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mārkalnes pagasts nigēras upe /logcabins/product-range/the-new-micro-houses-by-logcabins-lv.html

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sabiles lelles Deluxe Log Cabins

ecb sia  

stulbi teicieni grautiņa dalībnieki Amazing Windows and Doors!!!!

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della grazie  sightless sages There are so many companies offering high-quality log cabins, yet if you look at the specification of these cabins, they are no better than a cheap garden shed. 

ilona leimane Our New for 2016 Deluxe Log Cabins are not just truly the best-manufactured log cabins available on the web to date, they are the market leaders. 
evor sia Our new range of cabins offers thicker roofing boards than any other log cabin manufacturer. klienta karte Notched in Purlins, Rodded Walls as standard.
ksh verbose No Extra Costs.negatīvā enerģija We are the only Log Cabins manufacturer that spray paints the windows and doors to your choice of colour for free.
arunas bagdonas Our Deluxe Range of Cabins are the only log cabins that come standard with insulated doors panels.
panku stils  ceraukstes pagasta padome Plus!!  they are also the only Log Cabins that come with CE- Taerobika dvd rada certified approved windows and doors as standard. 
fizikas formulas This coupled with the fact that they have the best tilt and turn mechanism in the industry, and that we guarantee our windows and doors for 2 years,
bv film means our new range of LV Deluxe Log cabins are really the only choice. drosibas karkas  
steninge slott What we are trying to highlight with our New Clock House design, is not the quality of the timber as every cabin from LV has superb quality timber,hernandez lax also not that it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, or that the price is just staggering, actually, it is none of the above. riga car Please Click the link and check out the quality of the windows and doors, these are not some nasty UPVC Plastic Windows, because at first glance they could be,
naujenes muzikas skola that’s because our spraying booths for our CE quality Windows and Doors are state of the art.caching algorithms We do not hand paint anything!!!stūra vannas Our Windows and Doors are manufactured from Glulam Joinery timber, manufactured on a state of the art CNC Windows and Doors Line, and sprayed painted to your choice of colour by professionals! finland railway Secondly, Our New Windows have a 5-point locking system, tilt and turn, and are CE approved. maugli video This means you are not just getting a quality window, you are getting actually the best Standard Windows and Doors in the Cabin industry.vārda diena Also and this is a first, we are offering free, YEP! No charge, to spray your windows and doors, to whichever colour picks your fancy,bunker klubs
 sion accomodation korporatīvā identitāte   
dārgākais telefons Log Cabins LV the sensible choice.. spilves lidosta  
barolo cerequio roberto voerzio The Game Changer in the Log Cabin Industry! 
mērce rīsiem CE Approved Residential
passier patron  Tilt and Turn Windows, Argon Filled packages, līmētās koka brusas Multi Locking Systems, Double Glazed Insulated Double Doors, spray painted for free, you choose a colour.
sdk mario The Best Log Cabin Windows and Doors in the Business.radiostancii rossii 5.5m x 4.0m Clock House-Residential Windows and Doors- £4.995tula turist (Please Speak to our Dealers for more information on delivery terms)djingis khan [email protected]  
krabat dvdrip Our New Clock House Log Cabin 5.5m x 4.0m with 8 Residential High-Quality CE Certified Windows and simpleviewer lightroom 1 Residential CE Certified Double Door,
all with 24mm double glazed packages, Argon Filled, multi-point locking systemsnakts dzīve rīgā Only Residential Double Glazed, Tilt and Turn, Quality CE Approved Windows and Doors in the Log Cabin Market as Standard.  dunas puerto hotel  
sulu mēnesis THIS amazing Clock House Log Cabins only available from Log Cabins LV.

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treibende kraft is exemplary in the Log Cabins-Timber Buildings-Glulam Laminated Log Cabins– Norwegian Hand Made Cabins – Timber Frame Housing- Timber frame Park Homes , camping pod  industry. Leaders in also the field of the best grade of interlocked Siberian Spruce Garden, Residential and Commercial Log Cabins. Our extensive range continues to expand globally.

surprise facial
As innovators and market leaders has grown from strength to strength in consistently satisfying thousands of customers by maintaining its professional expertise in all areas of production.

In this competitive industry it is very easy to literally “cut corners” to try to sell at lower prices. have never been drawn into this type of scenario. Over many years we have proved that our clients who are going to purchase a Log Cabin see it as a long-term investment. Paying a little more for a genuine high quality product generally ends up being a much better economic decision in the long run.

Log produce best value for money products. Best value for money does not mean cheap. We have sold many expensive bespoke Residential and Commercial timber properties that have always been received as excellent value for money.

The extensive range spans across a very wide spectrum to satisfy those who are after top quality within a small garden area to spacious and extremely luxurious futuristically designed Log Cabins. Both ends of the spectrum provide the “Wow” factor that many of our competitors just cannot match.

Our innovative designs and new products now include Summer Houses, Garden Offices,Log Cabin Garages, Gazebos, Insulated Caravans, Bungalows, Chalet Bungalows, Residential Log Cabins, Hotels, Classrooms, Libraries, Scandinavian styled Log Cabins, Camping Pods, Camping Houses, Micro Log Cabins, Laminated Log Cabins, Laminated timber Garages, Swimming Pool Houses, Studio cabins, Clockhouse log Cabins, Insulated Larch Offices, Twin skin Garden and Residential Log Cabins, Siberian Larch Cabins, Octahedral Cabins, Insulated Log Cabin Offices, Insulated Garden and Residential Cabins, baltic law offices and Specialist customised bespoke properties.

Within each range we now offer a very comprehensive variety of designs that also include internal variations to suit nearly every requirement.

We make no apology for your being spoilt for choice with this fantastic range of superior craftsmanship. We are here to help and save you time in choosing what you like best. We have a very experienced patient, caring and understanding team of people standing by who will be very pleased to come up with a “shortlist” for you, if you feel that you have not got the time to browse and explore all that we have to offer.

Many log cabins look the same from the outside and there are some important facts that we at would like to share with you so that you can be confident that you receive from us only the best quality. Let us look a little more closely at how we differ from most other companies, even though the cabins from an outside view may look exactly the same.

The Flooring cabins of all sizes always have a minimum tongue and groove flooring of 28mm. When you look inside a log cabin and look down at the tongue and groove flooring, you will need to ask about the thickness because there is no way of knowing unless the flooring is removable for measurement purposes.

The Windows and Doors cabins of all sizes always install the very best grade of double or triple glazing. This means thicker glass as opposed to just economy glass. By using our very best grade you can be assured of better security and more effective and efficient insulation.

Locking System Top quality window and doors locking systems, where applicable, are installed in every cabin. Such systems meet both the UK and European safety standards. Many of the cabins that have a wall thickness of 44mm and above also include as standard the revolutionary “Tilt and Turn” windows that enable you to clean both sides of the window with ease from the inside.

Purlins are very careful to ensure that at all times only the correct thickness of Purlins are installed to support the relevant types of shingles or roof tiles.

The Ceiling Interlocked log cabins always have a minimum of 19mm tongue and groove Siberian Spruce for the ceiling. The new range of laminated sectional buildings also has, in some cases, Tudor style laminated beams in addition to the tongue and groove Siberian Spruce.

The Walls We believe in making sure that larger cabins are manufactured with thicker walls. It stands to reason that a large cabin of just 28mm wall thickness will not have anywhere near the stability than a wall thickness of 44mm. provide wall thickness choices from 28mm thick walls for small cabins, rising through the ranks to 34mm, 44mm, 70mm, 90mm, 34mm +34mm Twinskin double wall and 44mm +44mm Twinskin double wall. We recommend Twinskin and thicker walls for all year round usage such as Garden Offices and Residential buildings. Summer Houses may not require such thick walls if they are to be used during the summer season only.

The quality of the Timber is pleased to support a new European initiative to track and reprimand timber merchants and dealers who are knowingly purchasing sub-standard timber from dubious sources. Besides ruining and creating non- sustainable forests by felling trees without any form of proper management. The short-sighted attitude will cause extinction to much of the wildlife and will seriously affect the environment where such trees used to grow.

When purchasing any timber cabin from you can be satisfied that you are supplied with top quality Siberian Spruce or Larch from carefully forested areas that are under strict control to ensure sustainability for future generations as well as maintaining our all-important wildlife.

Siberian Spruce in its natural state is slow grown in arctic conditions, unlike faster growing spruce that can easily warp, twist and split. Without such knowledge so many people find difficulties and disappointment months after their cabin has been erected and installed due to windows not closing properly, doors that show gaps because of warping and twisting etc. These are just the sad results of falling into the trap of buying something that was “too good to be true”. Invariably you will find that the statement is often correct. It just isn’t true ! Ask for Siberian Spruce and ask for a cabin. Look out for our logo that depicts the five stars representing five stars of excellence.

The next stage is how the carefully selected timber is treated and produced. Our quality control systems are the most modern. Kiln drying is carried out to ensure that the correct moisture content is achieved before it leaves our factory. Any storage, which is generally short-term only, is carried out in quality-controlled areas to ensure the stability of moisture content and freshness.

The milling and cutting process is state of the art computerised technology with the best grade cutting equipment that produces precise self-build packs ready for delivery.

In summary, besides falling in love with a cabin that has the high perceived value that you seek. Remove your emotional attachment to what you see and thoroughly check out the six important areas that separate superior quality cabins from mediocre cabins. Check out and ask questions about the flooring, the windows and doors, the locking system, the purlins, the ceiling, the walls and the quality of the timber. Once satisfied with that, then you can fall in love with a cabin that is no longer a high-perceived value for money but a true value for money. We at hope that once you have looked through our site you will probably save a lot of unnecessary time by just refusing to go elsewhere, knowing in your heart that we have already ticked all the boxes for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for looking.

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regency sharm Passive House Designs

ccleaner rus  

tiere arbeitsblatt Our passion at Log Cabins LV is to offer the public choice in many different build types.
Our goal is to bring to market Passive and A++ Energy Efficient Housing.
We have designed many different types of Eco-Passive Houses and our first time buyers range is aesthetically pleasing as well functional and affordable.
If you are looking to build yourself a quality Passive House then Please give us a call first to find out how you can make huge savings all round! Log Cabins LV the intelligent choice!

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tīna tērnere  

jaukas sms ashley orion wiki Ki Range Log Cabins

verkehr munich  

kalētu pamatskola Our New and Amazing for 2018 Ki Range of Log Cabins is the most Modern Designed range of log cabins under 2.5m high on the Internet to date.
All our Ki Log Cabins in 44mm and above come with quality Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows and Double Glazed Doors, and that extra strong 28mm floor.
At Log Cabins LV we pride ourselves on not just being the market leaders for new designs, better build quality, and always keeping prices low, we also pride ourselves on great customer service.
If you are looking for a log cabin, a garden office, or just that spare room then please have a wonder through our immense website, which boasts over 4000 different designs, 6 different build types, and with out doubt the best choice in log cabins in the world! Do not settle for less!

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Engineered Glulam Residential Twin Skin Log Cabins

izraēlas un palestīnas konflikts  

neatrod hdd We are proud to show case our New Insulated Residential Glulam Log Cabins, All our new Twin Skin Glulam Residential Log Cabins will meet building regulations. All our Glulam residential buildings are fitted with quality residential type, CE certified tilt and turn triple glazed windows and fantastic quality doors. Our Engineered Glulam logs are graded from C32 to C40, this incredibly high grade of Glulam is offered by no other manufacturer but us! Bespoke designs are welcome. If you are looking for a quality residential log cabin, fed up with the stupid pricing that adorns the Internet, want it manufactured, built by the longest running manufacture and retailer of log cabins in the UK, then is the only choice. Please send us an email today and have one of our dedicated, experienced dealers give you a call.

circumference calc Here are some quick links for you to view some of our amazing 4 Bedroom  6.7m x 18m Glulam Residential Building Compliant Log Cabins

thule lv /logcabins/product-range/glulam-residential-cabins/glulam-twin-skin-residential-log-cabins-6-7m-x-18-m-1553.html

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resnā zarna If you are looking for a residential log cabin, then glulam timber is really the only option you have if passing building regulations, structural calculations is a must.

glens domans Unlike solid timber logs, glulam from is not just bits of timber stuck together as most uneducated cabin companies will proclaim to you, our Engineered Glulam timber is the only glulam timber in the UK-Europe that has a grade from C32 up to C40, which is over kill on quality, but it’s the kind of quality like to manufacture it’s glulam residential Twin Skin Log Cabins from.

aģentūra leta If you look through our range of log cabins, you will see we have a massive range of Solid Timber Log Residential Log Cabins; these target the BS3632 build act, but we have written that if you are looking to pass building regulations, structural calculations then it would be wiser to look at either Glulam or Timber frame.

ternary relation Our Residential Glulam Twinskin Log Cabins are with out doubt the best in the industry and cannot be compared to any other manufacturers cabins which may be similar in design, style or size..

ivs packets When you are looking for a quality residential cabin, manufactured from engineered Glulam C32-C40 graded timber, extremely high-end windows and doors, with triple glazing as standard. Then think… do not settle for less! 

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Residential Timber Frame Offices and Timber Frame Residential Cabins

brugesanas firmas Residential Timber Frame Cabins-Park Homes should be in an Investment and sadly, 99% of them aren’t!
So many Residential Timber Frame structures, which are designed for Holiday Lodging or Park Home Living are inadequately insulated, and sadly are designed to be replaced after ten or so years. The UK caravan market is worth a staggering 6 Billion a year, repeat business is phenomenal, “ Vans “ are replaced on average every 10 years on most holiday sites, and Park Home sites on average every 15 years, depending where the structure is sited!
We have spoken so many times about investment, investments, are so very important, and investing into any building, be it your first house, or your retirement home, a return on your investment should be a must! Sadly, the industry now does not believe investment is important, just Mass Profit!
We at truly believe that the industry as a whole needs to start treating their customer base, who are thinking of purchasing a Park Home, or a Caravan Style Unit, with more respect, and offer a lot better for a lot less!

So! Why are we better?
Please read through this, as it really is no joke what you are about to buy, and what you should buy!

deformed ribcage

Firstly, Our Quality Insulated Timber Frame Buildings are not just built from top-notch slow grown C24 Graded Spruce/ Pine Russian Timber, please note, in most countries governments allow builders to use C16 graded timber for residential buildings, we however believe that this timber is not up to much when it comes to stress bearing areas, which is why we only use C24.

Residential Timber Frame Cabins-Park

Lets start at the bottom and work up!

profils cd Residential Timber Frame Cabins-Park

Our Floor framework would normally consist of:

vecchia riserva Oak parquet – in free lengths;
22mm chipboard;
Wooden framework 45x195mm c/c600;
ISOVER insulation 200mm;
12mm chipboard;

Our Competitors

ēka un būve 120mm x 32mm, Wooden Frame Work.
80mm Insulation
Chipboard etc.
(Finished Floor covering, extra cost).

The difference between our Floor and 99% of other companies is that our insulation is more than double!

precīzs laiks

Exterior, Interior Wall

coralie chateau  

Our Exterior, Interior wall

cegui c Residential Timber Frame Cabins-Park

krāšņu mūrnieks Horizontal larch panel 20x140mm - oiled;
Vertical battens 20x45mm c/c600 for air gap;
Gypsum plate 9.5mm as wind barrier;
Anti-wind shield;
Segments of wooden framework 45x195mm c/c600;
ISOVER insulation 200mm – in free lengths;
Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
Battens 45x45mm c/c600 for cables and pipes – in free lengths;
ISOVER insulation 50mm – in free lengths;
10mm chipboard – in free lengths;
12.5mm gypsum board – in free lengths;
Finish Internal walls- Clients choice:

Our Competitors

staffpoint oy Wall paper
Foil Back Plaster Board
120mm x 32mm Frame Work
50mm Insulation
Plywood, Plasterboard.
External Coating!

The Difference between our insulation level and 99% of other companies is a staggering 190mm, which is nearly double the wall thickness of our competitors. Moreover, we clad all our Residential Timber Frame Homes in Grade A Siberian Larch!


Our Roof.

kaubamaja ee Residential Timber Frame Cabins-Park

antikondensāta plēve Final roof cover – Depends on Clients choice; Tiles, Shingles.
18mm chipboard - in free lengths;
Battens 45x45mm c/c600 along roof rafters for air gap - in free lengths;
Diffusion film Tyvec Pro - in rolls;
Precut rafters 45x195+45x95mm c/c600 – in free lengths;
Glue-lam balks – in free lengths;
KNAUF insulation 250 mm - in free lengths;
Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
KNAUF insulation 50 mm - in free lengths;
Battens 45x45mm c/c400 for pipes and cables - in free lengths;
12.5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths;

Our Competitors

nepamatoti lēts piedāvājums 58 mm x 44mm A Frames
200mm Insulation
Plywood, Ceiling Panels.

With over 100mm of more insulation in our standard roof than our competitors, we feel sure your heating bills in our Timber Frame construction is kinder on your wallet. Also please note, out timber frame construction, from Floor to roof is substantially thicker.If you are looking to really buy yourself a Fantastic Park Home, a Holiday Unit, a Caravan style Building, please give us a call today.

blake edwards  

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kelts un ko

dārglietu veikali

poļu valoda

vieglās automašīnas alumīnija durvis proudly presents “The Value Range” of Superior designed and manufactured Garden Log Cabins that will not hurt your Purse.

These spectacular, superbly crafted very affordable Garden Log Cabins have been specifically designed to give you much more change in your pocket than you would probably ever get anywhere else.
No compromise on quality, however, with the well seasoned slow grown 28mm and 40mm thick pine that represents the outer walls. With these outrageously lower priced Garden Log Cabins, you would not expect to see a flooring included, as is often the case with much of the competition.
When seeking real bargain priced cabins. have included a quality 19mm tongue and groove quality pine wood flooring as part of the kit.
The ceiling, once again, is often, elsewhere, just made of thin plywood. Not so with You get a 19mm tongue and groove pine wood ceiling that just looks quite exquisite. are not in the business of dragging their heels when it comes to understanding the needs of you, the customer. When the economy becomes a bit tight and you still need to accommodate those all important things that you need in your garden. Perhaps you planned to have something a little special for the Summer season where you would liked to have invested in a Garden Log Cabin where you can spend your time resting, reading, studying, or even working in. Alas money gets a bit tight and after perusing through many hundreds of Garden Log Cabins, you find that what you really want is out of reach because you don’t want a low quality Log Cabin that is going to fall apart in a short space of time. Welcome to “The Value Range”. You have finally arrived at the website that can really provide you with what you have been looking for.
A high quality Garden log Cabin that is set at a much lower cost than any of its competitors when comparing like for like quality. Although has only recently released these incredible Garden Log Cabins into the market place, they are already hitting this industry by storm.
It is anticipated that the order books will fill up quickly and we recommend that you make your commitment and order very soon to avoid disappointment. have planned for a certain number of each style within “The Value Range” to be manufactured. These have been calculated for construction throughout the 2014 period. Once the allocation of orders received has been filled. The books will close and there will be no more of these particular cabins available for 2014.
You can easily place an order for a later delivery. For example, if you do not require your “Value Range” Garden Log Cabin until mid July – that’s fine!

All you need to do to ensure that you will get your Garden Log Cabin is to pay your deposit and advise us of your required delivery date.
Another word about quality. Every one of “The Value Range” garden Log Cabins include high quality glazed Doors and Windows. Many of our competitors for this low priced range of cabins will insert low priced polycarbonate windows instead of the high quality glazed units that, feel they deserve.
As forerunners in the Log Cabin Industry, once again lead the field with innovative ideas that meet the requirements of changing trends in the economy.
It’s all about giving you, the customer, what you want. Once you have looked at the clean lines and fresh designs of these cabins you will be amazed as to how they can be made at these much lower prices. took a very close look at all the cost considerations of every element of manufacture and has been able to make small engineering and manufacturing adjustments that maintains the quality of the range of Garden Log Cabins within the value range without causing any deficiency in the overall quality and appearance.

The Value Range of Garden Log Cabins consists of a variety of top quality Pine Log Cabins to suit virtually any garden of any size. From a small backyard to a sizeable plot, something in the range is sure to be acceptable. The word “Austerity” in the UK has been banded around for some time and we at are able to “break the mould” with this fantastic range designed to convert any of your negative cautious thoughts to a more positive approach which will motivate you to take action. Be pro-active and really consider the rare opportunity of being the proud owner of a real bargain that will not let you down. Others elsewhere are probably, either paying very much more for such quality or buying inferior types of products for the same price. It is almost an embarrassment to release this range at the prices expected. If you are lucky enough and quick enough to secure your reservation for one of these high quality value range garden log cabins then it may be best that you keep the price that you paid a secret for fear of upsetting others who, no doubt, may have paid much more elsewhere.
Let us summarise and recap on the features of this superb value for money range of log cabins.
A genuine 28mm and 40mm thick well seasoned pine wood outer walls
An inclusive 19mm tongue and groove solid pine flooring
A 19mm solid pine tongue and groove ceiling.
Top quality glazed doors where applicable in the design.
Top quality glazed windows in all cabins.
Delivered direct to you by one of our local Distributors or Partners at no extra cost.
Your deposit will secure the reservation of any cabin for later delivery if required.
As leaders in the market place has carried out much research in the UK before considering the attributes of such an investment.

The re-engineering and tweaking in manufacturing terms, in itself is quite a costly operation. The reason behind this is that once the scientific approach of re-jigging the computerisation is complete, a real manufactured kit has to be produced with a variety of quality control tests to ensure that the finished product still meets the demands of customer usage. It took quite a bit of to and fro activity to obtain the final result with the state of the art computerisation. You can therefore be assured that once you have ordered any one particular Garden Log Cabin from the Value range, you will receive a thoroughly tried and tested kit that will be easy to construct with minimal maintenance once you have applied the correct protective coating. By doing so you will have virtually free maintenance for 3 to 5 years.
Beware of timber that originates from non sustainable forestry ! At we do not and will not lower our standards in terms of looking after the environment and doing our bit for the planet. “The Value Range” of all of the Garden Log Cabins originate from certified sustainable Pine Forests where good stock is always maintained due to careful forestry management to ensure that future generations will continue to benefit.
None of the excess to requirements of pine is wasted as these are all converted to other types of wood products and shavings that are used in many other areas of industry. This means that not only is there sustainability within the early stages of production of this incredibly good value for money log cabins, but also upon the completion of production where the final result is a very clean floor in the factory with no waste! We feel that many of our clients also like to deal with us because of the high moral standing we have, even when we manufacture a lower priced range of products.

Take the Bull by the horns! Throw away austerity! Grab this opportunity! Don’t waste too many hours constantly perusing through hundreds of other cabins and websites because whilst doing so, others who may well be taking that small plunge will be reducing our stock for 2014. Procrastination is definitely the thief of time and many lost opportunities have happened as a result of hesitation. It goes on “He who hesitates is lost!” Please do not lose out on this one. Order now and get in touch with us right away so that we can appoint one of our distributors or partners to serve you locally. Please make sure that you clearly specify the reference of the cabin you desire from “The value range”. We bring to your attention that all of our distributors and partners have been highly trained and have been through rigorous product knowledge activity. You can therefore feel very confident that if we do recommend a particular distributor or partner to help you choose or obtain an order for any of the newly released “Value Range” Garden Log Cabins, you will be in very good hands. If you find that you are not able to obtain the cabin of your choice then this could be due to the fact that the particular Distributor or Partner has already sold out of their allocation. In this instance please get back to us directly and we will do our utmost to signpost you to a partner or distributor who has sufficient stock allocated to be able to assist you. Thank you for looking and we wish you every happiness with your new Garden Log Cabin. look forward to being of service to you.

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New for 2014 Interlocking Sheds

apelācijas instances tiesa Over the last twelve years we have seen the Log Cabins and Shed Garden market change drastically.
As the number one log cabin company for design, we have decided to look back at where this all began and re-look at the English-Welsh-Scottish Heritage of Out-building designs ( Garden and Domestic Use). As a result we have brought to the public for the very first time, an Interlocking, Quality, Shed! is as always the leader in cabin/ interlocking shed design! interlocking sheds made from 28mm spruce are stronger than a traditional 9mm- 12mm clad shiplap shed, they are easier to maintain, and easier to erect. Unlike a shiplap shed, our interlocking sheds need only be stained on the outside, which leaves the interlocking shed with an amazing feel-smell of the forest inside. Zero Chemicals internally! Sadly most shiplap sheds are made from very thin timber, this timber is from the first cut of a log, which means it will have many, many branch knots, because of this it needs to be impregnated with chemicals to stop rotting, which can result in becoming a nasty green box once it’s erected in your garden!
Traditional English Sheds have over the years disappeared, and in place shed manufacturers have replaced their designs with our Cabin Designs, which we feel is defeating the object of a product called a Shed! Shed manufactures have started making cabin designs from substandard timber, impregnating them, and calling them cabin/sheds. They are not either, they are green boxes that fall down after 4 years and look awful in your garden. Sadly profit comes before aesthetics.
Please have a look through our massive new range; we have designed lock up interlocking sheds, Pent Roof interlocking sheds, flat roof interlocking sheds, and many other English, Welsh, Scottish traditional designs.
We have offered our interlocking sheds with fixed windows to keep cost down, or with opening tilt and turn windows, which have economy double-glazing. Before purchasing one of our superb interlocking sheds please ask our dedicated dealers for more details.
Our interlocking sheds costs slightly more than a traditional throw away shed, but the life span of our interlocking sheds will amaze you! Please read the Terms and Conditions.
We suggest you use an Oil Based Stain; we also suggest you put guttering immediately on your interlocking shed, and that there is adequate drain away.
Our interlocking sheds are from our value range of buildings, and are made from 28mm to keep costing down, please read the instructions with each building carefully, and please heavily stain (oil based) in areas that could be effected with wind and water. If you take our advice and stain your interlocking shed externally in an oil based solution we believe our interlocking sheds will easily last 20 years plus!
If you have any questions and would like to know more details, please go to our dealer page and find the nearest dealer to you for delivery times and pricing. As always is the first to offer quality and design at an affordable price

verners veikali  

galerija laipa Welcome to the Definitive range of Log Cabins.Cabins, Timber Sectional Buildings, Interlocking Log Cabins, Scandinavian Log Cabins and Much More from

alfas kinoteātris
We are Global leaders when it comes to the massive choice and wide spectrum of Log cabins that awaits your pleasure with in our website. The variety of Garden Log Cabins that are carefully crafted by the most experienced teams, who are supported by the finest and most modern computerised machinery, is considered to be the most comprehensive range in the world. Throughout the past 15 years, has been the forerunner and innovator of nearly all the designs of this wide range of Garden Log Cabins.

liktenīgā sieviete The Garden Log Cabin range comprises of high-quality Siberian Pine and Larch made buildings, to include, Log Cabin Summer Houses, Log Cabin Offices, Log Cabin Garages, Log Cabin Saunas, Podcabins, Gazebos, Log Cabin Studios and Bunkhouses, Playrooms and the Log Cabin Clockhouse range.
All of our Log Cabins are designed by us. Our most distinctive cabins would be, The Clock House Log Cabins, our Garden Office Log Cabins, our Twin Skin Log Cabins, our Hall Log Cabins, also our standard range Log Cabins, these Log Cabins were the first range of quality Log Cabins -garden buildings that gave the public massive choice. Log Cabins have now been on the market for 15 years in the UK, as one of the founding fathers of this product into Europe we feel our Log Cabins now have the maturity to be seen as the best there is in the market to date. When purchasing a Log Cabin, or just a simple 3m x 3m cabin in 34mm, there are so many questions you need to ask the supplier, be it, what thickness is the floor, is the timber sourced from FSC Forests? Do they use CNC machinery, and the most important question, how thick is the roof purlin’s. A log cabin purlin is so very important as it’s the small part of the cabin that keeps the roof firmly attached to the body of all Log Cabins, and these sections need to be robust, or you could find you have a saggy cabin roof. or worst ways the roof falls in! All of our log cabins are made with either spruce or pine, depending on the time of year! Please ask for more information.

kamila domanska The choice of construction within the Log Cabin Garden range is also second to none.
With a choice of up to 6 different wall thickness and different roofing finishes to include high grade mineral felt or Shingles that are also available in different colours. Superior grade double glazed Windows that are also available with the latest designed "Tilt & Turn" mechanism enabling you to clean both sides of the Window without going outside. Different sizes of Windows include, in some cases, full length Windows that provide maximum natural light, enabling your own Garden Log Cabin to become quite unique. The range of Double Glazed Doors should not be forgotten here as they, too, complement the windows with the same level of expertise and craftsmanship with a variety of designs and widths to include extra wide doors for disabled access. Log was the first company to introduce the upgraded flooring made of the best tongue and grooved 28mm thick quality pine. This set a precedent in the manufacturing industry to follow suit and replace the existing 19mm thick flooring that, today, feels is inadequate.

masaza riga once again introduced into the market place a beautifully designed Garden Log Cabin called the "Clockhouse log cabin". This superior building has swept the market to become one of the most popular Garden Log Cabins in the industry. now boasts a range of Clockhouse Log Cabins of different sizes and wall thickness with different unique features to include triangular windows in the apexes, a choice of up to 8 windows in addition to the double doors that complete this most outstanding range.

izlietnes franke The Garden Log Cabins range from 2018 leads again with more exquisite designs to whet the appetites of the most discerning of buyers. You can always rely on the experience and thoughtfulness of

labo sajūtu laboratorija The new Log Cabin Timber Garage range brings garages to a new level of design with more modern clean lines that are very pleasing to the eye. No compromise of quality, however, has been made in the light of such changes. Maximum insulation and sturdy construction still exist for a range of buildings that will happily house your much-loved vehicle.

lāse volejbols One must not forget the eco-friendliness of such a construction and the aesthetic beauty that should please any seriously minded environmentalist. The swiftness of the building process coupled with minimal wastage during such activity puts bricks and mortar equivalents into a cocked hat!

felted slippers We turn now to those who wish to live the dream of owning a Residential Log Cabin. Here you have the opportunity of living in a property that will withstand extremely cold weather conditions, keep nice and cool and comfortable when it's hot, and allow you to live more healthily by being inside the environment of natural pine.

moldāvu valoda presents a select range of single and two storey buildings with designs that capture both traditional early Swedish features as well as ultra-modern passive houses that have been designed for maximum energy efficiency.

pases cena Wood has a natural thermal quality that provides its own level of insulation. By expanding that to a twin skin (double walled, dual wall, insulation) building that then has a cavity filled with modern insulating material, you have a home that will give you very low cost for maximum comfort. even include the twinskin range as part of the Log Cabins Garden Range for all year comfort. Some of the Residential buildings have been designed with exquisite front apex overhangs. Some have Verandas or Terraces. Others have been designed with floor to ceiling double glazed windows. The rooms within are all spectacular. Fresh, practical kitchens with top grade design features. Large bedrooms that you hardly see nowadays in brick built constructions and living areas fit for a King.

nevaru es atcerēties In the light of economic austerity, it seems prudent for people to start looking carefully at the comparable cost of a two-bedroom Residential Log Cabin compared with the same sized bricks and mortar equivalent. A lot is to be said also for the low maintenance required once having purchased a Residential Log Cabin. There really is no comparison. When it comes to the crunch, win the game set and match!

louise attaque torrent The new multi-occupational Studio Bunkhouse is another innovation that provides accommodation for groups of four or more people sharing the same facilities under one roof. extend this type of construction for commercial use in the Educational and Leisure industries where specific Log cabins are made for Nursery Schools, extended classrooms where there is no more room or funds sufficient to build extensions, Libraries, Meeting Rooms, Reception areas, Tackle shops, Camping facilities etc. The list goes on. We are able unlike any other supplier to offer each and every design in Solid Log, Laminated Log Or Timber Frame construction type.

imker bedarf Although the full range of Log Cabins manufactured by is very comprehensive, it is, by no means, exhaustive.

neocaridina heteropoda If you are looking for something that originates from your own idea that we do not have as part of our standard range then we invite you to our latest Custom Built division where our team of experts enthusiastically work very closely with you to arrive at the finished product that you desire.

pauline musters In addition, we help and guide you to ensure that all the necessary construction elements have been engineered to the highest safety standards that conform to European Building Regulations.
Customised building from need not be expensive. The sophisticated computer programming techniques that are used produce the necessary detailed plans and designs as well as pre-programming the templates for milling. The accurate number of logs and other important accessories are carefully calculated and we can quote you for your unique building without any un- necessary delays.

karsten horeca For example, you may see one of our Garden Log Cabins that you like but you do not want the window on the side that is shown in the image because you will be positioning your cabin so that the side in question will be facing a wall. No problem! We will quote you for a fully logged wall without the window and you will not be delayed any longer than if you were to purchase the standard log cabin.

bnb ch As for a completely new designed Residential Log Cabins, more time will be needed to discuss your requirements before we commit ourselves to running the program from our computers. Even at that stage, we come back to you for any further fine tuning so that prior to any milling stage, you can be assured that you will receive exactly what you desire. Our mission at is that "Nothing is impossible".

marta žurnāls Holidaying in our Log Cabins is surely a treat. If you are looking to book a Holiday in Cornwall or Devon, then you need to find out if the Log cabin-Cabins is suitable for such an adventure.
At we make sure that all our Residential Log Cabins destined for a Holiday camp be it in Devon or Cornwall, Lake District or the Highlands of Scotland meet the building requirements set out by the UK and EU governments alike.

A Holiday Lodge needs to be insulated, this is a must, a single skin log cabin in 70mm is great for a garden office or a play area for kids, but for a Holiday Home, you must look for an insulated building. has set standards other companies find difficult, if not impossible to meet, our windows and doors are all toughened, the doors and windows in our Holiday units are secured on with heavy duty hinges, we are always looking to improve, but always keeping the prices firmly affordable.

Unlike many companies in the business, we believe that honesty, quality are the redeeming features one should have.
As the longest suppliers of Holiday Cabins in the UK with Holiday Log cabins in nearly every county in the UK we are able to offer advice and we know what we are talking about.
Many timber frame Holiday Units are not suitable for Holidaying in, they are no better than a grand shed. Holidaying in a Timber Frame Unit will give you that experience you have been longing for, Holidaying in a shed, means misery and claims.

Our Holiday camps are all over the UK, they are all certified areas, with amazing staff and fantastic pricing.
If you would like more advice on Holiday Parks, how to purchase a Park Home in a Holiday Park, or just rent out a Log Cabin in a Holiday Park please send us an email and we offer advice.

General Information

You will be spoilt for choice with our standard Garden range of Log Cabins. You will also be enjoying Log Cabins of the highest quality.

Our Summerhouses with beautiful clean cut design features put all our clients in a most enviable position as being owners of Log Cabins that will entice anyone to think of any reason to spend most of one's time there.

The flooring, for example, is of 28mm tongue and grooved solid pine which will provide Many years of safety and comfort. When you go and look at a Summerhouse you do need to check carefully the thickness of the flooring. Many manufacturers or retailers put down 19mm thick flooring which really, in our view, is well below the standards expected of a building that you may be paying good money for. Unfortunately, you don't actually see how thick the flooring is but you can easily test how rigid it is by gently jumping up and down on it in various places. Do that on our flooring and you will find it rigid and strong to take most heavy weights.

The new Larch bodied Garden Log Cabins boast a rot free, clean cut, impeccably designed way of modern living. Siberian Larch is renowned for its resistance to rot and degradation without having to be treated. Our pioneering philosophy here is to include Siberian Larch not only for outside walls that can withstand the extreme elements but also as excellent decking. The design features show great vertical lines creating the impression of extra height. This new range of Log Cabins comes to you with a 60-year guarantee on all of the outside walls. Where else can you get such a great guarantee for a Garden Log Cabin?

Our superior Camping Pods represents a fantastic breakthrough in Log Cabins that come delivered fully built directly to your site make for a unique method for a small playhouse, an overnight fishing or camping facility, or for a daytime form of relaxation. With hard-wearing full-scale Roof tiles set into a unique flowing weather proof curve, You can be assured of a comfortable experience in one of our Log Cabin Pods.

Residential Log Cabins are becoming more and more popular because of their cost-effectiveness, low maintenance and long-term sustainability. High level of effective insulation with top quality double or triple glazed windows and doors make for a very sensible way of releasing equity tied up in properties that cost money for constant maintenance in return for a much better quality of life. Ideal in the Garden as a "Granny House" or as an excellent start for "First-time buyers." A variety of sizes ranging from 2 Bedroom upwards to include en-suite options are readily available coupled with your choice of internal layout or you can take advantage of our standard popular range.

Available from 44mm up to as much as 120mm thick logs with full insulation makes for Maximum comfort throughout the year.

We launched "Twinskin" in our Standard Garden range for Residential Log Cabins. This great breakthrough provides a "Double Wall" of logs of the same thickness, carefully honed to ensure additional and exceptional stability for even the largest of buildings. As one of the key forerunners of "Twinskin" to the UK, you can be certain of receiving the finest quality product from many years of experience and research. At you can always be assured of living the dream in a Log Cabin that far exceeds most peoples' expectations.

Summer is great for Barbecues but with our fantastic Log Cabin Barbecue Huts, you can be enjoying your burgers and sausages in comfort alongside half a dozen friends in the middle of winter. These Log Cabins are just great for entertaining. Seating around the internal circumference of the Log Cabin makes for a very congenial get-together. A central weatherproof cowling exists at the central top of the roof that has converged from an octagonal shaped building, allowing Barbecue smoke to escape whilst stopping any rain to come in. The central area is dedicated to carrying out all the cooking activities. Enjoy fun and entertainment throughout the year with one of our Log Cabin Barbecue Huts..

Our Garden range of log Cabins includes the option of a Sauna or even a Hot Tub that can be a section of your Summerhouse. This can be built with access to an adjoining rest area where you could take food and/or refreshments.

Working in a log Log Cabin that has been specifically designed as a Garden Office provides the ambience needed to enable people to work from home without domestic interruption. The savings in having to pay rental helps to improve the bottom line and the overall cost of the Log Cabin can be offset against tax.

With a power supply leading to the Log Cabin Garden Office from the main house for heating and lighting you have the full benefit of "Working from home" and "Going to the Office". Just think of the saving in fuel costs alone. In many cases planning permission is not required and we make the building's dimensions to conform to planning authority. However, if you are unsure, we always recommend that you ask your local authority before you start committing yourself by building something that is going to cause trouble legally or upsetting neighbours.

The positive side is once you have been given a Green Light from your local or district authority you will know that whatever happens after that, albeit from an awkward complainant, you will already know that you have done the right thing with the blessing of your Local or District Council.

Our Windows and Doors are worth a special mention here as they represent a most important area of insulation and noise diffusion in all of our Log Cabins. Made from frames of the highest quality timber, coupled with argon filled glazed units you can be assured of the very finest of craftsmanship to accompany any of the high-quality Log Cabins offered. Excellent security is automatically put into place as a result of double or triple glazed units. Such quality windows in themselves act as deterrents compared with much more easily accessible single glazed units.

The quality and thickness of the actual glazing are also extremely important and here we do not believe in cutting corners. High quality throughout brings confidence towards a long-term money saving lifestyle. Our range of Scandinavian Log Cabins offers another dimension of modern living with high-quality comfort whilst having the experience of a more traditional environment. These Log Cabins can be built en-block and the front façade always looks attractive. Once again all the Log Cabins come from sustainable forestation, carefully monitored to ensure that there will always be plenty of natural resource for future generations.

Extreme temperatures with very hard winters have never deterred the Scandinavians from living in warmth and comfort in a Scandinavian Log Cabin. We at log are able to replicate such manufacturing processes and bring only the best to the UK after extensive research and precision timber engineering.

Gazebos that have the air of the Orient represent another extension of our Standard Garden range of Log Cabins. When sensibly positioned in a Garden, A Gazebo can be a very attractive central point where additional seating and decking or Tiling can add to the beauty and ambience transforming a good garden into a great one. You can purchase covers for Gazebos and many other accessories are also readily available.

If you are looking for a Workshop or a storage area where you can be assured that your items will always be dry and free from dampness. A secure building with decent locks. Good solid Doors made to last many years. Our Log Cabins from our standard Garden range accommodates only the finest quality buildings for such purposes.

Garages of a variety of sizes with double or single doors with adjacent sections for Workshop activity are also readily available and can be customised to suit your requirements. Yet another extension from our standard Garden range. Complete with double glazed windows if required. It is a known fact that whatever you put into a well seasoned Timber Building you will have much less chance of condensation building up as you would with a Brick building. This must say a lot if you have a vehicle that you cherish. It needs to be in a nice dry environment.

You may just be looking for a Tool Shed to put your Garden Implements in or, perhaps various other tools to be kept safe and sound. How sad it is to see so many Tool sheds falling apart with rotted flooring and dampness rising into each wall. Our Garden range of Log Cabins can give you a Tool shed that you will be very proud of. More importantly, your Tools will last longer without rusting or degrading. Everything in its place and easy to access, You definitely will find that you will work better knowing that you have a top of the range Tool Shed from, In fact, we in the factory are not very happy to call any of our products "Sheds" as we feel that such a terminology is degrading. You will be purchasing one of our Tool Cabins. So much better!

People have often asked, "How long will my Log Cabin Last?" The answer is really "Indefinitely" Once built you are always best to ensure you protect your Summerhouse, or Gazebo, or Residential home, or Garage etc. by spending a little more money to obtain the finest quality protection that you can afford. Buying a cheap stain means that you will be repeating the process every year as you see others having to coat their wooden fences. Our Log Cabins were made to last a lifetime. A lifetime being 80 plus years or longer. If you ask for a micro porous protective coating you will receive a product that allows the molecules of air to dissipate through to the wood thus allowing it to breathe, but at the same time repel any molecules of water because the water molecules are too large to penetrate the surface of the special protective coating.

When we manufacture Log Cabins we can apply such a coating as an option for our clients. We always recommend that you protect your building with such a coating as soon as you can because the kiln drying process reduced the moisture content of the wood to be at its best and if you then protect the wood whilst it stays at that reduced moisture level you will be able to just recoat every three to five years and maintain the appearance and longevity of the Log Cabin for many years to come.

Our Siberian Larch made Log Cabins can be coated more from an aesthetic point of view in terms of colour change as they just do not rot or degrade as a result of very high tannin content. However, no reason why a "Belt & Braces" approach cannot be used.

Passive houses are those that provide absolute minimal heat loss and are designed to meet only the highest level of design features manufactured with the utmost precision. These sectional buildings are a growing area of interest in the UK and we are proud to include them as part of our standard range of Log Cabins. The Passive house concept originated from a German Inventor that has now set very high exacting standards to ensure maximum efficiency. Here represents truly 21st Century artistically designed ultra modern buildings with Solar Panel options to complete a 100% Eco friendly low carbon emission property for modern living.

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devilish puzzles A warm welcome to The Definitive One Stop Shop for All types of Log CabinsContempary Cabins,Sectional Buildings, Cabin Sheds, Garden Studios, Twin Skin Log Cabins, Interlocking Log Cabins.
Here you really do get the best of both worlds.
High Quality Manufactured Products a quality log cabin every time.
Probably the widest / largest range of Log Cabins in the Industry.
If you search for "Log Cabins" on the internet it will be of no surprise when you receive different versions of what has been interpreted as a "Log Cabin".
Garden Sheds, Lodges, Holiday homes etc., they will all be there for you to make further tedious investigations towards what you are really looking for.
You then might consider fine tuning your requirements by putting in a search for say "Garden Cabins".
Here we go again !. You will probably get Garden Offices, Garden Sheds, Garden Cabins.
Finally, you may get nearer to making the purchase of your choice.

contabilidad valencia But hold back there for a moment !

Let's take a closer look shall we.

The company who retails out Garden Sheds buys them in from a wholesaler or a manufacturer. Ask them details of how the product is made, thickness of wood, types of options for flooring and windows etc. You may well leave the representative gasping for breath through lack of knowledge.
(But you will get a brochure).
Is this really enough? We don't think so.

You will see Garden Cabin specialists offering a wide range of Garden Cabins and nothing else. Even the range offered may well be manufactured of one type of Timber because they have restricted source of supply. You will see companies offering Residential Log Cabins - and nothing else. Their Log Cabins will have a specific design feature throughout the range and generally made of the same timber with the same type of construction which, in itself, can be restrictive because sometimes structures need to be altered to accommodate larger types of buildings, 2 storey for example.

Now let us take an example of your wish to purchase a kniedes cena with a matching Garage and a matching Garden Office. Where would you start ?

Well don't go away. Because it's all here!

This website should really be the last and only site that you need to spend time on. It really is the definitive One Stop Shop for all your quality requirements.

Garden Cabins;
An incredible range of superbly designed alopias vulpinus offering a wide range of options depending upon your own specific requirements. Our Clockhouse range, Our newly launched Larchwood range, our comprehensive Garden Office range, each one offering a wide range of shapes and sizes with different thicknesses of Logs and insulation and roofing options, besides customising buildings to meet your own unique requirements.

Be it an Office, a Workshop, a Storage facility, a Summerhouse, a Garage, a Playhouse, or even a Sauna, they all have their own unique design features made by our own craftsman with care and experience, thus providing you with only the very best materials to give you long lasting carefree total customer satisfaction.

Residential Log Cabins;
From a single Bedroom to four/five Bedrooms with en suite bathroom ranging from single storey mobile log cabin units to chalet bungalow to two storey houses.
Top quality insulation around the walls, below the flooring and above the ceiling.
Round Logs, Squared logs, Logs from 44mm to 120mm single Log to Twinskin.
All part of our own pioneering manufacturing successes in the UK as being the forerunner and inventors of many of the above mentioned types of structures.

Designs offering a great enhancement to any size garden. Options for additional furniture. A nice wide decking area. A customised covering. All available here on this site for you to enjoy.

We are always pleased to quote for Commercial buildings such as Educational Classrooms, Nursery Buildings, Hotels, Reception areas, Shops.
Starting a commercial enterprise is often an expense in itself and what better way to really give yourself a good kick start to your success than to enjoy the benefits of a sound ,well insulated, Log Cabin structure that can be built in a very short time, providing you with an earlier start to trading and making a profit.

papst benediktxvi
As leading Manufacturers of sectional buildings of top quality Eco designed homes and Passive housing. Minimal heat loss where you will enjoy the warmth from one single Candle.
Where you will enjoy the tranquillity of a nice quiet environment having shut out any interfering noise by just a simple click closure of your double or triple glazed doors or windows.
Ultra modern design features conjured up by our best knowledgeable workforce who design buildings that are also practical. This is In-House Harmony at its very best.

Can it get any better? Yes it can !

Watch out for our spectacular Larchwood Cabins. The outer walls of Siberian Larch are completely rot proof. This represents a breakthrough in Garden Cabin design where you will find it near on impossible to source such type of wood in the UK other than through ourselves. Because of the high density of this incredible timber, specialist cutting equipment has been formulated to ensure that our precision made products can include this extremely long lasting material.

All you now need to do for some really comprehensive advice and knowledge of any part of our product range is to click on any of the individual headings and enjoy the experience.

We are always here to assist you in any project that you may wish to take up. Please just use our contact details for a swift response to your enquiry. Thank you for watching.

deformācijas šuves

jakt butik Log Cabins

leibstandarte ss When purchasing a Residential Log Cabin, please ask the supplier what species of timber he is offering? Ask them if they are truly Residential Log Cabin suppliers, or a small cabin company looking to step up to build something bigger! All our Residential Cabins are avalible in Laminated Logs.

We believe that there are horses for courses, and when spending Twenty Thousand Pounds/Euros plus you should not take a risk on if the supplier is worthy. Sadly over the last 12 years we have seen the log cabin market turn from professional suppliers, to every man and his dog! Also what is offered by most companies is Rubbish!

Please go to our galleries, which are dotted all over our website and see for yourself our devotion to quality.

If the price is low, then you’re buying low quality. If you’re looking for low quality our residential log cabins are not for you! If you want superb quality , and are not too worried about a residential log cabin costing from twenty thousand upwards, then you could be a proud owner of a beautiful residential building, which will increase in value. How is this possible? Our cabin designers, and architects will make sure your residential building will be fully insulated, which will be above the requirements needed for today’s regulations, we are looking to the future and what will be needed, as energy costs keep on going up and up, and salaries down and down, pensions always being attacked by governments, we have decided to build-design our residential log cabins to be almost passive ( Highly Insulated) . The cost of this is minimal, but the savings over 5 to 10 years will be outstanding.

rimi veikali Some important facts about Residential Log Cabins.
With the emerging consciousness in society nowadays of going back to the basics and nature preservation, the idea of having a Residential Log Cabin has taken on a much greater appeal today than in the past. In recent times, log cabins have become a symbol of the outdoors and has come to represent eco-friendly building. The advent of modern technology has elevated the status of log cabins from just being holiday homes to that of a contemporary permanent dwelling.
As timber is a very flexible construction material. Its flexibility makes designing a building quite easy. Within your plan for your Residential Log Cabin you can now determine the floor plan, number of rooms, etc. on the site. We can offer a fully integrated plan suitably customised to your requirements.
With good design and the correct protection and maintenance, our Residential Log Cabins will last for a very long life. Perhaps this is why most of the large houses in the olden days were made out of Timber. Plus, the material is resistant to most climatic conditions such as heat, frost, corrosion, pollution, etc.

bij man vienas rozes dēļ Compared to bricks & mortar our Residential Log Cabins are definitely an excellent source of investment. They are inexpensive to build and have a comparatively low running and maintenance cost. On an average, the service life of wooden houses lasts between 80 to 100 years. In fact, many wooden houses built in the Middle-Ages still survived the elements and have lasted till today.

Thus, it is safe to say that Residential Log Cabins from Log Cabins lv. are not only eco-friendly, but also economical. Moreover, they also provide you with the best means to integrate modern technology systems such as controlled ventilation, air extraction, and solar panels into an exquisite and lavishly designed contemporary beauty rooted in nature.

A Residential Log Cabin has a way of bringing out the inner you and there is no time like the present, to allow that to happen. You can easily live the dream and at the same time either release that hard earned equity and enjoy your lifestyle during your retirement or if you are struggling to get on to the home ownership because the bricks and mortar properties are so out of reach, here is the simple answer our residential Log cabins are increasing in value against the bricks and mortar trend simply because of affordability to purchase and affordability for living costs.

Why do people choose our Residential Log Cabins?

Stunning appearance. Many people actually choose log style homes solely for the beautiful look that they have. There is something rustic yet stately about our log cabins and many people love the way they look. However, looks is not the only great benefit.

Environmentally friendly. You'll also find that our log homes are great for the environment and if you are worried about conservation, this is definitely a great way to go. Trees are a renewable resource and this is what is used to build your log home. So, it's a great choice for those who want to make sure that they protect the environment. As a mark of our commitment towards sustainability we donate a new tree to be grown for every Residential Log Cabin that we sell This commitment is in addition to our carefully selected source of timber from properly managed forestation.

Sturdy and Durable - Living in one of our Residential Log Cabins provides you with a cool home that is sturdy and durable as well. You'll have a property that is very sturdy that will hold up, even in bad weather. Also, you can be sure that these properties are going to last for a long time as well, which is another great benefit.

Low Cost Comfort If you're longing for a home that is going to be warm and cosy then our log cabins are for you. Because the log homes are built to extremely accurate measurements so tightly, they are very energy efficient and they'll keep you warm all winter long and cool during the summers as well. You'll also save on the heating and cooling bills.

High Building Standards. The building standards that are used for our Residential log cabins are very high today. This means you get a quality home and it also means that you have great value in your home as well. Usually log homes have a higher level of positive feedback than traditional homes that are about the same exact size. So, you'll end up with more equity in your home and if you have to sell, you'll be able to make a nice profit too.

Look carefully when you compare the structures of Log Cabins. Many Log Cabins have the outside walls just faced with timber which really do not last as long as our Log Cabins because our buildings are made with solid pine interlocked logs generally anything from 45mm thick up to in excess of 100mm thick depending upon the size of the property. We also provide "Twin skin" Residential Log Cabins that are ,in effect, double walls with a cavity to accommodate the best quality insulation thus providing you with the longjevity and economy that you deserve.

We are able to offering the Following In Residential Type Construction.
Laminated Twin Skin Residential Cabins
Laminated Cabins with insert Timber Segments, Highly insulated!
Timber frame Residential Cabins, our timber frame is of very high specification. All cladding grade “A” larch, highly insulated, amazing quality.
Norwegian Log Cabins, hand made, incredibly heavy structures, will stand up to anything mother nature wishes to throw at them. And Solid Log Twin Skin Log Cabins, quality every time and easy on the pocket!

adrien brody snl Log Cabin nīcas pagasts 

logotipu izstrāde Log Cabins 11

stringvalue c Building a Summerhouse / Summer Houses/ Octagonal Summer House or just simple 3m x 3m corner Summer house can be a therapeutic distraction from the stresses and strains of the "real world". The aim, of course, is to be able to enjoy your retreat but in the meantime, the building process can have its own rewards of a very satisfying sense of achievement. From planning the Summer house to deciding what will go where, the building project should have its fun aspects. It can be lots of work if you are doing it yourself but when you walk through the front door of your completed Summer house, you will forget how much work it took to get there!
People build a Summer house for a variety of reasons. Some do so strictly for leisure-- to have a retreat in which to relax and enjoy themselves. Some want a fishing or hunting cabin in order to pursue their hobby. Or a wooded site to hike, mountain climb, or even to photograph nature. Others may want to build a structure that will strengthen family ties or a one that can be enjoyed and passed down through generations as a legacy. Once a family has started enjoying the warm weather together in their summer home, it is easy to establish it as a regular retreat.

izvēlies latvijas preci Some owners prefer to have a contractor come in to carry out tasks like making the foundation, putting up walls, putting on the roof, and installing the exterior doors and windows. Then it is up to the owner to run the plumbing and electrical, install any needed heating and cooling. It can be a rewarding compromise that instead of doing everything, the owner has the responsibility to do all the finish work while making sure the structure is done by a professional local contractor. whatever you choose, logcabins l.v. provide the ready to make Summer house direct to your specified location and you can be assured of your purchase becoming a real pleasure to build.

Did you know that you can buy summerhouses that have two rooms?, one that is a smaller area that can be used as a separate space to hold all of your garden tools, hedge trimmers and lawn mowers, nice and securely. Yet the other area of the summerhouse has enough space for you to have a nice space to put a sun lounger or table and chairs in for outside dining. Or to be a little more Scandinavian, why not consider installing a sauna in one of the rooms.

When it comes to buying a Summerhouse then you may want to look for a manufacturer that offers a good range of sizes or designs, as this facility can help you maximise the space in your garden without making your garden look cluttered by having a building that does not sit right aesthetically. We at have such a wonderful variety of Summerhouses and there will always be help and guidance from one of our team members who will be only too pleased to help you make the right choice.

Other features to look for are insurance standard security window locks and door locks. Without these you may find that your insurance does not cover you for theft from your summerhouse, so these are well worth paying extra for if not included as standard.

You may also have the option of fitting double glazing as well as insulated wall panels. Whilst you may think this seems extravagant it can really extend the seasonal usage of your summerhouse, as it will warm up faster and stay warmer for longer in the winter months. And for the keen gardeners amongst you this can provide a great space for growing plants and germinating seedlings if you have a shelf fitted under the windows.

Purchasing a Summerhouse can be one of the best pound for pound investments that you can make. Buying one is far cheaper and quicker than building an extension, and if you move house then you can easily take it with you if the new owner does not require it.

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euroskor veikals Log Cabins

eutrophication baltic sea Siberian Larch Cabin series.
Another great 1st from Logcabins lv We at wanted to bring to market a building which was durable, which we could guarantee body life for more than 20 years, which would need little or no maintenance, that would age and still keep its beauty, that would be water proof, warm, and aesthetically pleasing.
Also we needed to bring to market a building that would not need planning permission in the UK, hence 2.47m high. So as always, has come to market first.
LogCabins.Lv are proud to announce the very first Cabin Style Insulated Siberian Larch Sectional Buildings. Our Brand is responsible for so many firsts such as the Clock House, The Twin Skin Log Cabin System, Garden Office Style Cabins, and so many other designs and now we offer a truly amazing Insulated Building.
You may be asking yourself how is this possible? And why have you never heard of Siberian Larch?

junda jelgava
Its simple really, many retailers in the UK prefer to sell lower priced buildings that have a limited life expectancy in order to obtain repeat business.
We at logcabins l.v have a very different philosophy when it comes to providing our clients with products that will literally last a lifetime.
Siberian Larch is a truly epic timber, from the northern most parts of Russian, Siberian Larch can live 700 years, growing to 160′ tall and 8′ in diameter. A dense, slow growth Larch has hardness like Oak (3.2 HBS Brinell scale). But even greater resistance to decay and rot due to high tannins It's does not rot! Also it is almost waterproof. This is a massive claim for a timber, however the proof of this is simple. In the late 5th and 6th century the Venetians' were expanding Venice, and there way at the time to expand was to pile drive Massive Siberian larch Logs into the lagoon and then build on top of them. These Larch Logs are still there today and still maintaining the strength and support hundreds of years later.
Siberian Larch if left will go a beautiful silvery gray, and will keep its form with out twisting, etc. As Siberian Larch is a very slow growing timber the knots are small and few and far between.

Why did we pick Siberian Larch for the Cladding of our buildings?

The Siberian Larch or Russian Larch (Larix sibirica) is a frost-hardy tree native to western Russia, from close to the Finnish border east to the Yenisei valley in central Siberia

Siberian larch is very resinous and extremely hard, making it one of the toughest and most durable timber in the world.

When used as cladding, Siberian larch is ideal for really exposed elevations or areas that are subjected to the elements where assurance of resistance is needed.

This means your Cabin/Timber Frame Building will last many tens of years. Our new Siberian Larch Range is with out doubt the most durable sectional cabin building range on the market to date, and with its 60 year Guarantee body life, you can't get much better than that!

Our Quality Builders Quality timber of this nature requires quality craftmanship to manufacture to the very high standards expected by our company.

Our House Builders (not Shed Manufacturers), have to show a minimum of 8 years work experience and need to be certified with a BM Trada certificate plus CE creditation.

Our Quality Control All the timber is Stress graded, Kiln dried and picked for its perfection.

All the Siberian Larch Timber used is hand picked, for 100% perfection.

The high quality of the timber we use in these buildings is not accessible in the UK.

All the structural timber is Stress graded C16 C24

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steigenberger al dau club rāmja aprēķins Log Cabins 11

gadalaiku maina When considering the purchase of a Garden Log Cabin or a Residential Log Cabin, however good the insulation properties may be, beware of the strong possibility of all of your heating flying out of an inferior quality window.
It's a tragic shame to see quite well built Log Cabins with Windows and Doors that, once again, look nice, but are not made with the care and craftsmanship in line with your overall expectations.
What to look for !
The terminology of "Double Glazing" in most people's minds is that of two pieces of glass separated apart by an air gap and fitted inside a frame, thus providing better insulation and better noise diffusion.
Any heat loss problem does not usually arise from the windows themselves, but from the double glazed sealed glass unit. The double glazed units are often sealed together with a bitumen product, and if this bitumen breaks down, the seal is broken and damp air and water can penetrate inside the unit, and this is where you see moisture between the 2 panes of glass, and this is what causes condensation on double glazed windows.
This, in turn reduces the efficiency level of the insulation properties.

msm microhydrin Over the last 20 years there have been major advancements in the double glazing industry. These have made double glazing units more energy efficient and secure. And as an insulator, double glazing is right up there as one of the best improvements you could add to your home. But you do need to be sure that you have the most efficient types for your home.

If you have single paned windows, or old glazing, you'll be losing heat the same way and wasting money on your energy bills. During the winter you'll turn your heating system up and that heat will just pass straight through the panes and exit your home.

New, efficient double glazing prevents this. With two panes separated by an inert motionless gas, heat can't pass through. It's retained in the home, so you're kept warmer all year round thus saving hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills.

There's no denying, one of our biggest fears when we leave home in the morning is the thought of our property being broken into. Windows and doors are the easiest points of access, but with our top quality log double glazing your mind can be at ease.

With two panes of glass the unit is instantly an improvement to the single paned windows. When you add this to the latest locking mechanisms integrated into the design, double glazing becomes a solid, secure unit.

In fact, double glazing acts as a deterrent itself and many potential intruders won't attempt to break through. With the new sophisticated locking systems, you can be sure your property is secure all through the year.

Modern units also have trickle vents, which allow moisture to escape the home. These don't compromise the efficiency of the unit and still keep your home warm and your bills down together with reduced carbon emissions

A lot of heat can be lost through your windows alone. In fact this can be up to 25%! With double glazing the chill from outside is kept out while keeping in the heat that has been allowed to develop inside. One of the effects of the low-emission glass used in double glazing is that it allows light and heat from the sun in but prevents it from leaking out. This one way street maintains maximum efficiency with minimal heat loss.

With the added insulation from double glazing and your house being kept that much warmer naturally, you can save quite a bit on your heating bills. As the amount of heating required by your home decreases so you can take comfort in the fact that you are also doing your bit to conserve the environment. Double glazing helps to reduce your carbon footprint quite significantly.

First, we use as an inert gas, argon. Which is non reactive. This nonreactive property helps to ensure a longer shelf life for your window frames. Dry air is commonly a mix of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and even trace elements of argon. However, more often than not, the oxygen component is a source of potential problems. Oxidation could give rise to issues such as rust and corrosion in double glazed windows that use metal framing.

Second, argon is more viscous than dry air. In general science, the higher the viscosity the slower the flow. Since molecular movement is inhibited in argon gas, the rate of heat transfer and heat loss are also reduced It follows therefore that the molecular movement of the flow being slow also helps the longjevity of the complete unit.

Third, argon being denser and heavier than dry air, makes the double glazing installation more resistant against convection currents and less prone to condensation. Condensation happens when air rises, then cools, causing the gas to turn to liquid. By fusing argon's high density with desiccant and a very good sealing system, argon-filled double glazed windows will stand a better chance against moisture build-up.

The Argon-filled glazing is by far the most sensible and practical choice. The gas is non-reactive. Its high density and natural ability to resist air flow make thermal insulation quite effective.

Air is a mixture of several gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and trace elements of argon, helium and other elements. For air to be considered "dry," the amount of water vapour and humidity must be significantly reduced to 40 percent below the normal figures.

Finally, the last thing you will notice in the spacer is the bar " an internal framework responsible for maintaining a consistent distance between the two glass sheets.

At you can be assured of high precision craftsmanship with an eye to detail when it comes to manufacturing windows and doors.

Beautifully crafted wooden frames providing double and triple glazing to meet the most exacting standards and criteria for an efficient and comfortable place to live or work in.

Quality locking systems make for a very secure range of units that match beautifully with the type of Log Cabin that you have chosen.

We have eradicated all the areas that tend to cause problems long term and with modern techniques and skills being used, we can confidently manufacture superb quality windows and doors to both standard and customised buildings.

At we are always happy to discuss your requirements and professional help and guidance is readily available to help you through the decision making process.

Windows and doors of any building are very important commodities that provide utmost energy efficiency with pleasing aesthetic designs if they are of the quality set by our own manufacture.

Elsewhere without the high quality seal, without the inert argon gap, without the quality frames, they could end up creating a big unnecessary annual fuel bill.

Without too finer point, our craftsman have been involved in having to replace existing double glazed windows made by other manufacturers, that have been of inferior quality causing condensation and heat loss.
Simply because the owner felt that he was able to save costs on the initial purchase.
If it sounds too good to be true. It probably is !

atrakais dzivnieks Camping Pods / crichton kicks

di sergio caligari torrent Log Cabins 7

celni urad plzen Ultra Modern State of the Art "Euro Pods" designed for a variety of uses. If you have a Leisure centre, Holiday Caravan site, Golfing facility, Fishing complex etc. these Pods are ideal for camping for two people in utmost comfort. Our Camping Pods are with out doubt the best on the market to date.Prices for trade customers are amazing. our quality of build is far superiorr to any other camping Pod on the market. Our Cladding, build prosess makes all other similar copies cheap and unsafe for human habitation. If you are looking for a camping Pod that ticks all the boxes, and will amaze you on price please send us an email.

karātavas spēle Our Pods are Beautifully crafted using solid well seasoned Northern Siberian Pine and impenetrable Siberian Larch Wood coupled with traditional heavy duty Roof Tiles the "Euro Pod" "Camping Pod" is a very practical and long lasting building offering owners of the above mentioned establishments additional income from rentals for those who are looking for a cut above the usual camping facilities that tents offer. High grade Double Glazed top quality Windows with double Glazed Double doors that offer a lovely open aspect from a most practical yet compact superb building. Our Euro Pods are completed in our factory for immediate despatch to your place of business or home. A flat firm or concrete surface is required with access for delivery and transportation.

leonotis africana Buy now and increase your camping revenue overnight !

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skujiņa foto toth vera Log Cabins 8

magie matte Our sectional buildings provide a wide range of both Residential and Commercial properties. You can choose from our standard range or we can build to your exact specification.
Reception areas, Hotels, Office Buildings, Detached Houses, Apartments, whatever your interests we are able to respond to your requirements.
Sectional Buildings bring an enormous increase in scope of design allowing for more natural light to filter into the property.
With modern technology at its best we build such properties with absolute minimal heat loss, thus providing an extremely economical way of life for heat retention throughout the year.
This is mainly due to the extremely effective insulation installed which also minimizes outside sound, thus allowing the occupants a quiet, pleasant, tranquil experience.
Our sectional buildings are pleasant to the eye, with fresh clean designs that provide spacious accommodation and / or working environment which is so important for quality of life.

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herta schinken ranskan lippu Log Cabins 9

cirkulācijas sūkņi A successful Business is all about making a healthy profit. Our Garden Offices offer a top grade working environment at a very affordable price.
Find out more by clicking on to:
If you are working from home from one of the rooms in your house, or, perhaps
you are currently renting an office, consider this ............
1) An outright purchase of one of our superb Garden Offices renders you rent free.
2) Such a purchase can be used as capital expenditure and can be offset against tax.
There are other major advantages.
By moving into one of our Garden Offices from your home, you immediately release a great
deal of living space for your private life in your house.

virtins torrent You will be able to be far more effective and productive with much less interruption.

If you are currently renting an office, by terminating your arrangement.
You will be saving an enormous amount of unnecessary expenditure that affects your bottom line. You will also be saving any fuel expenditure in having to commute to and fro your Office.

You can be proud to invite prospective clients into any of our Garden Offices because......
* they are available fully insulated providing comfortable working environment all year round.
* they are beautifully designed with solid tongue and grooved flooring.
* they are made available readily cut for electrical installation sockets.
* they have superb strong double glazed windows and doors providing maximum natural light.
* they can be customised to suit your business requirements.

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mandeļu cepumi haribo wikipedia Log Cabins 10

nidesoft nokia torrent Feast your eyes at this picture. This is a section of a Twinskin (Double walled) Log Cabin. Each separate wall is a minimum of 45mm thick. The holes that you see are for Steel Rods for additional support and rigidity. Where else will you find such care and thought that has gone into such manufacture?
Our "Twinskin" Log Cabins are, as you see in the photograph, manufactured in a unique way. Particularly good for the larger Residential Log Cabins offering greater stability than many other Log Cabins that continue to create a mere perception of solid wood walls when in fact they are not.
As one of the original major distributors of "Twinskin" Log Cabins in the U.K. and parts of Europe, you can be assured that we have ironed out all the necessary obstacles and difficulties attached to such precision related engineering to end up with a superb construction that is ready-made for top quality insulation within the cavity produced by the Twinskin design.This superb method not only minimises heat loss but also acts as a great sound diffuser providing that all important feeling of tranquillity and peace from any outside noise.Note by looking from the outside corner you will see two end sets of solid logs exposed in an interlocked fashion. please look very carefully at some other manufacturers who create the impression of "Twinskin" walls by showing you projections that have just been stuck on the outside. We have even seen this done on single walls to give this misleading perception.When you deal with you can be assured that a "Twinskin" building is a truly original well made "Twinskin" at its best.

skatlogu noformēšana centaurium minus karaļa avots Wall lining and insulation in log cabins and our thoughts on this.

kas ir mīlestība Wall Lining and Insulation is sadly pushed by companies that would like to increase their profit margin. Nothing else.Twin Skin Log Cabins, Daul wall log cabins, Insulated Log Cabins, or Twin Skin Cabins, all these types of log cabins have connecting walls.

ffvii avatars Russians and Fins have been using logs to build houses from for hundreds of years. As have other nations. And the Twin Skin system has been used for hundreds of years.

snovborda apģērbs Their experience is one to learn from not as the uneducated do, and sneer at it, believing they know best!

mentoru klubs In the UK we are slowly but surely beginning to understand what timber frame housing can offer, and how it can save us a great deal money in energy costs due to high insulation values, and be better for the environment.

vokālistu konkurss But also how timber frame is a way of life, living in a space of natural refreshing energy!

vizitkarsu dizains has with in its website the largest selection of Logcabins in the world.All our Logcabins are totally unique to us, and as the forefather of Interlocking Log Cabins in the UK /Ireland / Australia / America / and some parts of Europe we believe our knowledge and understanding of how logs work, how the lumber is felled, and how the material is machined gives us truly the loudest voice in timber interlock construction ideas, as we and we alone have tested our log cabins for more that 12 years!

silvas metode We refined /designed the Twin Skin Log Cabin System which has been used in Northern Siberia for hundreds of years. The design is faultless! And we were the first to offer this in Europe and it is a major seller in European Countries.We are not an agent sitting in an office in the UK; we are here in the Baltic’s, where 68% of all the timber in the UK/Europe comes from, manufacturing Fresh KD FSC Log Cabins that are ordered by you, all this done through our amazing Partner Teams around the Globe.So our thoughts on lining of cabins, actually we think it’s a total waste of money and time, a Twinskin 5m x 5m is cheaper, better, and it’s a stronger build. it is a better build.If your looking for a Residential then a Timber Frame is truly the only way to get quality for your money. Please have a look at our timber frame section, all timber frame units are bespoke, and if you ask our Agents/Partners they will help you design the correct residential Cabin.We at care about this industry, which is why we do not sell 28mm cabins, as it’s a floorboard material, not a construction material.

spirta blīvums caravaggio pittore and Sectional Buildings

medisense optimum laša salāti Log Cabins

operas teātris Introducing our BESPOKE service At we really do go the extra mile when it comes to bespoke or customised manufactured products for our clients.
When you are confronted by the sales department of a company that says that they can make to your specification, you will generally be left to your own devices to come up with what you require. Often, in manufacturing terms, various designs are formulated by the client and for one reason or another it is impractical to make and the client does not actually end up with what is required. Often this is caused by many manufacturers who prefer to keep to standard items and feel at times that it is not economically viable for them to spend the extra time in pursuing a product that might be a little more complicated than usual.We at log have a very different attitude to bespoke products. Because we are manufacturers we are able to help and guide you towards your own customised dream home or Garden Cabin and eagerly and enthusiastically find ways in manufacturing terms to meet your specifications.To help you to understand a little more about how far we are prepared to go with our BESPOKE range of products, we have provided you with some ideas from each element of our product range. If you really want to gain some inspiration for your own customised Log Cabin.Over the years our bespoke department has made 100's of wooden buildings, cabins, log cabins, wooden clock houses, wooden garden offices, wooden logcabins in so many forms.

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getasandal nike contraception myth Log Cabins 12

akseli kokkonen First again in the U.K. with our "Clockhouse" range. The Clock House range a Wooden Log Cabin at it's best.

portatīvo datoru lādētāji kurmenes skola Clockhouse

bta apdrošināšana azshara lore Distinctive, stylish, and with more than a touch of quality, the 'Clockhouse' pavilion style cabin will make you proud when you show it off to your neighbours. 

pelēču pagasts ships foto We are pleased to say that we designed and built the original Clockhouse Log Cabin. And you know how the saying goes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Be aware that you may find poor quality cheap imitations for sale elsewhere, but you will only find such a stunning range of quality and variety of Clock Houses Log Cabins at

judo lido marināde vistai The Clockhouse log cabin is a unique blend of space and light, with a choice of window arrangements that ensure that your Clock House Log Cabin will look great from any angle, truly the new highlight and focus for your garden.
But the greatest pleasure comes inside your Clockhouse log cabin. Imagine the amazing and wonderfully fresh smell of our ecological timber. Reach out and touch the smooth and virtually knot-free wood. Then turn around and see your garden perfectly framed by the pavilion-style windows. Luxury. Is this the best investment for your home and garden you can make this year? It certainly is.

eridan hotel verunka video Whether you want to use the Clockhouse cabin as your home office, your studio, for entertaining or for relaxing, you will be impressed by the quality and value of the timber, the premium standard of your doors and windows, and the stylish yet practical and strong fittings. The Clockhouse log cabin is available in a range of wall thicknesses, including the option of a well insulated and innovative twin-skin design.

mazumtirdzniecības noteikumi cietais ārējais disks And as with all our garden buildings, you can be sure that every effort has been made in the design and construction process to ensure that your Clockhouse is easy to build, and yet beautiful and rewarding to own. We work hard to ensure that we always offer the best range of premium quality cabins and the best price on sale in the UK. 

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When it comes to new designs we pride ourselves on being probably the most innovative organisation in the business.
We believe in keeping well ahead of the trend when it comes to new designs and new types of construction. In fact, we have set the trend for many other manufacturers. Learn more about the copycats ...
Many manufacturers today find it much easier to copy than to be the forerunner of a marketing project. After all, it's cheaper for them because the innovator has spent most of the money carrying out all the research etc.
However, there are drawbacks to manufacturers in the timber business who copy to make the product a little cheaper.
Simply a reduction in quality.
Please beware of low priced, high perceived value cabins that look as if they are the "Bee's knees".

polārā diena Perceived value means exactly what it says. Purely a perception of a product that aesthetically looks good until you really start asking questions about the thickness of the wood, the type of wood etc.
A simple test for flooring, for example, is on Video 2 in the video section.
Our outrageous presenter  Senile Old Man Denton proves to you that you only get what you pay for in the end. We returned him to the old folks home later that day! 

If you are looking for a Newly designed product that have really gone through the most stringent Quality Control Mill before it leaves our factory and you want the reassurance that you are dealing with the original Manufacturers you need to stay with us at Logcabins lv where personal service and care is always one of the most important considerations when trading with our clients.

With our newly built Garden Cabins and Garden Offices beautifully cladded on the outside with Rot Proof Larch and carefully balanced internally with the finest Well Seasoned Pine, you can easily understand why Logcabins lv stands head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

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crimea mountains marians pahars Log Cabins 10

transient ischemic accidents The Scandinavians have been building log homes for decades using sawmill and wood processors that are often missed out of the mass-produced ranges that are found in most local garden centres and DIY stores. The thickness of the logs used is not the only benefit, it is the growing process that extends the life of the building and prevents splitting.
As these buildings grow in popularity over the next few years, it is not inconceivable that in the very near future we will see small Scandinavian Log Home streets and developments. At prices far less than traditional brick and increased energy savings to be made by switching to log homes the UK market is already aware that at last there is an affordable home and an alternative eco-friendly way of open space living that has been enjoyed by the Scandinavians for decades to look forward to in the very near future.

meistaru teātris The wood produced for Scandinavian Log Cabins is one of the important reasons why these types of traditionally built log homes can retain such a high quality when it comes to material and details. The same standard of workmanship and materials are used throughout the homes, from skirting and floors to windows and doors which are usually triple glazed rather than double.At, once again , superior and experienced craftmanship puts these types of homes highly prized by our happy discerning clients.

Our Scandinavian luxury log cabins are of the highest quality. Made with the finest premium log species, crafted with the Scandinavian Full Scribe method, and extra insulated, they provide a warm and cosy homely place no matter what time of year.

Be single or two storey, all of our Scandinavian log homes have been designed with high energy efficiency that is becoming more and more important these days.

This means choosing log houses which make use of modern insulation and glazing and also have good thermal qualities. You will find that our well-built Scandinavian log cabins will last longer, with very easy maintenance and much lower fuel costs.

We are able to work within your budget and assist you in planning your living space. With your Scandinavian Log Cabin dream can truly become a reality.

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raivis bergs tth hash Log Cabins 11

schadausaal thun kapitāla struktūra INTRODUCTION TO LOGCABINS.LV

lr vzd It is estimated that across all the developed countries, timber frame accounts for around 70% of all housing stock, representing some 150 million homes. The current capacity of the UK producers is around 35-40000 units per annum. Small panel hand erect open panel is the most common system used in the UK accounting for ~80% of the market. More advanced closed panel crane erect systems (as used in other countries) are attracting more attention.
Both floors and roofs can also be factory produced into panels called cassettes. Timber frame is renown for its excellence in energy efficiency terms. The acoustic performance of timber frame party walls outperforms masonry by some margin. In terms of durability, NHBC records indicate that timber frame homes tend to perform better than masonry homes.
Timber frame housing is not a new concept - even for the UK. For centuries it was one of the most common construction materials and examples of timber-framed houses from the 12th century are still in existence today. Softwood based timber housing systems (similar to those in use today) date back to the 1780's with fine examples dotted along the East and Southern coasts. Dramatic growth in market share came in the 1960's and 70's with the industrialised housing boom. In 1982, 27% of all new build homes in the UK were constructed from timber frame. A combination of adverse publicity regarding robustness (since proved groundless) and a slowing of the housing market have seen market share fall in Great Britain to around 6% over the last 15 years. Interestingly, in Scotland the market share has remained between 40-45% of all new-built housing throughout this period. It is estimated that of the ~20 million homes that exist in the UK, around 2 million are constructed from timber frame. The last few years have seen a dramatic resurgence in the market with timber frame now accounting for over 8% of all new homes.
As for any other form of construction, timber-framed buildings must comply with the requirements of UK Building Regulations. The structure for all timber frame houses must be designed by a qualified structural engineer or be approved by an organisation such as TRADA Technology to verify the structural stability of the construction.
Timber frame houses, flats and maisonettes have for many years been built to a maximum height of three storey's. However, following changes to the Building Regulations, four storey's or more is no longer unusual and flats are now being constructed up to six or seven storey's high. Timber frame is being used extensively for hotels, hostels and nursing homes.

jauki pantiņi LOGCABINS.LV
Here at we pride ourselves on our professionalism as well as our outstanding quality of materials and product. All our timber is PEFC, which probably means nothing to the layman but this is a very important procedure in looking after the environment.
PEFC stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. In short what this means is that customers and consumers are able to identify products from sustainably managed forests. Therefore we are all confident that the timber we get from the forests is replaced with the planting of new trees.
Not only do we use PEFC timber here at but we use the best structural timber. All our structural timber is graded C24; this means that the higher the number (i.e 24) then the stronger the timber is structurally. This is obtained by inspecting the timber and the fewer the knots, fissures and sloping grain then the higher the grade of timber. The only C18 timber that uses is for bracing which is basically to tie together the stronger timber.
All our structural beams are made from Glulam, which is produced in one of our factories over in Lithuania. This product is a generic name for glued laminated timber and is fast becoming the popular alternative to steel. Glulam has an excellent strength to weight ratio and can be worked on like other timbers. Glulam's main uses include Lintels, rafters, posts, portal frames, purlins, feature trusses and curved beams all to your specification.
All our timber frame panels at are manufactured in our Hi-tech factories in Lithuania, which are controlled twenty four hours a day to keep moisture to a minimum and therefore not affecting the timber. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the timber frame kit entirely out of panels and do not send loose timber for the awkward panels to be made on site (this is a habit that many of our rivals seem to have problems with).
All the panels at are checked for quality as they are being produced and therefore reducing any remedial works when they arrive on site.
We also use the highest quality insulations and plasterboards. The insulations that we use are Rockwool, Isover or Paroc with thicknesses according to specification. The plasterboard/laminated soundboard and fireboard we use are manufactured by Knauf who are an English Company.
A highly skilled team of Timber Frame Erectors will arrive on site and erect your new building with the highest of professionalism and minimum of time. Great effort will be made during the erection process to ensure that each and every panel is erected correctly and structurally sound as per our Engineered drawings and plans.
To enable to give you an insight of the difference in building a timber frame residential unit against a traditional block and brick unit, we have compiled a list below, which we believe will be helpful to you in your decision making.
1.Life of building. Both building types have the same life span.
2. Acoustics. The acoustic standard of the timber frame unit far outweighs that of brick and block unit.
3.Internal Moisture Control. The timber frame unit uses an average of 10 gallons of water and therefore drying out time is minimal, where as in the brick and block unit, an average of 600 gallons of water is used so drying out time is essential.
4. Complete Construction Time. The average timber frame unit can be built in eight weeks compared to the average brick and block unit taking twenty weeks.
5. Strip Footing (foundation) Width. Under normal ground conditions the footing width for a timber frame unit will be 450mm, where as it would need to be 600mm on a brick and block unit.
6. Insulation. The insulation value of a timber frame unit far exceeds that of it's brick and block rival.
The above is just a list of six advantages of timber frame but there are many many more.
For example.
A wide range of U-values can be achieved depending on the required level of thermal performance.
Excellent thermal efficiency.
Potential for easy future renovation.
Pre-fabrication enhances quality control due to off-site manufacture, thereby reducing the risk of on-site workmanship problems.
Light weight requiring reduced footings and foundations compared to masonry construction
Please find below three quotes from professionals within the New Build Housing Industry.
"The NHBC inspects and insures many thousands of homes every year. Our claims records actually show that these (timber frame) houses tend to perform better than masonry homes, as more of the dwelling is made under closely controlled factory conditions" Christopher Mills, Director of Technical services, NHBC.
Insurance companies also tend not to differentiate between timber frame homes and brick/block constructed ones, stipulating only that: "the external roof covering should be of tile, natural or mineral slate or concrete." (The Association of British Insurers).
Despite common perception, mortgage lenders do not discriminate against timber frame. Similarly, property surveyors make no distinction. "I am often asked whether there is a difference in value or marketability with regard to timber-framed housing and the answer is definitely no." Peter Hales, Chief Executive, Countrywide surveyors.
In 2006 the Government established the Code for Sustainable Homes, setting a 10-year timetable to achieve 'zero carbon standards' for building all new social housing by 2016. This step by step tightening of the 2006 Part L Building Regulations required energy efficiency improvements in new homes of 25% by 2010 and 44% by 2013 compared with 2006 standards—with all homes being 'Zero Carbon' by 2016!
If building owners, developers and contractors are to achieve the current minimum Code for Sustainable Homes levels -and meet the goal of zero carbon within the next few years – carbon emissions produced by space and water heating must be reduced dramatically.
The Code measures the sustainability of a home against nine design categories, rating the 'whole home' as a complete package. The design categories are:
Energy and CO2 Emissions
Surface Water Run-off
Heath and Wellbeing
The Code uses a rating system to communicate the overall sustainability performance of a home. A home can achieve a sustainability rating from one to six stars depending on the extent to which it has achieved Code standards.
One star is the entry level – above the level of the Building Regulations, and six stars is the highest level.
Building in timber frame makes achieving a high performance building easy due to it's thermal efficient airtight structure. You can relax in the knowledge that timber frame units have the lowest embodied CO2 of any commercially available building material and delivering up to a 33% reduction in energy consumption for a detached unit. By choosing timber frame you ensure a faster return on your investment by guaranteeing a faster construction time.
Timber frame is the obvious choice for achieving levels three to six of The Code For Sustainable Homes. You can relax in the knowledge that timber is the ultimate proven sustainable building material and easily the most cost-effective solution. Building in timber frame makes it simple and easy to achieve a high performance building fabric.
Timber frame is the natural choice for achieving code compliance and can save up to 5% on building costs compared to brick and block when building to Code level three and above. You can rest assured that by building your timber frame we can deliver improved thermal efficiency while achieving high levels of insulation and air tightness.
There is now an overwhelming body of scientific evidence showing that climate change is a serious and urgent issue. In 2004, more than a quarter of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions – a major cause of climate change – came from the energy we use to heat, light and run our homes. So it's vital to ensure that homes are built in a way that minimises the use of energy and reduces these harmful emissions. More sustainable homes can also provide us with improved overall well being and quality of life.
Wood is the only carbon neutral construction material. Strength for strength timber uses five times less energy to produce than concrete and 6 times less than steel.
Every Cubic metre of wood used in construction saves 0.8 tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere. Every timber frame home built saves an average of 4 tonnes of CO2.

1. Quick to erect – reduces capital lock up.
2. Lightweight – can be used on brownfield sites/sites with difficult land conditions.
3. Modular components are easy to transport.
4. Engineered components, built to recognised quality assured standards, reduce the need for site skills.
5. Dry – gives a clean site and it's quick to decorate.
6. Craning – can be craned in for tight inner city sites.
7. Superior sound performance, meeting all new regulations.
8. Completed buildings can be clad in any standard finish – timber, stone, brick, render, tile etc. giving maximum "kerb appeal."

Q. Is a timber frame cheaper than traditional build?
A. The cost of the build is comparable but the main cost savings are achieved by the speed of build and the reduced costs of energy year on year.
Q. How is a timber frame different from a traditional build?
A. A traditional built house is normally made of an inner supporting wall of concrete and an outer supporting wall of brick. Unlike timber frame there is no empty cavity to create a complete break from the outside inclement elements (Wind & Rain). The cavities in traditional buildings are either tightly filled with insulation causing "bridging" or poorly fitted insulation with unwanted gaps and there is no guarantee in either case that moisture will not leak through to the inside block work. A modern timber frame house replaces the inner block wall with a timber frame wall strong enough to carry all the loads of the house. This is usually covered by plasterboard internally and a brick or block external finish with an empty 50mm cavity to prevent moisture penetrating into the insulation. Although the external leaf can be clad in timber or board and render finish.
Q. Are you more at risk from fire in a timber frame house?
A. No. In common with all forms of construction timber frame has to meet all Building Regulations. Safety in timber frame is a number one commitment and has an excellent track record.
Q. Are timber frame homes noisy?
A. No. Our modern timber frame systems at enjoy better acoustic insulation qualities than traditional build and fully confirm or exceed current Building Regulations.
Q. Will I have to pay more for insurance?
A. No. Insurance companies draw no distinction between modern timber frame and brick and block construction provided the external roof covering is of tiles, natural or mineral slates or concrete.
Q. Will a timber frame last?
A. Yes. A new timber frame home will last as well as any other type of new home.
Q. Will a timber frame house look different?
A. No. Usually a timber frame house is clad in brick and look like any other house. You can also use a range of suitable materials, e.g. stone, block, render or timber.
Q. Can I still hang pictures, cupboards etc in my timber frame house?
A. Yes. Many of these jobs are made easier because of the good fixing you get in the vertical studs.
Q. Will I get a mortgage on a timber frame house?
A. Yes. Banks and Building Societies make no differentiation in the lending terms offered in either form of construction.
Q. Is timber frame quicker to build?
A. A timber frame takes far less time to build than the traditional build. In ideal conditions a timber frame house will be wind and watertight within 5 days allowing other tradesmen to start their work.


speculation forex A) Plasterboard: an internal layer of plasterboard has excellent fire resistance and provides a smooth crack free surface for immediate decoration.
B) Vapour Check: prevents moisture from within the house (steam from kitchens and bathrooms etc) reaching the insulation and timber structure.
C) Structural Timber: the timber-framed studs, normally 140mm deep x 38mm wide are usually at 600 centres, but in some cases may be 400 centres. The stud size depth may be increased to give a better thermal value (up to 220mm deep).
D) Thermal Insulation: there are various non combustible products which may be used such as Knauf, mineral wool, cellulose, hemp. sheep wool etc. The stud sizes can be increased to accommodate more insulation (up to 220mm deep).
E) Sheathing Board: this board can be OSB (oriental strand board) or plywood. This strengthens the wall panel and supports the breather membrane.
F) Breather Membrane: this is a water proof membrane fitted to the sheathing board outer frame keeping out moisture which may penetrate the porous concrete blocks or bricks but still allows air through for timbers to breathe.
G) Wall Tiles: the timber frame is the main structure which supports the roof and the outer layer of block or brick is supported by the timber frame by fitting the stainless steel wall ties. They are flexible to allow for differential movement.
H) Cavity: this is a clear 50mm wall cavity which provides a complete separation of the external wall from the highly insulated inside wall and helps prevent any moisture which may penetrate the porous bricks/blocks reaching the inside of the structure. This cavity must be drained and vented.
I) Outer Cladding: the external cladding can be of many materials; most common are brick or rendered block work and is simply a protection for the timber frame. It is now becoming more popular to use Upvc, aluminium or timber.

It's All in the Walls
'Conventional' buildings usually have external walls of bricks, blocks, or other 'wet-build' materials.
'Conventional' wall types tend to vary from region to region and with age of building
Timber Frame buildings (usually) have external walls of composite timber panels
In Timber Frame structures the timber walls support the building NOT the masonry
Most domestic masonry buildings also have timber joist floors & timber rafter roofs

cochem wiki Timber Frame Construction
Durable Long Life
Scientific research has proved the stability of timber frame up to 6 floors high
They are extremely stable and perform better than masonry even in earthquakes
Durable Timber Buildings demonstrably last for hundreds, if not thousands, of years
Rain Proof
Solid masonry is NOT impervious to water, like driving rain.
Many pre-war buildings have 'solid' external walls that can be damp and 'leak' water
Cavity walls provide a gap to stop this water penetration
Modern masonry walls have this gap filled with insulation
Timber frame with integral insulation preserves the cavity to keep the inside dry
Excellent in Fires
Fire & Building Regulations treat timber frame just the same as masonry buildings
National Insurers make no difference between timber frame and masonry for fire
Wood 'charring' actually causes timber to go out unless flame & oxygen are applied
Even forest fires do not burn out some trees
No Drying Out
'Dry' timber frame has thousands of gallons LESS water than masonry
Masonry can take years to dry out, with attendant decoration & shrinkage issues
Timber Frame needs little if any drying out, saving on snagging and maintenance
Most Eco-Friendly
Timber is perhaps the most environmentally sustainable building material
It has many times less embodied energy than brocks, blocks, concrete or steel
Timber needs less energy in the actual construction process than masonry
Timber framed homes are warmer, dryer, less draughty, more comfortable, use less energy and are cheaper to run than most masonry houses.


sheffield wednesday barnsley LOGCABINS.LV

vīriešu apakšveļa is with out doubt the forerunner in offering quality Timber Frame Residential Highly insulated building solutions to Camping Grounds, Holiday Parks, Park Homes and private individuals.
When looking for a quality timber frame building, there are many factors to take into account.
Our Timber Frame Buildings are built from the finest Scandinavian, Baltic, Russian, German CLS-C28-PEFC-CE-KD Grade Pine, Spruce, Oak, Siberian Larch Lumber, we incorporate I-beam technology, or laminated beams if required. Our In-House Architects are able to help you through the process of building control and structural calculation, plus we are able to offer 3D modeling on all constructions, so you really can envisage what your dream house, Garden Office, Granny Annex or Retirement Park Home will look like, inside and out.
Our First range is the Tudor Range of Timber Frame Buildings, however we are able to offer a bespoke design, custom designs is our forte! All our timber frame buildings will pass building regulations. All of our cabins- park homes- residential highly insulated buildings can be customed designed.Please have a wonder around the New Tudor Timber Frame Range to find out more about and our amazing highly insulated timber frame buildings.

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capucine investissements

tatarstānas republika escada smaržas Log Cabins 12

sauce chef To combat the tough economic times that affect us all in different ways, people are now enjoying their own homes a lot more during their time off work or at the weekends instead of going away on holidays or going abroad. One way of enjoying your holiday at home is to make good use of where you reside for entertainment and relaxation. Gazebos are fast becoming popular for the Garden, offering a fresh new concept for family relaxation and entertainment.
Gazebos, because of their Persian and Chinese origin are often styled like a pagoda or small pavilion. With modern influence, nowadays gazebos come in different designs, both contemporary and modern.
There are also add-ons that can be installed such as ceiling fans and pendant lights. Cushions can also be an additional option for comfort and convenience.
At our Garden Gazebos are a wonderful way to entertain outside. Not only are they something that can be enjoyed by every member of your family and plenty of your friends, but you'll also be increasing the value of your home. With our beautifully designed range, you will be able to easily find a Garden Gazebo to bring your garden up to a new level of beauty.

lasse braun Of course, everyone has a different idea of what makes a garden paradise, and what's great about our Garden Gazebos is that they offer so many uses. With a little innovation , you could add a couple of cushioned benches centred around a coffee table, ideal for relaxing whilst reading or chatting with friends.
Or, you can create a luxurious outdoor spa area with a nice hot tub.

If you enjoy having friends over and you love the outdoors, then a Gazebo is just a great excuse to have a Garden Party. Outdoor entertaining and dining areas are perhaps the most popular way to enjoy gazebos, and if this is what you're after then you will probably want to look for Garden Gazebos that is large enough to accommodate 4-6 people. Click on to our range to locate the best size for your requirements.

When setting up the outdoor gazebo, you should spend some time to identify the best spot where you will construct the gazebo and calculate the exact area required. Ensure that you have a nice level base for your construction and consider additional surrounding area for, perhaps a patio where you and your friends will want to relax.

Made of the finest well seasoned Pine, once treated our Garden Gazebos will last many years. Milled to the highest and most precise specifications, you can be assured that construction will be a breeze. Each one delivered direct to your required destination, you could be relaxing under your superb new Gazebo the very same day.

It's not hard to understand why a Logcabin lv Garden Gazebo can be such an enjoyable place to relax. It's peaceful and it lets you appreciate your surroundings. A perfect place for reading or meditation and also an ideal place to spend warm summer evenings with your friends and family. Now you can enjoy a great holiday at a very affordable price.

Isobranie pinks nsulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Officeslouer logement paris  2018

nagu kopšana philadelphia siers Log Cabins

trasimeno spa Guidelines and advantages of owning a Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Offices.
People decide to work from home for a number of different reasons.
A new start up business.
As a part time employee.
Cannot afford to rent an office any longer.
Whatever the reason, there will, inevitably, be changes in the home as a result of a room or an area within a room being taken up for the purpose of work.
All Twinskin Garden Offices are available also in Single Skin and Laminated Interlocking Logs.
If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room that is just being used for storage etc and you very rarely use it for any form of accommodation, then you will be able to take advantage of such an opportunity without too much disruption or interference.

russisch studieren Many people, however, tend to take up a small area within a room, such as the Lounge or even the Kitchen area.

In these circumstances, particularly where there is the presence of a young vibrant family, disruption and interference to a certain extent is inevitable.
The overall difficulty here is that whereas before you may have had a built in discipline of leaving the home to go to work with fixed hours, during which time there would be a discipline towards a clear focus on work in order to get things done and meet company targets. Working from home, without that discipline, can cause havoc and stress.

There is a way that beats the idea of renting an office yet having the pleasure of working in an office without the thought of being in the way of others, if you happen to be working in an area within a room, or being disrupted by family members just “dropping in” to see how you are getting on.

Introducing “The Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Office ”. “But I can’t afford it !”, I hear you say.
Let’s have a closer look at affordability.

Whilst a Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Office may involve spending some of that hard earned money, the other option would be to rent one. Even if you were lucky enough to get a low priced office space at say £35 per sq foot per month.(which is seriously cheap). An office that is 10ft x 10 ft = 3.048mts x 3.048 mts = 9.29 sq. meters would cost £350 per month.

An insulated log cabin office with a dimension of 5mts x 3mts giving you 15sq mts of usable space will cost around 3.5 to 5 thousand pounds depending on which dealer, and cabin you pick. 10 months of the equivalent rental fee would pay for that office and there after nothing more to pay.

A Garden Office also increases the price of your home.

If you haven’t got the cash but you have the credit limit available on your credit card or, possibly, take a loan from the bank, even adding interest charges will still put you into a much more favorable position than renting an office.
After all, the office that you may have considered renting may not be exactly round the corner and you will then have to spend money on transportation to get to and fro. Back to commuting again?

Just think! You wont be in anyone else’s way. Your home will continue being a home purely for enjoying the pleasure and company of your family.

You will be able to literally “Leave your home”, bid farewell to your partner,. Go to work as you used to. Focus clearly to carry out a full day’s work. Come back home for your lunch break and continue your work in the afternoon until office hours close.

You can proudly invite prospect clients to your office whilst retaining the privacy of your own home, particularly if you have a side access.

Even during the cold winter months you will have the warmth and comfort all the year round by heating the office either by electric or gas in an extremely economic way when opting for an insulated office with walls of 44mm thickness or a quality Twin Skin Log Cabin. The heat is well retained within the office and you will be surprised how little fuel is required to keep you nice and cosy.

Please remember also that Sola Panels are a great way of providing that extra power for a Garden Office.

Minimum room temperatures in working environments are laid down by health & safety regulations and this is also because it becomes more difficult to work in a cold atmosphere. The beauty of having your own Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Office is that you have total control as to the temperature that suits you. If you rented an office, you may not have that control. If you are using part of a room in the house, it may be too hot or too cold for you, even though it’s OK for everyone else.

Psychologically the appearance of wood and even the smell of pine has a great calming effect on people and if you have a prospect client with you, it tends to create a more relaxed and amicable relationship. Besides making preparation for your presentation, you need to be sure that your prospect arrives and enjoys the surroundings. With a Log Cabin Office you will not be disappointed.

You will be able to carry out your work totally independently. A separate telephone for the Office with an answer phone machine will bring you to a level that will be as effective as any rented office in a high street or on an industrial estate. Many buyers from large organisations actually like doing business with smaller businesses because of the flexibility that is available and also the apparent swifter response when it comes to ordering or troubleshooting.

There is no shame in owning a Log Cabin Office. On the contrary, you can be proud to bring anyone into your Insulated Twin Skin Log Cabin Garden Office whether the clients represent large or small organisations. For them it will become a breath of fresh air and a pleasant form of escape from their usual visits.

From a business point of view, you will be seen as being more sensible and prudent about your business. This puts you in good stead because organisations who may wish to deal with you on a long term basis want to be sure that you will still be around over the next few years or so. Spending large amounts of money in rented offices just to create a big impression, nowadays, does not really impress at all. With your lower overheads, you may well find yourself in a more flexible position to be a little more competitive and still retain a decent profit.

maeda momiji resursu centrs marta Bunk Houses 2 to 10 Berth

rotomec spa brokastu ēdienkarte Custom Design Log Cabins

desecration metallum Custom built Log Cabins

Custom Log Cabins represent the pinnacle of Customer satisfaction. Here you have the opportunity of having something unique. A Custom Garden Log Cabin or a Custom Residential Log Cabin. Either way, have the expertise and many years of top quality craftsmanship to meet your requirements.Please do not be too disheartened if you have already tried elsewhere, only to find that you have been met with a negative response because it is either going to be “too expensive” or “the manufacturers are only able to provide the standard range”. At you will find that we welcome custom Log Cabins that are made to your specification because we know that the level of satisfaction and pleasure that you will get once your bespoke Log Cabin has been assembled, will far exceed your expectations.
Just think of what you will have to show your friends and family. A custom Log Cabin designed specially for you that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

zemkopības ministrijas lauku atbalsta dienests What’s more, it really does not have to be too expensive. Here is how it works.

Firstly you need to consider the size of your Custom Garden or Residential Log Cabin. Outside measurements are the very first consideration to enable you to plan where to site your Log Cabin to tone in nicely with your Garden or area of land.

Do check with the planning authorities, particularly if you are looking to have built a Custom Residential Log Cabin.

The sizes and dimensions to include internal walls etc need to be put on a simple plan.

A good start is to work on a piece of Graph paper and try and get some sort of proportion and scale, i.e. every 10 small squares = 1mt.

One of the important things to consider is the position of the Custom Log Cabin
In relation to the Sun. You may find that you get most of the sun moving around one side of your cabin. If so, you may prefer more natural light coming in that side. In which case more windows, or larger windows could be the answer. On that particular side. You may then start deciding upon which side of the Custom Log cabin you would like your bedrooms.

You can now begin to see the importance of such factors even before you draw out your plan.

With modern Computer aided design (CAD) can have drawn up some awesome looking artist impressions for you.

Our experienced team is here to help and guide you and ensure that wherever possible, your designs can actually be manufactured. With so many different combinations of the type of wood and methods of construction using Siberian Larch, Siberian Pine, Glulam and state of the art double and triple glazing all made to your spec. there is very little, when it comes to Custom Log Cabins that cannot produce.
Start thinking outside the box. A custom built Sauna room, A Summer House, a custom built Log Cabin to convert an existing outside swimming pool to a covered one. A Classroom, a Custom Log Cabin Nursery or Library, a Customised Barbecue building, a Holiday home, or a complete Custom Log Cabin Residential House that boasts 4 bedrooms with en suite facilities. All of these and more are at your disposal.
That dream, or what may have been a disappointment in the past, can now become a reality for you. You just need to, either pick up the phone, or email us so that we can start the ball rolling. When it comes to Custom Log Cabins, should be your first and definitely your last call. We are here to help.

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kalbu spektras genk mouscron Studio Log Cabins

amizants gadījums If a member of your family would like their independence but not too far away.
If you have a member of your family that suddenly arrives on the scene but you have no room. If you run a commercial site and need extra fast income. Look no further!
Introducing the Twinskin (Maximum insulation) Studio Log Cabin Range. Carefully designed to incorporate full sleeping, dining and lounging facilities all in one room with separate WC/Shower all in a 4.0m x 5.0m, and under 2.5m high if you need to be with in UK height restriction. Our Studio Log Cabins are made with the best Russian Siberian Pine , there is absolutely not a better soft wood on the market available. Please don't under-estimate the quality of workmanship put into this new innovation.
The finest Siberian Pine with tongue double and grove 28mm flooring and insulated ceiling which makes for a superb top quality studio log cabin in the Garden. This Studio Log Cabin will be the envy of anyone looking for a Flat or an Apartment.
Ideal income builder for Leisure Complexes. Quick to build. Fast return against your investment. For the Garden? Perfect for that son or daughter who now want their own privacy. If your looking for Quality. Design and Safety all at an affordable price please visit our dealer page today and find a dealer near you!

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tiešraides tv Insulated Micro emv pse 

nana koncerts beberbeķu ezers Studio Log Cabins

gruene woche If you own a Fishing Lake, Camping Site, Caravan Park, B&B, Hotel, Motel, A Golf Club, Camping Grounds, Holiday Park, or you have a large garden and need extra space then our Micro Insulated Twin Skin 4.0m x 5.7m Small Log Cabin will suit your needs and budget.Our 4.0m x 5.7m Twin Skin Insulated Micro Log Cabins are incredibly unique to any other design at present on the market, as they have been designed to keep costing down, but functionality and quality high. Our 4.0m x 5.7m Twin Skin Micro Log Cabins have all the creature comforts of a large log cabin, however they offer so much more.Heating one of our Micro Log Cabins costs so much less than a traditional “ Large Bunk House Style Cabin or the larger Residential Log as always brings to market a log cabin that is designed truly for today’s needs, a log cabin that can help house your guests, comfortably, easily and safely. Affordably.Our Small Twin Skin Insulated Micro Log Cabins come in different configurations, most come with a separate Bedroom and sleeping for the kids on the mezzanine floor, We have in a 22.8 sq meter area packed a Shower, WC, Small Kitchen  a few cupboard areas, seating area for 2/3, and in a few of our models we have been able to accommodate a double bed in one bedroom and 2/3 single beds in the upper floor. Our New Micro Twin Skin Log Cabins once again lead the market in affordable living with quality always at the forefront of our designs.

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jāņa rozes grāmatnīca siegfried bing furniture Log Cabins

lm tehnika You will find it extremely rewarding and lucrative by becoming a Logcabin lv Dealer. We consider ourselves to be the best in this profession and we therefore only want the best people. You will need to be able to tick a number of boxes for us. to find out more click for Logcabins lv are always on the lookout for the right kind of person who can help to continue our planned expansion into the U.K.
What we need from you.
1) You will need to have a car with a clean current driving Licence. 2) You will need to adapt to different people at all levels. 3) You will need to be smart, punctual and patient. 4) You will need to be enthusiastic and have the ability to enthuse others. 5) You will need to have strong customer care ability as opposed to the hard sell. 6) You will be responsible for your own tax and National Insurance. 7) You will need to be VAT registered.
What you receive from us
1) Full training and product knowledge 2) A sophisticated and successfully written website customised to meet local requirements. 3) Regular updates of new products, techniques and manufacturing processes. 4) Leads from enquiries sent to you that relate to your region. 5) Full support from one of the most experienced Manufacturers in the business.
If you would like to be considered as one of our Dealers please make your enquiries to: [email protected]

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medicīnas skolas rankas pagasts Log Cabins

babaji himalayas If you are looking for a reliable log cabin company to supply you with a freshly manufactured Log Cabin, that has not been sat in stock for years, a company that cares about its customers and will help you through the whole process from beginning to end, then look no further, please click on this link and find a dealer near you.All our dealers are able to offer you Interlocking Cabins- Log Cabins- Sectional Buildings- Permanent living log cabins-Residential log cabins Timber Frame Buildings, Micro Insulated Log Cabins-Insulated Garden Offices-Gazebos-Pool Houses-Saunas-Game Rooms-Gyms and so much more.Our dealers are spread out over the globe, we have log cabin dealers in Scotland- Hull- Manchester- Birmingham-Cheshire- London- -Somerset- Devon- Cornwall- Sussex- Kent-Essex just to name a few in the UK- we have dealers in Australia-America-Canada-Holland-Poland-Russia-Germany-Spain-Sloviena-Switzerland and not forgetting Ireland and the Partner list keeps growing monthly. We have the largest chain of cabin Partners in the world, all our partners are credit checked and we beilieve the best in the buisness.

tent serviss radiācijas drošības centrs If you are looking for a quality log cabin or any kind of timber structure, please have a chat with one of our partners today!

Quality Laminated Engineered Log Cabins

marno j efg eurobank ergasias sa is proud to present  Quality Laminated Engineered Log Cabins for the Garden and Residential Living!

figūras draugu klubs natasha jane richardson elantra lpi hybrid  

ufo un fredis Occasionally, and memorably, there are technology shifts that change an industry. Think microwave meals, low-cost airfares, iPhones, turbo-deisel car engines, all simple but innovative ideas that are so good they become accepted practice and then mainstream. Such a technology shift is happening right now in timber garden buildings and log cabins. Log Cabins LV ( is proud to be the first to introduce buildings designed and constructed from glued and laminated logs, or GluLamLogs.

nida spa Our new Range of Cabins are with out doubt the Best Garden Range Cabins available in Europe-World to date! There is not another company any where in Europe-World offering our Specification, and “Level of Quality”.

diem perdidi Our Laminated Cabins are available in all sizes, we have 80mm x 200,120mm x 200mm, 140mm x 200mm, 160mm x 200mm, 180mm x 200mm and 200mm x 200mm.

casamilano furniture We are able to offer Spruce laminate, Pine laminate and Laminated Siberian Larch laminate.

uzbekistānas vēstniecība We can also impregnate the Laminated Engineered Timber with Tanalith E if needed.

kleopatras vanna Logcabins LV as always strives forward offering the public new concepts and great designs.

ldz saraksti The Public have never been offered Laminated Cabins for the Gardens before due to the pricing. They are very expensive, and when we say expensive the price for a 5m x 5m in 80mm x 200mm with Triple Glazing and insulated roof could exceed 15.000 pounds + (please speak to our Dealers).

reebok apavi However for 15.000 pounds plus you get quality from beginning till end. No other manufacturer could offer you anything better!

batur hotel bali Engineered Laminated Timber is not “off cut Finger Jointed Material” different grade of timber, different CNC machinery, and different Quality, our laminated timber is construction grade FSC laminated timber which is used for roads bridging, public footpath bridges and structural elements for large buildings. Our factory is a Multi-Million Euro Investment of the latest machinery and experienced staff. Please go to our gallery.

dzinēja remonts We manufacture the Largest Laminated Engineered Segments in Eastern Europe.

deac datu centrs Sadly when purchasing a solid log cabin, the longest length of timber you can have in any wall length is 5.7m, then you need a false wall and then you can follow on.

soļankas zupa What’s Great about Laminated Engineered Timber is that we can make a 12m log cabin in one long run also we use 200mm high logs, which makes the cabin look chunkier, and takes less time to build, no breaks, also we can dove tail into the external walls the internal walls, so there is no protrusion through the main wall, keeping the wall line aesthetically pleasing. Please speak to our Dealers/ Partners for more information.

bellaria predazzo Timber technology over the years has progressed to a level where structures that are made of GLULAM ( Laminated structural timber) have definite advantages over steel or concrete. once again is at the forefront of such technology and present an awe-inspiring breakthrough when it comes to timber structures of the future.

lejā pie upītes GLULAM is a glued laminated timber composed of several layers of dimensioned timber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. This material is often referred to as 'laminating stock' or lamstock for short. By laminating several smaller pieces of timber, a single large, strong, structural member is manufactured from smaller pieces. These structural members can be used as vertical columns or horizontal beams, as well as curved, arched shapes. Glulam is readily produced in curved shapes and it is available in a range of species and appearance characteristics to meet varied end-use requirements.

dižraibais dzenis When GLULAM is compared with steel or concrete we have the following facts:- 1) A 2002 case study comparing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and costs for roof beams found it takes two to three times more energy and six to twelve times more fossil fuels to manufacture steel beams than it does to manufacture GLULAM beams.

ced sia 2) The laminating process of GLULAM allows timber to be used for much longer spans, heavier loads, and complex shapes than could be achieved with steel or concrete.

dzejas dienas 3) GLULAM is two-thirds the weight of steel and one-sixth the weight of concrete – the embodied energy to produce it is six times less than the same suitable strength of steel.

autolib diakom 4) Pressure-treated GLULAM is ideal for creating bridges and waterfront structures. Wood’s ability to absorb impact forces created by traffic and its natural resistance to chemicals, such as those used for de-icing roadways, make it ideal for these installations. Glulam has been successfully used for pedestrian, forest, highway, and railway bridges.

okartes telefons With such versatility combined with a much higher eco friendly manufacturing process, it’s no wonder that are proud to be involved in the design of a variety of larger timber buildings for those who seek a top-drawer bespoke architectural designed property that not only outshines bricks and mortar and concrete or steel but also proves to be streaks ahead when it comes to minimal wastage during erection of such buildings.

cendres metaux sa If you are looking for sophisticated curved arches, uniquely designed beams, strong yet elegant frameworks to complete a perfect low maintenance structure, you just need to contact log for a friendly chat with one of our specialist team who are well experienced in transforming your dream home into reality.

snorkeling bunaken once again spearhead the industry with the introduction of Superb Laminated Timber and Sectional Buildings to both the domestic and commercial market place.

stadshagen hotel

There are immense advantages and benefits when using laminated timber frames. Cross Laminated Timber frames and Glue Laminated Timber (GLULAM) provide greater strength than pure timber. Glulam pine, for example, is 15 – 20% stronger than the timber itself. Glulam beams are often preferred as support beams, where appropriate, in favour of steel, as when combined with wooden structures, Glulam does not expand or contract in the way that metal does and thus minimises any subsequent movement of the overall structure.

  There are also enormous architectural and design advantages with Laminated Timber. This process enables longer beams and curvatures to be incorporated into timber structures. Larger timber frame buildings without the need for frequent standard timber support beams come into play, thus offering more internal floor usage. Hunting Lodges, Reception Buildings, Swimming Pool Buildings, Religious Buildings, Reception Buildings. Classrooms, Day Centres, Government Buildings, Cafes and Restaurants - the list goes on.  

The speed of construction is also much improved when using combinations of sectional and laminated timber frames. Commercially many thousands of pounds can be saved in being able to complete a contract well within the target completion date.  

If we delve a little more deeply into the architectural design features, we are able to offer you a much wider spectrum of designs that just cannot be built by using timber alone. With the combination of sectional and timber-framed units, coupled with the natural beauty of best quality well-seasoned pine and virtually impenetrable larch wood, can create for you absolutely outstanding buildings with deeper overhangs and larger areas that previously could not be entertained (and still cannot by many of our competitors).  

Let us take a look firstly at the Residential Timber framed building. Here we have an insulated 14.8m x 7m (48.56 ft x 22.97ft) Log Cabin providing two double bedrooms. Each bedroom will accommodate a King Sized double bed with ease.
Each bedroom measures 3.15m x 3.15m (10.33 ft x 10.33 ft). The sectional timber frames come into their own by separating the relevant rooms as we progress along the length of this superb laminated timber frame building whilst at the same time, providing the necessary support to the roof area. A very practical kitchen/diner / lounge area depicts an open plan feature where the Tudor style horizontal beam spans the full 7m width of the cabin.  

This type of span across such a width is just not achievable by using timber alone as much of the natural pine that is forested is milled to a maximum of 6m. Glued and Laminated beams can be produced to as much as 15m long. It is this kind of difference where maintains its leadership when it comes to modern timber technology.  

With no requirement for central joints or plinths, the floor usage is maximised offering numerous opportunities for a variety of different kitchen plans and designs.  

The open plan aspect is then enhanced by a very generous fully double-glazed 1.8m high by 2m wide front door that is wheelchair friendly. This then leads out to an extensive 4.5m deep covered decking area for that al-fresco feel, yet well protected by the deep pitched 4.5m roof overhang that enables an all-weather touch of luxury.  

Finally, the flooring at 29mm thick is probably the thickest flooring that you can obtain in the industry. The log cabin industry for years has, in most cases, used 19mm tongue and groove flooring which, in our view, is fine for occasional use and for seasonal Garden Cabins-Cheap Garden Offices that do not have heavy items placed inside. introduced the 28mm thick flooring that revolutionised and improved the quality and stability of Log Cabins everywhere. Here in this Residential building you will find it extremely difficult to find a standard flooring as thick as 29mm. The ceiling boasting 28mm is again very substantial, compared with nominal 19mm offered by many of our competitors.  

Such timber framed sectional buildings can easily be custom made to your own design and specification. Here are some examples of what can be achieved using sectional and timber-framed methods of construction through  

Laminated Timber Frame Café-Restaurant Highly Insulated

šujmašīnu piederumi Besides having the correct amount of area for cooking and preparing food, there needs to be maximum floor usage for a seating area. After all, this is where the business end really is and if you have good seating area within an open aspect spacious ambience, it makes for good business sense. If we revert back to the above-mentioned Residential Log Cabin that is 14.8m x 7mts. Just think of the spacious area you could achieve by using the exact same outer perimeter and split the internal areas as follows; -  

Replace the bathroom areas using the full width and depth for the cooking and preparation.  

The rest of the areas would have the internal open plan aspect specifically for dining plus the outer decking area providing a further 4.5m depth for additional seating. This makes for an extremely cost effective Café/Restaurant that can be constructed quickly and efficiently.  


Laminated Timber Frame Swimming Pool Cabins-Enclosures Highly Insulated

čečenijas karš In the UK there are many properties boasting Swimming Pools that are great when the weather is good. Substantial amounts of money are poured into achieving clean heated water, properly circulated for the benefit of one’s enjoyment at very short intervals, simply because of the British inclement weather. There is a very simple solution. Construct a sectional timber framed Pool Room. All you need to do is to provide us with the outside perimeter of your Swimming Pool. Add approximately 4m to the rear for changing facilities. Add 1.5 to 2m each side of the pool and a further 1.5m to 2m to the front and we can design a sectional timber-framed building that would transform your existing outside pool to something that would give you the utmost privacy, greater luxury, more economic and something that you could use every day. Only the best quality double-glazed doors and windows would be used with a combination of Pine and/or Larch timber framed sections and logs for that instant appeal. You could even have a decking area outside of the building to relax in the sunshine when the weather permits. Ask us for a quotation and be pleasantly surprised.  

Laminated Timber Frame Schools- Classrooms Highly Insulated

alpina diski Austerity in the UK appears to be the flavour of the year. The public sector is being asked to increase productivity at a lower cost. Schools and Colleges are always looking to extend existing buildings by way of bricks and mortar extensions that simply wipe away the budgets.  

Here can come to the rescue by producing a timber-framed sectional log cabin building, again based upon the same perimeter template as shown above for the residential cabin. Sections can be placed to provide separate classrooms. Sufficient area can be designated for the required washing facilities. You may even consider having such a building as a Library, thus providing sufficient space within the school to be used for a classroom.  

This type of structure is a much quicker method of construction than any bricks and mortar extension with a much lower cost with minimal waste. Everything that you would expect for an environmentally friendly outcome is readily available from  

Fishing Tackle / Hunting Lodge If you are in the Leisure Industry with land available that can be better used to increase your income, what better way to have built a proper sectional timber-framed log cabin Tackle Shop / Hunting Lodge with a retail shop combined where
you have a captured audience who are already enjoying your hotel accommodation but alas you are losing some additional income to the High Street Burger bar because you are, as yet, not providing those facilities. The investment for such a project is much lower than you think. Your clients are used to spending good money on quality tackle and hunting products. Why not provide them with that additional service “In-House” instead of just relying on your overnight accommodation.  

You can also set up individual Hunting Lodges for their own privacy and accommodation to expand your existing accommodation facilities.  

Fishing Lodges by the lake carefully and strategically positioned for best views.  

All year round income can be achieved here, as all of the sectional timber-framed buildings are available with top grade insulation for minimal heat loss and maximum retention. A small heater in the area will keep the occupants warm and cosy in the coldest of winters. Winter breaks provide additional income and are becoming more and more popular for the more discerning clients who generally have a much higher disposable income. Your aim, with our help, is to get those clients to dispose of that income to you. are always pleased to act as trade partners with our commercial clients. We have years of experience in this sector and we are always open to new ideas and proposals.  

Laminated Timber Frame Sports Halls

modificēta pārtika Sectional and timber-framed buildings combined with Larch and Pine are ideal for the construction of Sports Halls for the leisure industry. The public sector having to meet more stringent and tighter budgets still need to respond to the reality of promoting health and fitness. Small areas of District and Local Council land could be used for such constructions that can be built at the fraction of the cost needed for a brick and mortar equivalent. There are hundreds of small dilapidated community halls that could be completely demolished and replaced at an overall lower cost than having to spend increased funds just to maintain them.
Once again, the extensive beam span with Glulam, coupled with cross-laminated timber frames make for very strong and stable and beautifully designed, practical buildings of this nature. Waste minimisation is of the utmost importance and with no concrete or brick dust to worry about the local Sports Hall can be up and running at a fraction of the time and cost that would otherwise be appropriated.   

Laminated Timber Frame Gymnasiums

molli railway can design and supply your own Gymnasium. A sectional timber-framed building of say 10m x 6m with best quality Pine logs providing over 50sq m. of usable floor area will accommodate a host of different keep fit machinery.
With a 29mm thick flooring you can happily place the heaviest of keep fit machinery with no concern or worry of floorboards bending or breaking.
Your own private Gymnasium of this size could also house washing and change facilities. Here you can focus on keeping fit without distraction.
You may even wish to combine such a concept with the Swimming pool Cabin.  


lēti portatīvie datori has just provided a few ideas to whet your appetite. There is nothing more traditional or historical than making good practical use of the oldest natural resource on the planet - wood. Going back as far as early biblical times, the apple tree was there before Adam & Eve!
Nowadays we are all aware of the importance of sustainability of such resources and take a very serious and committed approach to source timber only from certified sustainable forestry. embrace and applaud the new regulations attributed to the identification of where timber is sourced to seek out those who do not comply. For more information on Glulam or Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Sectional Laminated Frames, Sectional Laminated Residential buildings or Timber Frame Commercial buildings, Timber Frame Hunting Lodges, Timber Frame Swimming Pool Cabins and Covers, Classrooms, Laminated Timber Frame Day Centres, Libraries etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly or any of our appointed Distributors or Partners. Please continue browsing our website to get the inspiration needed to fulfil your dream. Our job is to turn those dreams into reality and we have been doing that successfully for thousands of customers worldwide.

jussi sallinen rebus solver – Tel +44 208 133 5164 or +370 688 93563
for that friendly, professional service.

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otrs lielākais saules sistēmas mēness  

kokrūpniecības nozare

jades goody

Log cabins LV Camping Lodges 

govs bez ragiem
Compact yet with maximum internal floor usage the Camping Lodge outsidemeasurements are 6.5m x 6.5m.The Lodge sits on a decking area that is 6.5m x 5.5m and is nicely positioned toprovide an overall area of 6.5m x 10.0m (See Picture)

 New LV Camping Deluxe Lodges
Only the best grade double glazed windows are used as follows:- 
Window Size - 4x 900mm x 1500mmWindow Size - 1x 1200mm x 500mmWindow Size - 1x 400mm x 600mm  

aspettando il sole bova New LV Camping Deluxe Lodges 01

eliso virsaladze The main entrance has a door size of 1930mm x 1410mm.This is sufficiently wide enough for wheelchair access.Ideal for disabled anglers.

The height of the outer walls are 2.1m and the ridge height is 4.1mNote the interesting design feature of the outer walls that are angled inwards. 

This type of construction with the decking is perfect for any fishery. The Camping Lodge, complete with decking besides a lake serves as a perfect ready-made fishing peg.Depending upon which angle the Camping Lodge is positioned the fishing peg could easily accommodate the use of a fishing pole as well as traditional rod & line.
Because of its shape the Camping Lodge does not take up too much depth, thus allowingwider areas for anglers to walk around. 

Where night fishing is involved, the Camping Lodge comes into its own as being one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy this leisure pursuit.
There are numerous options internally. With the shallow angled internal corners, the kitchen or lounge areas can easily be installed and positioned to suit personal choice making each Camping Lodge quite unique. If you are looking for a quality timber frame structure that is unique, well priced and built by a house manufacturer, then our new Camping Lodge is the way to go.Fully insulated, clad in Siberian Larch, double glazed CE laminated windows and doors, this camping lodge is built to last.Please send us an email if this or any building on our website interests can offer Laminated Cabins-Timber Frame Buildings- Log Cabins and Camping Pods and so much more.

orafol de  

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oink tracker What is the difference between a Cheap Garden Shed?

pulka iela A massed produced Log Cabin?


gleznu ierāmēšana gebogenes glas A Quality Log Cabin from

neatkarīgā policistu arodbiedrība  

bižutērijas veikali rīgā  

avansa norēķins falabella pony valentīndienas apsveikumi Truly Immense! Like Chalk & Cheese!

juristu augstskola molitva smash marburg lahn  

Read on to obtain some very interesting and revealing information.

Long ago Garden sheds were made of bricks and mortar with asbestos or lead roofing. The health hazards that were associated with those types of roofing put those constructions to an end and mineral felt roofing and compound roofing tiles began to replace the earlier versions.

Timber sheds then became popular. Quicker to build and cheaper to produce. All were made with slightly sloping flat roofs. Such sheds were made of thin timber walls, thin glazing for windows if you were lucky to have a window, a door with a latch, and no flooring.

You can still buy sheds like that today. Sheds from suppliers who have not progressed at all in 50 years.
So what’s the difference between that and a Garden Log Cabin?

Firstly, you get what it says on the tin. You get a cabin made of Logs. Now we are not talking about a bundle of logs just thrown together. We are talking about a sophisticated process of choices of finely honed and milled high quality solid, well-seasoned pine that interlock to form an extremely durable stylish Garden Log Cabin that will completely transform your garden. There is no way you could call these sheds. It is considered to be an insult to refer to them as such. They are truly a different animal.

What type of buildings can be made with this sophisticated interlocking process?
Summer Houses, Garden Offices, Store Rooms, Sauna Rooms, Drying Rooms, Gazebos, Libraries, Classrooms, Tackle Shops, Reception areas, Garages, Stables, Residential Log Cabins, Hotels.
The list goes on and on. have spearheaded every possible avenue of Log Cabin manufacture and, as such, are arguably the forerunners and market leaders certainly in the UK and possibly Europe.

Today there is a wider choice of virtually everything that is heavily marketed to the potential Customer who, in the construction industry, can be easily swayed into purchasing something that looks good but ends up being a disaster.

With the constant fight to win business, many manufacturers in the Log cabin industry have yielded to UK distributors of log cabins wanting lower priced cabins for their customers. To do this the manufacturers have had to cut their cloth accordingly which reflects upon thinner walls, thinner flooring, lower grade timber and economy grade glazing that just achieves EU standards. They end up looking just as good from the outside as those made by . Let us re-iterate those few words - “They end up LOOKING just as good”. But they are NOT as good as those produced by

The reason for this is quite simple. As mentioned earlier are the forerunners in this industry. Because of this the Garden Log Cabins and Summer Houses and Garden Home Offices that are produced today have been through the early stages of research. They have been carefully improved and fine-tuned to a very high quality where the factories have been seriously challenged to meet the high demands. Instead of asking for something to be made more cheaply, Kevin, who heads the company has asked: “How can we improve this cabin?”

Of course, the price has to be a consideration and the end product needs to be affordable.
With the strong negotiating power that exists to provide long-term work for the manufacturing industry, such magnificent Garden Log Cabins, Garden Offices and Summerhouses can still be purchased at extremely competitive prices without any compromise when it comes to quality.

Much research has gone into selecting the best manufacturers for such activities.
Where manufacturing processes are still using older machinery and second-grade wood, interlocking timber when milled and subsequently erected show gaps at the joints with more open ends due to timber milled young. Twisting and splitting can also occur before and after erection. are proud to be associated with some of the most precision minded manufacturers in the world who base themselves in the Baltic’s where the finest quality Pine and Siberian Larch can be sourced from certified sustainable forests that meet the Log Cabin Manufacturers Association’s criteria.

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However, it’s not just the quality of wood that is important. It is the way it is processed after forestation. Pine logs, for example, need to be milled correctly and be carefully and accurately kiln dried to reach the correct moisture content. Whilst subsequently left to rest for a period they are carefully stored in the correct conditions to retain that correct moisture content. No manufacturer can afford to have too much stock hanging around too long because the moisture content within the logs will increase and cause problems such as possible warping etc. Here have a good positive flow of a customer demand that equally balances the time frame for the factories to stock hold timber for a minimal time. This means that the customer receives fresh stock of properly milled and processed interlocked pine to produce a Garden Log Cabin, Garden Office, Summerhouse etc at its best ready for its protective coating to ensure years and years of good service.

The quality of the Pine and the quality of the processing, however, was still not good enough for Kevin. To be a successful market leader, according to Kevin, is to be an innovator. To be innovative requires an entrepreneurial approach. In other words to follow an idea and take a risk. Such carefully calculated risks have paid off with some extremely desirable traditional and futuristic designs. You will come across designs like “Clockhouse” “EuropodsÒ” ”Tan” and others, all, of which were first introduced into the UK by

The problem that the innovator has in modern society is that from that point on people copy. The marketplace is full of those who produce copies of different things at lower prices. However, as previously mentioned, they often have yet to iron out all the necessary production challenges that have already been addressed by the original entrepreneurs

When you purchase a genuine Garden Cabin, Summerhouse or Garden Office you will be pleased to note that the flooring is made up of tongue and groove pinewood which is 28mm thick. Such thicker flooring makes for a more stable and rigid building. Heavier items can be safely stored with confidence. Children can happily jump up and down without fear of crashing through the floorboards.

On the commercial front manufacture Garages, Stables, Classrooms, Libraries, Day Nurseries, Playrooms, Sauna Rooms, Gazebos, Park Homes and Residential Log Cabins and even Hotels, all from precision template interlocking seasoned solid Siberian quality pine. In addition to the traditional types of timber constructions that are famous for. It is not surprising for Kevin, who heads the company, to become one of the early instigators of producing modernistic designer sectional buildings that include Insulated Caravans, Bungalows, Chalet Bungalows, Two storey Houses and, more recently, Passive Houses that provide maximum economy, minimum heat loss.

One of the main advantages of sectional buildings is the speed of construction. Both interlocked Log Cabins and sectional buildings are renowned for minimal wastage both during erection and post erection time compared with the laborious methods used with bricks and mortar.

We have now “skimmed the surface” of the wide range of timber buildings that has to offer. But what of the difference between a shed and a Log Cabin?

Suffice to say are loathed to build a cabin with walls less than 34mm thick. Garden Sheds can be purchased elsewhere very cheaply with walls less than 25mm thick that are generally clad with thin Cedar overlaps. With the inclement weather that the UK is now experiencing virtually all the year round, you do really need to set your sights higher for longer term economic gain with the reassurance of having something in your Garden or, even more importantly, something that you live in that will not rock about when the wind blows or let in water when it rains.

It is said sometimes that “Beauty is only skin deep”. This saying is very true when you relate it to the durability and longevity of a Log Cabin as opposed to a Shed. When considering a purchase of such a construction, you do really need to look carefully into how the cabin is constructed. Garden Cabins are purchased for different reasons and, as such, need to be constructed in such a way to meet the requirements of that specific usage. For example, if you are considering the purchase of a Garden Office and you intend working in that office all the year round:-

You need to be comfortable in your working environment.
You need to be sure that your computer and other valuable items are safe and secure.
You need to have something that is going to be economic during the winter period.
You need to think ahead regarding your expanding business.

With all these factors taken into consideration you would certainly be looking for:-

A cabin that provides the maximum level of natural light.
A cabin that is positioned correctly to ensure that it happens.
A cabin that has good solid security for doors and windows.
A cabin that is properly insulated to keep your heating costs down.
A cabin that will give you years of service with room to expand.

It really is worth investing in a Quality, Affordable, Garden Office from knowing that all of the above criteria will be met. Your investment becomes an expense against tax and should you wish to move home, your cabin will not lose value. Furthermore it could easily be dismantled if you wanted to take it with you.

Having now really hammered home the basic differences between Sheds and Log Cabins, it is worth mentioning here the health benefits of actually living in a Residential Log Cabin as opposed to Bricks and Mortar.

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piktogrāfiskais raksts plunge lithuania7

ārējās tirdzniecības politika  

boriss bērziņš With over 100 superb Garden Log cabins to choose from, the Sussex Log Cabin Range 2017 offers top quality buildings at very affordable prices. You will be hard-pressed to find the equivalent value for money elsewhere in the UK or Europe.

cintas esbelt

bivio livigno

With the commitment and passion of a very long established team of craftsmen who totally immerse themselves into their manufacturing process to a virtual art form with that modernistic approach to absolute perfection.

If you take a look at any of the Sussex range Log Cabins you will soon appreciate the clean and perfect finish to every construction. This is because the most modern computerised equipment is used for meticulously accurate measurements that are set and subsequently cut by top grade milling machinery.

Even during the period of austerity when most manufacturers are cutting back and making do, we at pride ourselves in large investments into research and new technology on a regular basis. Not only to ensure and maintain our prime position as market leaders but also to be the innovators for new products and designs that constantly excite our customers.

From a nice neat affordable Garden Cabin to a generous Summer House style, you will be amazed how scientific we are when it comes to the design features and longevity of each and every Sussex Log cabin.

All of our Sussex range Log cabins arrive at your site or home in clean protected flat pack form ready for laying out for erection. You will also have our support regarding any queries or problems relating to the contents of what you have received.

You can be assured that our quality control is very high on our agenda and our customer Service goes hand in hand with such quality controls.

With this exciting fresh SUSSEX range of Log Cabins for 2018 you will need to order early which will give you more time to organise your foundation work or landscaping well in advance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or one of our appointed Dealers or Partners.

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ķemeru nacionālais parks Welcome to our new Tan Sectional Siberian Larch Timber Frame Range

teve programa  

kleitas izlaidumiem As we all know Siberian Larch is the best of all Larch Species, being robust, tight grained and impervious to water/rot and decay.
Siberian Larch, which is grown in the Northernmost regions of Russia, must stand up to snow at 4 meters high in -50, high winds and copious amounts of rain in the fall, this is why the Tanis level of Siberian Larch is higher than Oak.

grafiskie sms

brabham bmw

So if you're looking to purchase a quality building, then Siberian Larch is, withouta doubt, the only timber hardy enough to laugh at the UK weather with ease.
As a manufacturer, our sole premise of work is to craft, hone, structures into amazing domiciles for whatever need.
Being based in the Baltic’s gives us also the edge oofbeing able to hand pick our timber stocks. Our Timber Frame Buildings all are manufactured from C18 C24 KD grade lumber; all our timber is Trada Graded.
If you're looking for a unique building that is manufactured from quality timber, you need to be asking for Siberian Larch. This must not be confused with European Larch which does not have the same high qualities as the Siberian species.
This much sought after timber is very difficult to obtain in the U.K. let alone the special milling equipment that is required to cut and form the finished product.
However, at, you can be assured of obtaining top quality Siberian Pine "Tan" timber frame buildings. Manufactured with care and precision that will please the most discerning of clients who insist on only the best and are looking for trouble free long term re-assurance.

guļbūves projekts

ideological bias When your looking for a Log Cabin-boomer torn towers-Sectional House-pools balls or just a normal run of the mill work shop then please have a look through our extensive website

When is a Log Cabin really a genuine Log Cabin?
Answer? when it comes from dalia mēbeles
Let's cut to the chase shall we?

doremi hiti
When you look around and see Log Cabins situated at a Residential Park Home, or, perhaps, you have spent a holiday for a couple of weeks in a Holiday Lodge, from the outside you will see, in many cases, what looks like a Log Cabin.

Look a little closer and you will come to realise that so many of these nice looking buildings have been designed specifically for the benefit of holidays and many of them do not have the specification or quality expected of them for permanent dwellings.

This is where so many people fall into the trap of saying "I would love to live in one of these".

If you are there for a holiday during the summer and you are not using so much heating and you are out and about spending your hard earned money in a carefree way to get the most of your well deserved break, then you are not using your holiday home as a proper dwelling.

Let's look at this another way.

If I asked you to go to the same building during the cold winter period and spend a month there. You will probably want to come home.


Here are just a few reasons

1) Many are poorly insulated, giving rise to your having to spend a fortune on heating costs.
2) The outer appearance of the Log cabin is just faced with cut sections of logs.
to make it look like a log cabin. These facings have just been glued onto plywood.
3) Many internal walls of holiday homes are made of thin plasterboard separating one room from another where there is little or no noise protection or privacy.
4) The buildings are so lightweight they tend to feel the wind more and if not anchored to the ground they can actually be blown away.

You can now understand why there are so many restrictions on the occupancy period at these places because the quality of the structures of these buildings have not been made to withstand the cold wintery weather that proper Log Cabins are able to withstand.

So what is a proper Log Cabin and what do you need to look for?

At you will find yourself amidst, probably, the most comprehensive range of genuine Log Cabins you have ever set eyes upon.

Variety, however shows no compromise when it comes to quality.

Holiday Lodges or Residential Log Cabins are made to the highest specification that you will be happy to stay in one of these idyllic buildings throughout the coldest of winters whilst remaining snug and warm without breaking the bank with fuel costs. How?

Let's start with the outside walls shall we?

All our Log Cabins have solid, well seasoned, interlocked precision cut timber originating from certified forestry.

When looking at Log cabins, check the ends of the interlocked wood that is used. Too many times young spruce is used for cheapness and the wood, because it has not been well seasoned prior to extraction from the forest has not got the density of ring formation. As a result each section of timber during its drying process will show more spaces and air pockets and gaps. Over a period of time, with interlocked sections containing inferior wood of this nature, the lower sections of timber that take the weight load of the upper sections can become compressed and , in some cases, split, rendering a property to become weak and unstable.

At generally 70 years + has passed before a single tree trunk is put through our processing plant.

Many of the log cabins made from the same source of forestation are well over 100 years old, some over 300 hundred years old with no sign of instability or degradation.

In addition to a variety of different thicknesses of Logs from 44mm through to as much as 120mm, Care has been taken that the correct thickness of log is used to manufacturer Log cabins that require such additional stability and longjevity.
Twinskin is a terminology that we have spearheaded into the UK. More simply this means that you have a Log Cabin with a "Double Wall" providing an insulation gap between that can be filled with highly efficient insulation material.

All our Garden Range of Log Cabins are manufactured by skilled craftsman, using the latest of computerised machinery. Which is why our Log Cabins out sell all on the market to date. Design and Price also play a massive part of why we are now the No1 choice in Log Cabins in the UK.
Lets firstly look at Design.
A Log Cabin-Timber Building-Summer House- Insulated Garden Office or what ever you are looking for must normally have the "WOW" factor before you decide to purchase, will it suit your garden, will it do the job it's stated to do, are the windows and doors going to last, does it have inferior 19mm flooring, small inefficient 44mm x140 mm roof purlin and they are sat 33 degree's in the apex not 90 degree's. which means only half the purlin is actually taking weight and doing it's job. These and other important structural home truths are what we as manufacturers are aware of that are not described on many of our competitors websites, simply because they lack the manufactutring knowledge.

Advertising and Marketing on the internet is becoming more aggressive and tantalising and you can easily get sucked into the hype of a romantic notion affecting your emotions that lull you into buying a product that you may regret later.

These questions and many more are questions you would have asked yourself when looking for a log cabin on the web! The Internet and Log Cabins actually go hand in hand, as it allows you to really look at who's offering what, how there offering it, what photos they show, and what they don't and the way they use the word (strong, durable, tough, robust) etc when describing a 19mm flimsy floor.

Buying a log cabin is a very serious undertaking and should be seen as such.
Designing log cabins- sectional buildings-passive housing, is forte.
We were the ones to design and bring to market first the
Clock House Log Cabin in
4.8.m x 3.6m -
5.5 m x 4.0m and
5.0m x 5.0m in 44mm-70mm-90mm-thick well seasoned logs
Twinskin 44mm + 44mm –
Twinskin 70 mm + 70 mm

Log Cabin Garden Offices in
5m x 4 m-
4 m x 3 m

Iin fact we have bought so many different designs to market we are proud to be the forerunners and pioneers for the UK in this industry. Because of this, we were there first. We had to iron out all the possible defects first. we have upgraded and become more sophisticated in this process first. we are therefore more experienced in this field than many others.

Designing a Log cabin is not about just making beautiful images and then we cut-mould-notch-pack the finished Log Cabin-sectional building- and that's it. Firstly we must look at what impact the cabin design will have on our government controlled FSC log/timber supplies, also what will be the off cut level, (an off cut level is when we manufacture and we want to see how many little bits we must trim off each end of the timber profile, your wall log/roof/floor) if it's high, then we must re-think, and look where we can use the off cuts. Every thing in manufacturing is calculated for efficiency and price. Keeping the price down, but still offer the highest quality in the UK.

The old saying of "You get what you pay for" is very true, particularly in this industry.

If you see a Log Cabin that is priced up and appears to be too good to be true. It probably is.

Windows and Doors
Besides the finest selection of double or triple glazed Windows and Doors that have a quality second to none, coupled with door furniture that enhances and provides thye best security fotr your Log Cabin, all of our Doors and windows as standard meet the criteria needed for permanent dwellings.

landeskunde fremdsprachenunterricht Be a proud owner of "A Proper Log Cabin"

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Log Cabins Round Logs

hobos koncerts Quality Machined Round Log Cabins from 2017

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beckman coagulation With you have a wonderful opportunity of owning the combination of a truly original traditionally styled Log Cabin with ultra modern sophisticated top drawer living at an affordable price.

tēja un piens Welcome to our Round Log Cabins where the finest well seasoned Northern Siberian Pine wood logs that originate from our carefully managed forestation, are brought into our Round Log factory for processing.

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gana meat Whether you are looking for a single storey Bungalow style or a Chalet Bungalow, we are able to manufacture to your exact specification, as well as offering you excellent value for most affordable standard range Round Log Cabins that have already stood the test of time with exceptional results.

crude crusaders Whilst externally you can fully appreciate the care that has been put into replicating the original traditional appearance of an early “fairy tale” Log Cabin, internally, the same level of care has also been put into modern construction skills with modern technology.

nordrassil realm If we take a closer look at the Round Log Cabin external appearance, you will see that it looks like each log is virtually balancing lengthways horizontally on top of one another.

atdzelžošanas iekārtas This is far from the case and with modern computerized cutting mechanism, each log has tongue and groove sections enabling a unique form of interlocking system to be put into effect, thus ensuring strength and stability.

ingus baušķenieks The logs, when first brought into our factory, are carefully graded and then manufactured to a variety of different diameters.

primobolan enanthate It is quite amazing how the difference in the diameters of the logs can influence the overall design of the building.

brežņeva laika projekts The actual diameters of the logs are available in;

krāsu kodi 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200 mm, 220mm and 240mm.

kafijas automātu noma With additional external protection by applying a good quality micro-porous paint, which should only need to be renewed every 5 years, you can be assured of being in possession of a very special home that will last a lifetime at least.

budas statuja As we delve a little deeper, behind the outer walls you will be confident in knowing that the most modern and effective insulation is in place to ensure warm comfortable winters and cool summers.

genre fidget Top quality 28mm tongue and groove flooring of the finest Northern Siberian Pine gives a nice solid feel to the home. Internal wall construction can be interlocking Northern Siberian Pine squared logs, wallboard for painting or paper, or a combination of both with a Dado rail. The choice is yours. A wide variety of options awaits you.

gamel dansk Windows and doors are all double-glazed with the option of a tilt and turn facility. The quality of the double-glazing is absolutely superb also we offer triple glazing. These are Argon filled double/triple glazed units, which, because of the nature of this “heavy gas” slows down the migration of any cold air that might migrate through from the outside.

incubation units As for the roofing, high quality felt, shingles or tiles are readily available in different designs and colours. Again, it is quite remarkable how different a home can be by having a different colour roof.

mathieu brito You will be hard pressed to find many manufacturers who have the technical ability to mill and produce such types of buildings as well as having the necessary expertise to physically construct them.

svīst kājas To have virtually everything that you need at your fingertips you can feel confident that log nuvaring instruction is probably the only organization where you can be comfortable with the knowledge that such beautiful and unique buildings can be obtained and built with the same level of high quality craftsmanship as exists with the rest of our range of products.

froggie radio pittsburgh Besides the previously mentioned high-grade insulation that is installed with every Round Log cabin home. One must not forget that wood itself is a good insulator and with a minimum diameter log of 160mm, the resulting effect is that of minimal heat loss and good noise diffusion.

cristallo alagna From manufacturing through to final construction of the Round Log Cabin range there is minimal waste, certainly compared with bricks and mortar. No mess, no rubble, no dust or cement to worry about and this becomes an excellent progressive stance towards a great example of being kind to the environment.

cabbage carrots Speed is of the essence when you have decided to go ahead with your purchase of a Round Log Cabin from log Such constructions knock spots off the usual lengthy wait for a bricks and mortar building to be erected. The Round Log Cabins are built in a fraction of the time and because of this there is much less energy used, thus bringing in another important environmentally agreeable situation.

esplanādes parks Once you have agreed to a plot of land that you wish to build on, we recommend you contact us at your earliest convenience so that formal architectural plans can be put together based upon, either your own idea or visualization, or from one of our standard projects. We like to help our clients right from the early stages through to completion, as a hand holding exercise, which we have found in the past, has been very successful.

vika dzeja You may wish to discuss with us which diameter log you would like to choose. Sometimes, structurally we may recommend a particular diameter log for a particular project. This is not just for aesthetic reasons, but more for constructional reasons where you would naturally want to have maximum stability and long-term safety for the duration of your occupancy.

politecnico de milan So many retailers are unfortunately just keen to sell you whatever is available and do not, or cannot provide you with the knowledge that you need to ensure that you end up making a decision that you are going to be happy with. That is why we, at really do go the extra mile to help you to fully appreciate the importance of small compromises where sometimes designs that look great are just not fully practical.

anglju valodas kursi In many cases we have learned from our competitors that they simply refuse a job as a result of it being possibly out of their depth of knowledge. We even supply some of our competitors who pass on trade business to us because of this reason. However, they are unable to get back to you swiftly with quick answers to your questions as we can.

černobiļas sekas In summary, when dealing with for Round Log Cabins you are getting exceptional customer care coupled with many years of manufacturing knowledge.

spirta ražošana For further information please contact us where you can be assured of patient friendly help and advice.

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stroud district council

kompresoru remonts The Leaders in Log Cabin Manufacturing and Sectional Buildings

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ezinne okparaebo plush barstool If you come across a truly high spec Log Cabin or Log Cabin Office or a Log Cabin Garden Office, Interlocking Log Cabin. You may well find that it originates from

lumijet spray If you ever come across a high-quality Euro Camping Pod or a Siberian Larch Log Cabin. Once again you will probably find they were made by

gandini marcello With a wide expanse of Logcabin Lv Dealers and Partners actively marketing in the UK Ireland,,Europe,Australia, America, the Lithuanian based Manufacturing Company is well and truly commanding a very strong position in the world market for log cabins, Siberian Larch Cabins,interlocking buildings, home offices, sectional buildings, gazebos hand made Scandinavian log cabins and truly market leading sectional timber frame buildingsaijā žūžū . This continuously successful growth that contradicts the present economic trend is down to two main reasons.  cornea histology 1) Kevin, who leads the organization aggressively insists upon high quality at affordable rates. 

pgsql documentation 2) Continuous innovative new products that have been carefully researched have proved to be successful in terms of design and Eco-friendliness.

aftab qureshi design team were the first to manufacturer The Clockhouse” range in the UK/ Europe and America This range has a wide spectrum of applications, from a modest Garden Log Cabin Summer House to a building that would be the envy of any large Commercial Reception/Office centre in any leisure complex.

finnair riga Unlike other manufacturers, Logcabins .lv have a “range” of “ranges”. This makes for an immense choice that is probably quite unique covering numerous combinations of different types of Insulated Lag Cabin Offices, Insulated Residential Log Cabins, Scandinavian styled Log Cabins with traditional Round Logs in addition to interlocked squared off versions.

belchatow hotel The other big Unique selling point of is because of the geographical location, the company has access to certain types of Timber that are virtually unavailable from anyone else in the UK, other than through the appointed Dealers and Partners.

autovadītāju kursi

Siberian Larch by nature grows in conditions that only the hardest and high density of wood can really survive. As a result, this superior timber is ideal for any external clad building that takes full advantage of and sets it off internally with a subtle contrast of best slow grown Siberian Pine.

Larch is not an unfamiliar wood but Siberian Larch is of a much higher quality than its European counterpart because of the above-mentioned geographical area of growth.

Much is said about the importance of saving energy, reducing carbon emissions and making for a better environment. once again have been in the forefront of being quick off the mark for “Passive Housing” as well as maximizing energy efficiency with many new options that are readily available to add to existing ranges of Garden, Residential and Commercial Log Cabins. unlike many of its competitors, who have opted to sell products by undercutting each other, has kept to the original strategy of maintaining high-quality products, that, albeit, cost more, work out much cheaper in the long run, simply because of the longevity of the final products with less maintenance and repair work needed.

It is very easy to see images and photos of buildings that create a perception of really being great at a fantastic low price that seems almost too good to be true. Generally speaking in this particular industry, if it appears to be too good to be true. It probably is !

There is a corporate personality of passion and enthusiasm that runs through the whole of the manufacturing process within the regime.

Unlike the “Clock Watchers” that thwart the progress of industry, produce superb Insulated Garden Log Cabins, Offices and Residential Log Cabins with considerable care and expertise.

From forestation, kiln drying, milling, packaging and despatch to the point of delivery and installation, the complete process is a seamless flow of enthusiasm, care and consideration.

This great positive attitude flows through to all the carefully selected Dealers and Partners in the UK, who are constantly updated with all of the production range. If you are considering becoming one of Dealers, there are a number of hoops to go through and a good many boxes that need to be ticked. Like the quality of the wood, Kevin insists that the same quality is expected of his UK team.

Kevin’s leadership style threads through the heart of every one of his workforces. His zero tolerance attitudes towards absolute perfection in every aspect of the business are his forte.

This style and attitude creates a very unique company where normally one would expect an organization doing a number of different things not very well. Here the opposite is noticeable. A wide spectrum of different products, a huge choice within each range. All of the highest quality.

To start with the “Clockhouse” range offering superb design features, boasts 15 types and sizes from the Clockhouse Garden Cabin that could serve as an excellent Summerhouse or Garden Office to the latest addition of the “Grand Clockhouse” 12mts. x 4mts. Aurora. A very spacious addition to any private or commercial environment. This incredible building has a true Wow factor, sporting three Dormer style roof extensions to the front elevation comprising unique triangular windows allowing maximum natural light to filter through. Two open aspects either side of substantial central covered living area. Besides the large rectangular long full length double windows at each end, the triangular windows design is seen again in each side dormer to complete the exquisite clean lines and perfect balance. There are two variations shown in the outer walls of the Clockhouse range. The horizontal outer walled version shows clean Siberian interlocked pine. This timber has been carefully selected and processed to ensure perfect moisture content and subsequently milled to the utmost precision by state of the art machinery. The same applies to the vertical Siberian Larch outer walls where you will be hard pressed to even find anyone else having the manufacturing capabilities, or the correct machinery to successfully mill such dense hard wood that will last a lifetime without any protective coating. A sweeping statement, you might say, as many think that wood will rot over a period of time.

This is not the case with Siberian Larch. This particular timber was used as the main supporting structure for numerous Venetian buildings that are surrounded by water. This took place many hundreds of years ago and there has been no evidence of any rotting or degradation throughout this period of time. The roofing is available in superb shingles available in different designs and colours. The Katepal range of shingles is a range we recommend as a perfect compliment when it comes to quality and expertise within this specialty.

Extra care is taken in ensuring that when making a shingles application, good sturdy close boarding is used to ensure that any possible moisture that is absorbed by the wood gradually evaporates. The Roofing Shingles should be lined with an underlay membrane. Sandwiched between these two layers is the Eaves sheet and a metal drip trim. All of these are laid upon the close boarding which sits upon the roof beams that house the ventilation area which would include the insulation material.

The main advantage of shingles compared with plastic coated or sheet metal roofing or even tiles are; Much easier and safer to install without the need of any special tools. It’s pliable and therefore easier to shape. It is 100% Waterproof. It is silent to work with.

The variables enable shingles to integrate nicely with the landscape. Roof shingles and roof deck boarding improve thermal and sound insulation and make your roof safe and durable and aesthetically pleasing. Katepal has HQ in Finland and have a distribution facility in the UK. The Aurora Clockhouse range has definitely come into its own as an example of superb craftmanship at its very best.

Turning to the TF range, there are 13 beautiful Garden Cabins, Garden Offices within the TF range. These have been meticulously designed and built with superior Siberian Pine. Note the shady long overhang as part of the design feature that exists throughout this range. The flooring is built with superior 28mm tongue and groove pine. This provides much greater strength and stability for heavy objects as well as ensuring that there is a much more solid feel without any springiness. Walls are made of 34mm pine with options for thicker walls for larger cabins. The internal roofing area is 19mm tongue and groove pine that always looks great with a very pleasing visual aspect of spaciousness.

The “Melksham 44” and the ”Calne 42” are worthy of a mention here. The “Melksham 44” is a Garage that provides a great deal of natural light as well as keeping your vehicle nice and dry. A very stylish Garage that is a great improvement to the standard bricks and mortar rectangular type building. As well as a Garage this building could be used for storage of large items, agricultural machinery, Garden equipment, Engineering equipment etc. With traditional sturdy Garage doors available with top security locking devices, you can be assured that whatever is stored will be safe and dry.

The “Calne 42” is particularly attractive in that it provides some outside area of leisurely relaxation yet still being undercover. Access to the internal section is by way of the open aspect that also comprises of two long double glazed windows to the front elevation.

These and other cabins are available with thicker walls if required and also double walls, each of the same thickness known as “Twinskin”. have been marketing the “Twinskin” versions in the UK for some time now and are considered to be one of the most experienced manufacturers offering this new concept in the UK.

Besides the variable wall thicknesses there is also the option of insulation to the walls and above the ceiling. Combining the two makes for an extremely energy efficient building which will also be very comfortable and cosy even in the cold depths of winter.

Modern research and technology has done wonders for more efficient and effective insulation. Here is some useful information provided by the U.S.Department of Energy.

Blanket (Batt and Roll) Insulation

Blanket insulation—the most common and widely available type of insulation—comes in the form of batts or rolls. It consists of flexible fibers, most commonly fibreglass. You also can find batts and rolls made from mineral (rock and slag) wool, plastic fibers, and natural fibers, such as cotton and sheep's wool.

Batts and rolls are available in widths suited to standard spacing of wall studs, and attic or floor joists. Continuous rolls can be hand-cut and trimmed to fit. They are available with or without facings. Manufacturers often attach a facing (such as kraft paper, foil-kraft paper, or vinyl) to act as a vapor barrier and/or air barrier. Batts with a special flame-resistant facing are available in various widths for basement walls where the insulation will be left exposed. A facing also helps facilitate fastening during installation. .

Standard fiberglass blankets and batts have a thermal resistance or R-values between R-2.9 and R-3.8 per inch of thickness. High-performance (medium-density and high-density) fiberglass blankets and batts have R-values between R-3.7 and R-4.3 per inch of thickness.

For more information on energy saving that recommend. Go to

With 23 chunkier styled Garden Log Cabins in the Log Cabin Euro range, you are sure to find what you are looking for if you wish to take your garden to the next level. Take a special look at the exceptional 2 storey Saxmundham 195 Log Cabin. Here the practical options are numerous. The outside walls of all the Log Cabins are made of Siberian Pine. So that you are more fully aware of the asdvantages of Sibnerian Pine compared to other pine. Here is an extract from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Siberian Pine Pinus sibirica Conservation status

Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Division: Pinophyta Class: Pinopsida Order: Pinales Family: Pinaceae Genus: Pinus Subgenus: Strobus Species: P. sibirica Binomial name: Pinus sibirica

The Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica, in the family Pinaceae is a species of pine tree that occurs in Siberia from 58°E in the Ural Mountains east to 126°E in the Stanovoy Range in southern Sakha Republic, and from Igarka at 68°N in the lower Yenisei valley, south to 45°N in central Mongolia.

Distribution In the north of its range, it grows at low altitudes, typically 100–200 m, whereas further south, it is a mountain tree, growing at 1,000-2,400 m altitude. It often reaches the alpine tree line in this area. The mature size is up to 30–40 m height, and 1.5 m trunk diameter. Its maximum lifetime is 800–850 years.


Pinus sibirica is a member of the white pine group, Pinus subgenus Strobus, and like all members of that group, the leaves ('needles') are in fascicles (bundles) of five, with a deciduous sheath. They are 5–10 cm long. Siberian Pine cones are 5–9 cm long. The 9–12 mm long seeds have only a vestigial wing and are dispersed by Spotted Nutcrackers.

Siberian Pine is treated as a variety or subspecies of the very similar Swiss Pine (Pinus cembra) by some botanists. It differs in having slightly larger cones, and needles with three resin canals instead of two in Swiss Pine.

Like other European and Asian white pines, Siberian Pine is very resistant to White Pine Blister Rust (Cronartium ribicola). This fungal disease was accidentally introduced from Europe into North America, where it has caused severe mortality in the American native white pines in many areas, notably the closely related Whitebark Pine. Siberian Pine is of great value for research into hybridisation and genetic modification to develop rust resistance in these species.

Cultivation Siberian Pine, Pinus sibirica, is a popular ornamental tree in parks and large gardens where the climate is cold, such as central Canada, giving steady though not fast growth on a wide range of sites. It is very tolerant of severe winter cold, hardy down to at least –60 °C, and also of wind exposure. With such resistance to such extreme temperatures one can quite understand why it is such a good quality timber for these Log Cabins ensuring extra long life term without any form of rotting or degradation if the correct protective coating is used.

One of the recommendations for such protection is a product called Butinox. This product is micro-porous. Micro-porous paint acts the same way as “Gortex” does in clothing. It allows the molecules of air to pass through but does not allow the larger molecules of water. Thus waterproof but breathable. With such a paint on wood you can be assured that you will get full protection without any further top up coating for at least 3 years. There are a number of colours to choose from as well as types of finishes, i.e. matt, silk or gloss.
Butinox is available in quantities of 3 Litres or 10 Litres. To give you an idea of how much is required for any particular cabin. 10Litres will give good coverage of a surface area of 120sq.metres. If we pro-rata that we have a scale of usage as follows;- 3 Lts. will cover 36 sq.mts
6 Lts. will cover 72 sq.mts
9 Lts. will cover 108 sq. mts.
10 Lts. will cover 120 sq.mts.

These are approximate ratios depending on wood absorbancy and amount used based upon a single coat. Prices vary from one supplier to another but 10Lts is anything from £100 - £110. Compared with many other cheaper paints this may sound expensive but if you buy a high quality vehicle, why put on a cheap set of tyres? The same applies to high quality Log Cabins, particularly if they are residential and you are going to live in one. Well worth the extra money. Please remember the cheaper ones often need repainting every year. It works out more economic in the long run with less bother of maintenance.

There are 32 Garden Log Cabins and Garden Offices in the DF range. Many of them have tilt and turn double glazed windows, French doors and some with additional self contained areas with separate access. Take a look at the Teignmouth, Hadleigh, Todmorden, Southwold and the Bourne Log Cabins. Each of them provide an additional 1.5mts x 2.5mts of additional space to the side by way of a small extension. Ideal for storage of Garden implements and tools etc. Or you may want to use the extension for something more exotic, such as a Sauna. These can also be modified to use as Garden Offices with the extension for storage of stationery and other items, knowing that they will always be kept nice and dry. Here is another range providing opportunities for more practical solutions to overcome overcrowdedness within the home with the possibility of extending one’s leisure or working activities within one’s own garden.

All Garden Log Cabins and Garden Offices can be insulated to provide comfort throughout the year. Insulated Garden Log Cabins and Insulated Garden Offices are fast becoming the more sensible and economic way forward as opposed to commuting and renting.

There is something rather special about the Interlocking Log Cabin Garages. There are ten to choose from in the range and each one provides something a little different in terms of design and capabilities. The clean lines and exceptional attention to deal makes for a type of Garage that will nestle beautifully within the environment of many a home. Take a look at the “Dartmouth 163”, an interlocking Log Cabin Garage with a Dormer style window in the roof providing additional space above.

The Log Cabins ES range comprises 14 different styles. Again, we experience superb “out of the box” thinking design features. For example, take a look at the Log Cabin “Ilminster 159” offering a lovely external area under cover with open access each side together with a smaller enclosed area for storage or preparation area.

The Log Cabin “Glastonbury 083” with its “Dutch Barn” type styling, once again, provides something a little different, yet most inviting.

Residential Log Cabins from all undergo rigorous quality control tests to ensure that if you decide to live in one you can be assured of a very comfortable and stress free existence. The Residential Log cabins have a number of different option, many of which are standard, to incude tilt and turn double glazed windows, fully insulated underfloor, walls and roofing. Take a look at the description to find out which suits you most by way of number of bedrooms etc. There are 39 to choose from of different shapes and sizes. Most of the Residential Log Cabins are single storey and can also be converted to mobile units by fitting them upon a chassis. If you are looking to having a residential log cabin built on some land of your own, you would be wise to seek planning permission before going through the process of ordering and installing.
District and local councils vary their criteria to a certain extend in the U.K. depending upon the aesthetic quality of the local evironment. The coastal areas also have another important criteria to satisfy, and that is a safeguard relating to flooding. Here the Environmental Agency generally makes recommendations of criteria that needs to be met. Such criteria are fed to District Councils who generally fall in line with such recommendations for the benefit of everyone’s safety.
Planning permission can be applied for even before any land is purchased. In fact, you can apply for planning permission for land that is currently owned by someone else and if given, you could subsequently make an offer to pourchase.
Many District Councils offer a “Pre-application” arrangement, whereby a fee is paid to the District Council for you to try and ascertain the necessary criteria required for you to obtain planning permission for a piece of land that you may be interested in. In these circumstances you can get involved with a dialogue with the Planning Dept. and in some cases the Planning Officer who would be making the final decision upon such matters.
Three outcomes arise from this arrangement.

Firstly if you get a response that is definitely a “No No”, you will be given the reasons why and at least time has not been wasted because that knowledge will be useful towards any other application that you decide to make in the future.

The second outcome could be that your application may require modifying in some way or another to render the proper application acceptable. Once such modifications have been agreed upon, when you finally make the formal application, your chances of success will be much greater given that you have asked all the necessary questions and you have ticked all the necessary boxes that keep the District Council happy.

The Third outcome is the easiest one, where you receive a glowing yes because you have already satisfied all the criteria without any concerns, or you have decided to build something that may not even require planning permission.

The Pre-application process generally gives you three months of dialogue. Certainly sufficient time for both parties to hammer home any idiosyncrasies and any queries that need to be covered. When the formal application takes place, District Councils generally have to make a decision within 6 weeks. Here you can understand why a number of applications are declined due to insufficient information given, due to the shorter time span that the District Councils have to adhere to.

Whatever your project, it is always wiser to ask the question rather than make any assumptions. Worse still to go ahead without consideration, which could end up having your dream house having to be taken down and/or removed.

On a more positive note there are three areas that District Councils generally support and if you tick these boxes then you could be well on the way to achieving a more successful outcome. 1) Environmental issues Will the structure become a blot on the landscape or will it enhance the Environment? Will the structure cause alarm or resistance to neighbours? Here consideration towards others is of paramount importance and if you are able to show that there will either be an improvement to the existing landscape or certainly nothing to cause any reason for complaint then such positive points need to be put forward in the application.

2) Economic issues By building a structure, will the outcome create more jobs locally? Will it create additional work for existing businesses in the locality? Here, on a commercial front, you may be building log Cabin styled Hotel or Classroom, or Nursery School, or Workshop. If by doing so you can improve the local economy and provide some kind of positive forward business plan to show projected figures and opportunities, this will also help with your application.

3) Tourism Will the structure, which may be part of an overall plan, bring in income from outside visitors who, otherwise, would not be there. This could be a local new attraction. A fishing complex. An attraction for Children etc. Anything of this nature that has a direct positive influence to the local economy also helps with your application.

If you are looking for a Log Cabin that provides something more substantial then you would do well to take a good look at our “Large Log Cabin” range. There are currently 5 in the range showing superb internal design features. All with top of the range accessories. Here can also make to your specification based upon an initial plan.

Taking a closer look at the “Sussex” Large Log Cabin, you will see an “L” shaped building with traditionally styled raised Veranda with cross woven Bannisters. Beautiful large Double or triple glazed Windows providing maximum natural light throughout the property. At the rear of the property is a nicely designed rustic styled Porch to coincide with the Roof line.

There is another option of doing away with the veranda and replacing the front eklevation with a nice large porch. Notice how different the property looks just by making an external colour change.

Internally there are superior floor options of tongue andf groove pine flooring or parquet flooring, if preferred. Note the internal walls of superior siberian pine. Extremely spacious rooms giving a luxurious feel. Note the added complete half round logged beams across the ceiling.

A centrally positioned fireplace with options of Gas, Electric or Wood burner, housed within a top quality marble surround with other options available.

A simple open staircase leading to the upper floor maxinises the usage of the ground floor area.

The internal doors are half glazed with beautifully shaped frames. The doors themselves made of high quality timber crafted to meet the high standards of this superior property.

Finally the kitchen diner. A very spacious room giving access to a nice large refectory table, plenty of kitchen units for floor and wall. A nice long working area. A kitchen to be proud of. All in all a magnificent property to give a lifetime’s pleasure.

If you are looking for a substantial property more on the lines of a Bungalow then take a look at the Large Log Cabin “Essex”. Here you have a building that really has that modern feel to it yet retains the charm of a Log cabin mixed with a fully tiles roof and picked out in a contrasting white trim to enhance the external decoative features. The windows are exquisite with the separate apex formed by leaded triangular shaped double glazed units that really do bring this type of property into a class of its own.

When first started out, the Garden Log Cabin range was pulled together forming what was then known as “The Standard” range. The standard was a very high standard and stood as a template for all the other Garden Log Cabins, Garden Offices, Insulated Log Cabins and Insulated offices and Residential Log Cabins throughout the complete range of products. The “Standard” range now comprises of 149 different types of Garden Log Cabins. All of them are affordable, cost effective and, above all, of the highest quality that Kevin insists upon.

There is something here to suit everyone. Quality Log Cabins at very affordable rates.

If you are keen on the more traditional approach of living in a Log Cabin then have the answer by presenting to you a very select range of the “Scandinavian Log Cabin” style range that combines traditional Scandinavian design with modern living.

Just feast your eyes at the Scandinavian Log Cabin “K1” where you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a really chunky solid Log cabin that will last a lifetime. Notice the complete round logs serving as supports for the overhang together with the beautifully carved round log plinths at each corner. The squared off logs for the outer walls are again good sizeable thick well seasoned, precision milled pine that add to the overall pleasing aesthetic appearance of this fantastic building. Whether single or two storey, you can have a made to spec. traditional Scandinavian Log Cabin from at a fraction of the price of bricks and mortar that can be built in a fraction of the time with no waste or mess to worry about afterwards. These top of the range Scandinavian style log cabins are insulated throughout thus providing comfort and warmth throughout the year, however inclement the weather may be.

If you prefer an insulated Log Cabin, there are 34 Insulated Log Cabins to choose from. Whilst the majority of these are of a size that will be ideal for the Garden, they also have a place within the commercial environment where, either additional workspace is required due to expansion and/or speed is of the essence to build something quickly, yet will last and look good once erected. The outside walls of the Insulated Log Cabins or Insulated Garden Offices are of the virtually impenetrable Siberian Larch. This is quality at its best where you can entertain and receive guests or clients with pride and confidence.

With the introduction of Siberian Larch into the Insulated Log Cabin range, it was found to be prudent to offer a range of “Siberian Larch Log Cabins”. Available with or without insulation, the Siberian Larch Log Cabins offering an alternative to horizontal interlocked outside walls, provide a refreshing change towards a clean conservative and business like appearance of vertical clad outer walls and structural internal pine for internal walls, floor and ceiling.

If you are looking for a family home to be built quickly and efficiently and you also want the best in terms of energy saving and eco friendliness then you would be wise to take a look at Sectional Buildings range of exquisite houses, some of which are the latest Passive homes offering state of the art insulation properties whereby minimal heat loss provides long retention of comfort, even in the coldest of winters. Passive house originated from Germany (Passivhaus). This refers to the rigorous standard set for energy efficiency by reducing its ecological footprint. A similar standard exists in Switzerland known as the MINERGIE-P standard. Besides residential buildings, this standard is extended to office buildings, schools, kindergartens and supermarkets.

The history behind this is that it originated from a conversation between two professors. Professor Bo adamson of Lund University in Sweden and Professor Wolfgang Feist of the institute of Wohnen and Umwelt (Institute of Housing and Environment) Germany.

The very first passive houses were built in Darmstadt in Germany in 1990 In September 1996 the Passivhaus-Institute was founded to promote and control these high standards. Since then thousands of Passive Houses have been built, most of which currently located in Germany and Austria.

After the concept was validated at Darmstadt where space heating 90% less than what was required in a standard new building at that time, the “Economic Passive Houses Working Group” was formed in 1996. This group initiated the need for particular components necessary to fulfill the criteria, notably the windows and the high efficiency ventilation.

During the winter of 2000-2001 the European Union sponsored the CEPHEUS project in 5 European Countries.

The first standardized prefabricated Passive House was built in Ireland in 2005 by a Swedish company

The basic requirements to meet the criteria of the European standard are 1) The building must be designed to have an annual heating demand as calculated with the Passivhaus Planning Package of no more than 15 kWh/m2 Per year(4746 btu/ft2 per year) in heating and 15 kWh/m2 per year cooling energy OR to be designed with a peak heat load of 10W/m2. 2) Total primary energy (source energy for electricity etc.) consumption (primary energy for heating, hot water and electricity) must not be more than (3.79 x 104 btu/ft2 per year. are proud to be one of the forerunners of Passive Housing in the UK.

Sectional buildings by nature are pre-cut with precision to form the outside framework. This is a very speedy and efficient building process and works particularly well for larger buildings, including hotels and large office areas etc. A variety of different cladding can then be applied to suit personal choice. Generally the thinner reflective aluminum type insulation is used to maximize internal living space that could be taken away by having thick walls. The more modernistic choice is favored here as opposed to the traditional Log Cabin approach. Either way, with good quality timber there is no reason why your sectional building should not last a lifetime with regular care and maintenance.

The downturn in the economy has also played its part in the garden building boom. Financial uncertainty has resulted in a reluctance to move house, with homeowners choosing to stay put and improve and/or extend properties. In some cases this has led to the introduction of a garden building, whether used as a garden room, summerhouse or kids' den.

Whatever type of garden room heating you choose, you must ensure that it has the capacity to heat the relevant space. It is important to maximize the power used to efficiently provide heat whilst minimizing energy wastage through the use of good insulation, timers and thermostats.

Bear in mind that these days having a comfortable warm outbuilding doesn't mean you need to compromise on style with ugly, bulky and/or ineffective heating options. There is now a wide range of stylish, safe yet efficient electric heating solutions available.

A garden summerhouse can be designed for a variety of uses. Many families often use them for entertaining in the summer time, installing them with an outdoor kitchen and a comfortable area for guests to enjoy. They can be built in a variety of sizes for your needs and a twelve-foot by sixteen-foot summerhouse will give you enough space for a nice comfortable dining area, as well as an indoor cooking area in case of bad weather.

A garden summerhouse is a great way to transform your garden or backyard. They can also be a sound investment as they are in effect adding to the overall value of your property, by providing you with an extra room (or even rooms) in your house.

A summerhouse or garden room can be used for a wide range of activities ' to simply enjoy your garden, as storage for home and garden items, as a children's playroom or as a home office and workshop. But with so many different types and styles of summerhouses on the market in the UK today, how do you choose which is suitable for you? .

There a range of style options available for the door of your garden summerhouse. You can choose a glazed door to allow in as much natural light as possible or a non-glazed door to ensure privacy. You can choose from a single door or double doors which open wide to make the interior of the summerhouse part of your garden. There are various window options available too, which include different sizes and different ways of opening. Again the main use of your garden summerhouse will determine what style of windows and doors you choose.

It is best to plan where you will be situating this new garden building. You need to have a level area and it should be easy to access. You might want to consider its proximity to your house or if it overlooks the neighbors. It is best to mark the area where you will place the garden summerhouse. The location, size and use of the structure are vital factors in the overall construction process.

Regulations. You will need to check local rules and regulations to see if your intended plans will be allowed. Don't forget to follow the electrical code and your building regulations when making your summerhouse as well.

There is no better finishing touch to your garden than a summerhouse. has 16 Summer Houses to choose from. The design features go beyond the standard rectangular shaped Summerhouse and have a much improved open aspect by moving into hexagonal type buildings. Once again a leader in its own right led by Kevin constantly pursues new avenues of improvement in design and innovation. Take a look at the Summer House 279 where you have a perfect octagonal shaped building providing substantial space within for recreation, dining or lounging about. A shingles roof to complete the build brings this Summer House to a quality that’s virtually incomparable.

A perfect example of such innovation is seen in the Insulated Caravans lv range. Here is a representation of the ultimate passive house static caravan, providing maximum peripheral vision coupled with strength, security, economy and virtually zero energy wastage. If you are looking for a clean living experience and eco-friendliness at its best. you really need to take a closer look at this exquisite creation.

Not being satisfied with that, Kevin felt that having enhanced a garden with a Summer House or a Garden Office, a perfect compliment would be a decent looking Gazebo. The Gazebos are beautiful solid structures that are poles apart from the general commercial Gazebo that is sold as a cheap flat pack.

The Gazebos have a variety of options including roof choices of natural thatch, shingles or roof tiles. In addition the actual body shapes can be hexagonal, octagon or even decagon. The shape of the roofing tends towards being circular and the general appearances can vary enormously which makes for a nice wide choice to suit nearly any garden or poolside or a corner within an hotel complex.

These days almost anyone can own a garden gazebo, and assemble a garden gazebo in the backyard, garden gazebo kits offer the beauty of a wooden gazebo, many gazebos are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from Victorian and Amish styles to small to party size in diameter. Garden owners can purchase a garden gazebo kit and build their own gazebo by themselves, the kits can range in price and in quality, but the concept of DIY and the average low price allows almost anyone to experiment and enjoy his own garden gazebo.

The huge advantage wood garden gazebos have is that they fit into a garden naturally, adding natural wooden quality that accents and compliments any garden. If you plan on purchasing a wooden garden gazebo, you will probably have to decide between pine or cedar wood. While pine is more affordable, cedar is less prone to rot.

Outdoor gazebos are a beautiful addition to any property, and choosing to put a gazebo in your backyard is a great means of increasing the pleasure you get from being outdoors. Garden gazebos are a wonderful way to entertain outside. Not only are garden gazebos something that can be enjoyed by every member of your family and plenty of your friends, but you'll also be significantly increasing the value of your home. With our beautiful Australian weather, attractive and well-designed outdoor areas are highly regarded on the real estate market.

If you enjoy having friends over and you love the outdoors, then you're probably no stranger to the backyard Barbie! But not everyone has a covered patio, and weather can be temperamental. With a gazebo your party will never be rained out again! Outdoor entertaining and dining areas are perhaps the most popular way to enjoy gazebos, and if this is what you're after then you will probably want to look for garden gazebos that are large enough to seat 4-6 people underneath them without feeling crowded. To give you a reference point, 300cm x 300cm is a great size because it gives you enough room to fit a medium-sized table plus plenty of seating. If you choose a gazebo any smaller than 250cm x 250cm, you're likely to regret it at some point and wish you had more space.

Wooden gazebos are usually located in the garden or another location that's surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Before building your gazebo, make sure the location you select is large enough to allow it to have enough space. Its location should also highlight your own personal style.

Brief Overview of Gazebos The origin of the gazebo is based on Persian and Chinese culture that is why some gazebos are inspired with pagoda kiosk designs and pavilion styles. Today, gazebos come in different designs, both contemporary and modern. There are also add-ons that can be installed such as ceiling fans and pendant lights. Cushions can also be an option for added comfort and convenience.

Standalone gazebos are beautiful, but perhaps your design works the project into other landscaping things such as the patio, alongside the pool or an outdoor deck. Review your plans one more time before building to confirm the design is what you want. A fire pit or hot tub personalizes the structure, but also has to reflect your lifestyle. If you will never use either one, consider something different. Creativity will give you a remarkable unique design regardless of your allotted budget.

Do you have children? A gazebo makes a fun kid's playhouse. Position the gazebo just slightly off to the side of the house so you can keep an eye on the kids. Fill it with big pillows, a small table and chairs and a throw rug.

Transform your garden gazebo into a potting shed by equipping it with a potting bench, seed packs, foliage, interesting containers, and all your favorite garden tools.

It's always refreshing to position your gazebo close to water if you can. For example, near a swimming pool, a pretty pond, a rushing waterfall, or a trickling fountain so you can gaze out at the tranquil blue water and soak in its soulful sound.

Do You Need Planning Permission? - Although in the majority of cases planning permission is not needed to erect gazebo canopies there are exceptions to this. For example if you live in a conservation area or if you intend to erect a large one that measures over a certain square footage you may need to seek out planning permission. If you are unsure then speak to your local authority planning office.

Take a look at the varieties that are available to you. Additional fabric roll down walls to act as waterproof barriers, Open aspects, Timber half clad walls.
Made to spec shaped furniture for the dining areas. Accompanying “Wishing Wells”. There is so much that you can do with a Gazebo and will be only too pleased to help you make the right choice best for your project.

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