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The Only True Mega Pods in the Industry

pusdienlaiks itālijā The Widest, Highest, Longest Camping Pods Available!

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milzu lempis Logcabins.LV is not just the number one name in all things log and timber frame, we are also the leaders in producing, designing Mega Quality Camping Pods. The first true Camping pod design came from the Toda tribe from India in the 18th century , since then, many have claimed fame to this unique design, but sadly, geographical design and age is the true owner, juridiska persona

coupe cabrio You now are able to purchase camping pods that really are a 5 Star Standard.

olimpiādes rezultāti We as a company always like to better, and offer the public-trade- an experience that is dynamic in every sense. For too long camping pods have been small, narrow and claustrophobic, way too compact, treating customers like mice, fitting them out with a shower and toilet in a floor foot print no bigger than 8 ft x 6 ft shed, and calling these luxury Mega Camping Pod holiday accommodation units? We call then a joke and a disgrace. Everyone in the business knows that never copies, we innovate, we look for the solution and then we look at design, safety and then price. Our distinctive designs are key features to most holiday parks, and quality is paramount through the whole process, which means our customers return year after year. To our credit we have two of the worlds largest Camping Pod Parks for children under our belt! Manufacturing Camping Pods for children is all about safety of design.

livonijas pilsētas So what’s New for 2014, well! If you follow the link supplied on this page, you will see over 50 designs for camping Pods, we now have the largest most innovative camping pod range-designs in the world. (No doubt the others will copy).. rebir elektroinstrumenti

pavāra profesija Our new range of camping pods are not just Wider, Higher, Longer, Better Built than the competition, they are also finished and ready to use when delivered to site. They are what’s called in the Business a top shelf product! Please follow this link to view our manufacturing facilities. Unlike any other manufacturer of Camping Pods, we are a manufacturer of Quality Timber Frame Housing working under the Tek10 build code, so you can be sure that the Camping Glamping Pod you receive is manufactured by skilled carpenters, not from some guy in a converted garage! karavīru dziesmas

sods par braukšanu reibumā Our New Range of Luxury Camping Pods will give your customer an amazing experience, fitted with Window dormers or Velux SkyLight Windows, which is a first for camping pods, our aim is not to compact the public, but to offer them a quality camping experience that they will tell their friends. If you are looking for quality camping pods that will set you apart from the Tent Sites, then please send us an email.

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Camping Pods UK

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Manufacturing Camping Pods UK

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