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piezīmju blociņš Our Timber Frame Buildings are not just small Garden Offices, or Two Bedroom homes, we also manufacture, design and erect fully finished educational classrooms.

katodi anodi We are able to offer not just a turnkey solution, we can offer an excellent turnkey solution, from planning, base, erection, electric, water, drainage etc.

paved roads Over the past few years, we have seen a large amount of Academy’s looking to purchase new exciting, green, low cost, study-classrooms, this year we were lucky enough to win a tender to supply and erect two, 8m x 18m Eco fully insulated Glulam Cabin classroom blocks.

esteve ee If you are looking for a quality fully insulated timber frame building, then please give us a call and we will tell you why our new timber frame segments are not just amazing, they are truly the future!

chamber trade latvia We will very shortly be able to offer the public a timber frame massively insulated passive park home, holiday unit that will not just surpass building regulation, but set the standards for the future.

fulham broadway london Logcabins.LV with our partners have decided to tackle the BS3632 build standard, and show the public really what a quality timber frame park home, holiday mobile unit, should be manufactured from.

kmc kursi Our aim is to manufacture a structure that not just keeps its value through the years, which sadly none of the caravans or park homes do at present, and in the same breath bring running costs down to a bare minimum.

beaumesnil chateau It’s about time we offered our retired population a Park Home that is a true investment!

berimora festivāls Do not settle for less!

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