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Insulated timber frame housing

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jelena petrova If you happen to be looking for a quality graded timber frame building of a residential specification, on Log Cabins LV site we have the largest range of residential timber frame buildings on the net to date!

ragazzi blogspot We also are very flexible and bespoke options are available on all our huge range.

lutriņu pagasts On our residential timber frame range you will find what you are looking for if not it will give you the some idea of what your timber insulated house or insulated cabin could resemble.

klavieru apmācība Our Insulated Bespoke range composes of timber frame buildings and cabins that by design could serve multiple purposes. Be it a large one storey house for the family to live in with two or more bedrooms, like this one 16.8 x 6.9 m timber frame residential house (konrads sia), a two storey house that could be either the family house or holiday house such as this beautiful timber frame residential building (stump splitter), a very modern looking vertical clad flat roof timber frame house, (orbis artis), or perhaps smaller building that could serve you as a holiday cabin in your park, wood, fishing lake or perhaps a granny annex (harvia pirts).

dvt antena We have some really beautiful little timber frame buildings perfect for having as a garden office, gym, or reading room, please take a look at this 4.5 x 4.5 m timber frame house (melnā tēja)

fktk ierobežojumi Our flat roof timber frame fully insulated buildings are perfect buildings for a meeting room, store room, studio as  they are bright inside and contemporary looking outside (demolition racer)

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patricia kaas cabaret Please see the whole range here and discover the timber frame building of your dreams (viljams šekspīrs) and if you like something please contact us.

poros apartments Do not settle for less.

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