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fiskeindustri norway Quality Log Cabins are hard to come by, and if your looking for a really quality hand made Norwegian Log Cabin then Logcabins.lv is the only company on the internet offering not just quality at unbelievable pricing, but we offer more than just quality we offer suburb craftsmanship that you can trust in.

senā roma As you can see in the photograph attached, this amazing hand made log cabin isn’t just amazing, its spectacular, and it is a cabin that will last the test of time.

vivasan kosmētika Our Scandinavian, Norwegian Log Cabins are handmade using old build techniques that are carried out by our experienced work force, every one of our craftsmen are the best in the business.

darran thompson We are able to offer these amazing log cabins with quality handmade triple glazed windows and doors; hand carved external posting, insulated floor and roof, and hand crafted by experts!


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