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jaunaakaas zinas Why is it that so many people want to purchase Oak Buildings?

koordinātu plakne Fact, it takes an Oak tree 40 years until it can produce an acorn.

cīņas klubs ozols In the UK the common Oak is protected, and a very serious quota is put on harvesting-felling- logging

rundēnu pagasta padome However, our common Oak is also under threat from Oak Processionary Moth, it is a non-native pest found in London and Berkshire.

jopr jmx Acute Oak Decline (AOD) also chronic oak decline, (COD) is serious conditions, which affects the UK oaks.

pardevejs vakances Several contributing factors are linked to the diseases.

roschier holmberg Decline of mature oaks since 1920.

krimūnas pagasts Key symptoms include canopy thinning branch dieback, and black weeping patches and lesions underlying the bleed spots.

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baroka stils Knowing all this the question is why are we allowing industry to use our beloved oak for, door stops, sheds, beach huts, garden buildings, garages, internal beams, etc.

aprūpes process The reason is partly to do with history, and that the fact that England sadly needs to change its habits in construction and what timber to use.

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fonu attēli At log cabins LV we never use Oak, English, or any other species of Oak for any part of our buildings.

strana lv This is just a company choice, but we think if we start to push other amazing timbers that are in abundance, then hopefully the industry will change its habits and Oak might get a change over the next 400+ years to catch up and be once again the champion of timbers!

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geopelia cuneata Log Cabins LV do not settle for less!

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