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thais de puig gruzijas vēstniecība latvijā Log Cabins LV as always working to design the future….

ghs directive Timber frame highly insulated camping Pods 1

diska metējs Camping Pods from Log Cabins LV are as you can expect, exceptional quality, built to last and built to keep your investment safe.

stalbes skola Over the last few months, we have designed a few rather wacky shaped camping pods, which I thought I would share tonight.bespoke camping pod interior

saucu tevi These are not going into production unless someone wants  one, however, this shows that we are always trying to reinvent the wheel. If you

gagged bandanna IMG_9322If you are looking for a high quality, fully insulated timber frame camping pod, designed and built by a professional house manufacturer, then please give us a call or send us an email.

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icopal sbs Once again, I am writing a blog about doggy sales staff, be they in the Lake District, Cumbria, London, Watford, Brighton etc,, selling log cabins with the incorrect terminology.

valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas aģentūra timber frame buildings residential 4

traumu klasifikacija OK.. I would firstly like to say this is not directed at any one company, but all of them, as most resellers of log cabins, mass bulk super store log cabin resellers, are telling customers that a 44mm log cabin is residential, it is not.

nopirkt diplomu timber frame buildings residential 5

impērija salons A residential log cabin manufactured in 44mm will never be a residential, or for that matter a cabin where sleeping all year round is possible with out catching pneumonia.

vissezonas bērnu rati  

vāveres foto You might ask yourself why I am writing another blog regarding this, as I have written many, and it seems that most people do not actually understand the difference between a garden building and one that is able to be habitable through out the year!

fosshotel iceland timber frame buildings residential 6

annina torrent 44mm log cabins are designed for one purpose, garden use, be them a workshop, garden office, small garage, play room, what ever, but none the less a garden building.

province pāle  

glibc downgrade gentoo Too many companies have them on their website, and the wording residential is used to sell them.

zaļie jumti  

sinapis arvensis How do you attracted a customer, or a fly to a web of deceit and lies, simple, put a price that would make even the strongest minded person rethink sensibility.

tsd forum timber frame buildings residential 7

ierakstu kompānijas So companies use the wording (16.000) ( Residential Log Cabin ) , and hope to attract the honest, law abiding citizen, and get them to part with their pennies, many thousands of them.

turku lira  

suvi flooring And what happens when the building arrives, simple, it’s a large garden shed with awful windows and doors, and absolutely useless when it becomes cold.

kaislīga sieviete timber frame buildings residential 9

ostu likums If you are looking for a residential Log Cabin, please give us a call, and let us offer you a timber frame solution that will not break the bank, but will pass building regulations, structural calculations, and last decades.

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pildas ezers camping pods 20171

cabrio klubas Camping Pods, or should I say the best camping lodges, in the industry, are definitely manufactured by Log Cabins LV.

jostsons un partneri Bristol Zoo were absolutely blown away with our product, price and of course our superb quality.

paddock stands I just thought I would attach a photo of their new experience centre for visitors.

kmplayer rus These amazing camping lodges are available from our dealer Keith, who is extremely experienced in this field, and is always innovating the pod market to offer more for less. Our new designs of camping lodges can be found on his website.

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btb auto Camping pods are notorious for being dark and cramped, where our camping pods, 4m x 4.8, are known for being super spacious and high-end quality.

braukšanas instruktori The internal head height of these super pods is 2.8m, which offers the campers amazing head room, full bathroom, toilet, shower, bunk beds, double bed, and a small kitchenette. These amazing Pod lodges from LV are super spacious and really are the best quality available in the UK.

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līcīši ltd  

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casablanca klubs Its somewhat embarrassing to air your laundry in public, but sadly the public are the ones in this industry that are to be looked after and helped, not abused or for that matter conned.

persuaders torrent I have fought tirelessly to make sure our dealers give their customers a fair deal, and not rip the ass out of the customers wallet, but sadly too many of our old dealers, now gone and selling other mass produced cabin brands, did, so we had a mass clear out.

closeup fingerskate Log Cabins LV is a great believer in honesty and fairness, we were here from the start and we will be here long after part time sellers like lakeland and other companies have gone, leaving the customer high and dry with no guarantee.

decora balt Our DF range of log cabins is sold only by our registered Dealers, which means you do not get knock offs, or substandard low budget, high profit cabins, which is what sadly log cabins lake land and many other companies sell.

guiding principle So be warned, Log Cabins Lake land , Jonny Staude, is not an LV dealer, and he has absolutely nothing at all to do with us or our brand or our designs, apart from the fact that he stole them.

apraksts par putniem Jonny, i will make sure that everyone , and i mean every one ever buying a cabin from you will know that giving you money is dangerous. Plus it is known in the industry that your cabin fitter fell of a roof and sadly broke his foot, elbow and and and, its about time when erecting large cabins you actually thought about health and safety! Not profit… Typical cowboy! ( means scaffolding and safety harnesses. I hear the fitters elbow is completely shattered.

latconsul sia Phew, what an awful way to start a day!

kartiņas roku darbs Please visit log cabins LV  and purchase a quality log cabin or timber building with confidence.

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tourism in latvia LogCabinsLV-

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pasīvā māja goldmund wiki FRAUD… Beware of Con Men

antrag englisch fake lv dealers

rodeļu trase How can you trust anyone today in this market place?????

notre dame de paris torrent I get really annoyed when we part company with companies for whatever reason, and normally it’s something i do not agree with, mostly when they do something that upsets customers. We ask them politely to remove our content from their websites …..Sadly Johnny Staude of lakeland log cabins , log cabins lakeland, and , log cabin superstore,  decided to watermark over our range, images,( registered watermark, trade name)  etc, trying to mislead the customer!

musturs veikals Sadly the market is full of con’s and this is just one of them.

ženēvas auto izstāde Jonny Staude…. Its about time you grew up!

sadler milan OK if you look at his website page, you will notice quite clearly that he has watermarked over our images, and logo, ( registered logo) and added his own.

ulebcup livescore Now in todays world, this is called theft, and you need to ask yourself just one question, if he can steal our product designs (content)  is he the kind of man you would want to give money to.

kļavas lapa Time to stop conning people mr Jonny staude of Lakeland log cabins and Log Cabin superstore, and be honest!

melnsila iela  

kosmosa tūristi More dishonest dealers to follow….

tranche b The DF range is unique to honest LV dealers, yet sadly we have not so honest dealers who try con the public into thinking they are purchasing an LV building, when in fact they are purchasing an inferior pile of crap!

mmd serviss This statement is written on Log Cabins Lakeland.

chrome shelled regios I think you you should stick to selling pallets Jonny Staude.

mīlēt sevi Theoskara nominācijas DF Range is one of our most popular range of peat bog log cabins and have wall profiles that start at gaļas pankūkas 34mm. with a wall thickness of 44mm or above you will receive, as standard, double glazed melisas eļļa Tilt and Turn windows that come complete with a very secure 5 point locking system.

hanover messe Constructed from the finest conifer trees Siberian interlocking Pine. You can further protect the outside with a micro-porous paint, allowing the timber to breathe, but at the same time doesn’t allow water to penetrate, thus ensuring a waterproof yet breathable protection. To view the different wall thicknesses and specifications view the trauku apgleznošana additional information tab.

akrila dizains Log Cabins LV, we pride ourselves on telling the public the truth.

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imiona aniolow Timber Rame Buildings to live in

gadsimta joki  

nenodokļu ieņēmumi Our LV blog is back with a vengeance, no holds barred and the truth about what you should look out for and what you should get as standard. And what not to buy.

zaļo un zemnieku savienība  

acinetobacter lwoffi Firstly, let’s talk about Timber Frame buildings and Log Cabins.

kaļķu iela  

kubb myspace Log Cabins are great for that extra room in the garden, an office, workshop, garage or just a room for the kids to make a noise in. There are so many doggy companies out there in the market that use the word (residential) and none of the standard log cabins are residential, not even slightly.

anrī matiss  

filebase ru In fact they do not even come to the lower level building regulation of a caravan, the BS 3632, yes I know you have all heard me talk about this, time and time again, but to those freshly looking for a cabin, and want to live in it, then, forget log, solid log cabins are good for the garden, and sadly that’s about it.

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strobe video Most of these cabins end up as pallet timber, and we all know pallet timber is the lowest form of timber on the market.

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amandoti youtube Timber frame is seriously the only way to go for a cabin to live in, if you have a few spare pennies in your pocket, then Glulam timber is also a great, as a log cabin of sorts, its an amazing product, engineered to last for decades.

sods par braukšanu bez biļetes However, glulam is expensive and can actually cost more than a standard insulated timber frame building which is to full building regulations.

lūši latvijā  

pumas botas Our timber frame buildings are some of the best that can be bought in the UK, so if you really want to buy a cabin to live in, a quality cabin, that will stand for decades, then please give us a call.

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tamahagane katanas Log Cabins LV, the company that you can believe in….

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