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4 way Notch Log Cabins

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iļģuciema vidusskola thoralf klatt Today I was watching a video of one of the leading substandard bulk sellers of log cabins in the UK.

avantis promo mor emotions The presenter, who though he would be a clever dicky, stated that they had a unique 4 way cut system on the log end (notch).

piena kvotas elpošana dzemdībās Moreover, that this was unique to them, and that it made their log notches, stronger, more stable, and better than the rest!

praia de monte clerigo taft cashmere britrock bands What !!!! a load of rubbish, what he meant to say, is that they had just learned how to manufacture a notch log end properly, and that they have got rid of their old machines, and that they have invested in a new one, and to heighten this elation of actually investing into correct manufacturing machinery, they boast on a video telling the world how they are the only ones!

andis adats vides projekts What he should have said, is that 60% of other manufactures have had this 4 way notch cut for over 12 years, and that he had, had, so many complaints about leaking corners in his log cabins, that he had used some of his handsome profits from their substandard low quality cabins and had invest into new machinery! WOW!!!

ātrs un bez žēlastības žurnāls kas jauns This industry is full of jokers, con men and clever dicks!

pslan torrent initiative via If you are looking for a quality log cabin, that comes standard with a 4 way locking notch system, double glazed tilt and turn windows, 28mm flooring, 19mm roof, and all this is standard in all our 44mm log cabins and above, then please give us a call.

inbound leads rub kurss Not forgetting, our 35mm has a 4-way notch system, and so does our 28mm log cabins.Honestly!!!!

fcg barcelona holst elektro What’s amazing is that we are even writing a blog about this as the 4 way cut on a log end to manufacture a water tight notch, this should be a standard industry requirement! It has been for us for over 12 years!

jaunķemeru sanatorija leier hungaria Sadly, in this industry, there are too many bull shitters, and con men! Do not settle for less, 

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