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guntis bojārs Here is another amazing design of a Passive Energy Efficient Home by

piru crips If you are looking for a 3 bed Passive House which screams luxury, opulence, which boasts incredible build quality, outstanding workmanship and design, then this 19.0m x 13.4m two garage 3 bedroom Passive House Design is for you!

painstained entwine What we have also done is try to show that outbuildings can enhance your property, add value, by keeping the same design through out!

pīles latvijā Passive Homes (A++ Energy Efficient) are the future, they are the intelligent choice, they are energy saving, quality built, but more importantly they are what we should be leaving behind to our children’s children!

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matīss kaudzīte The UK has about 25.000.000 homes, 80% are of poor design, lack quality insulation, inferior windows and doors, and cost way over the odds

līmētas koka plāksnes Log Cabins LV can offer quality, design and price, all of which beat the competition easily!

dunker latvija A++ Energy Efficient Homes are not expensive, but no doubt, every builder and his dog will now be hammering away, offering this kind of build type, and prices at the very start will be extortionate. Honesty is in price!!!

bīdāmās skapja durvis Firstly, the panels should come delivered 99% fully made to site, there should be no frame building on site. The stud work in the panel should not be open to the elements Ever!!!!

donna inese A passive house, an (A++ Energy Efficient home) should at all times be manufactured in a controlled environment, we have a heated undercover work shop facility where we are able to fully build a 3 storey house, our in house CNC Window and door line offers quality CE approved Windows and Doors every time.

muuga estonia All our timber is C24 graded, KD FSC.

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kurkova cellulite If you are thinking of purchasing a Passive Home, please give us a call first!!!

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ceplis filma Passive Housing, or Energy Efficient Housing are now all the rage, and Eco Villages will be popping up all over the place.

tirdzniecības nams kurši To gain the publics trust, there needs to be stringent guidelines on planning, but more importantly the understanding of what truly is an eco house.

egons helms Log Cabins LV has been in the timber building industry for more years than we care to remember, we manufacture and erect timber frame buildings mainly in Norway, where drastic freezing winters are a norm, we understand about energy efficiency, what heating systems work in a passive structure, and what don’t!

hotfix agp We also understand that something’s work, and others do not.

jz mikrofoni Our years of experience, and our understanding of timber frame technology, plus our very highly skilled architects, who are completely versed in passive, energy efficient housing, would not make the silly mistakes that are listed here in this daily mail article.

spānijas kultūra Sadly, it is very easy to believe in Kevin Mc Cloud as he is seen as an authority on such matters as passive and energy efficient housing, but I would like to point out that he is based in the UK, where timber frame technology is seriously behind the times, brick and block is seen as a true investment, but to be passive, eco, block is not the build type!

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plots r Yet, using or even offering gas in a newly built energy efficient house, is somewhat (crazy), and lazy!

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signāli telefonam An eco house should be almost air tight, if not airtight, the amount of moisture omitted from the house hold use, should be dealt with by the air recuperation system, this would stop damp, but knowing UK house builders, these pathetic eco houses are no doubt damp from the very core of the stud work!

dive latvia Kevin Mc Cloud is not an Architect; he does not have any qualifications on Passive Housing, or Eco Builds.

club oxygen He is very much using his MBE and his presence on the UK TV to win support and gain financially on building projects. HAB housing!!!

snekker jobb He is not challenging anyone; he is just earning himself a large bank account!

udar gāzes Any man that makes a TV program, where he cuts an old beautiful oak and makes a shed out of it, especially an Oak Tree! Well!!!! Shame on you Mc Cloud.

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roadtrip torrents I challenge Kevin McCloud to search for an industry that needs a shake up and do a program on offering solutions to that industry that truly benefits the population, and not his own pocket! If you need help Kevin….I know one!!!!

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