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dati grupa Are you looking for a log cabin that really is a cut above the rest, a log cabin that truly is built to last?

sentenced creep We say in the industry, buy cheap buy twice, and this is completely directed towards all the bulk manufacturers that manufacture cheap off the shelf log cabins, (if that’s how you describe wasting pallet timber).

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lausanne fribourg Log Cabins LV is the only company that actually has a Deluxe Standard Range. I know this is a crazy way of describing a Deluxe Range of log cabins, but they are Deluxe Cabins, fully specked out, with all the bells and whistles and we have decided to sell them as a standard range.

horeca klients Oak thresholds, Residential Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows and Solid, Residential standard doors, fully insulated with CE-Trada Certification.

piia terho There is absolutely nothing better offered any where as a standard log cabin.

iekārtas reglaments Plus not forgetting over sized purlins and a cabin that is truly manufactured by one of the most successful, skilled manufacturing plants of log cabins in this end of the World!

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avienos receptai I know this is going to infuriate all the other manufacturers, as they will now need to go back to the drawing board and work out how they can offer to their customer base such a very high quality standard log cabin with everything we have, and compete (They can’t and won’t)

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spēlēt zoli As I know, there aren’t any Log Cabin manufacturers on the market that manufactures Joinery Glulam Residential Trada, CE certified Windows and Doors.

belam rīga sia So! Why? Is our deluxe range of Log Cabins so much better than the rest?

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elling subtitles Firstly, we have more experience than any other manufacturer at manufacturing log cabins, we do not just mass produce 45mm log cabins as a business unlike 99.9% of the industry, we also manufacture Hand Made Norwegian Log Cabins, which are made using chainsaws by our highly skilled staff, Timber Frame Housing, Passive Housing which we supply to the Norwegian market sizes vary from 150 sq meters to 450 sq meters approximately 6 to 8 houses monthly!

gouda cheese Our Camping Pods which adorn so many camps sites through out Europe, we have fitted out 2 parks with over 100 pods, making us the largest camping pod manufacturer in the business.

rl auto Also BBQ Huts, our Huts are with out doubt the most reasonably priced BBQ huts in the business.

kazokadas izstradajumi With their ergonomic walls, makes having a BBQ in your garden positively Fun and incredibly comfortable!

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ciku ciku caku Secondly, we have invested heavily into training our staff; we now have highly skilled work force of joiners, carpenters, and operators, plus investment into CNC machinery which then truly turns our timber supply from raw material into positively amazing high quality Windows and Doors-Dwellings-Log Cabins-Camping Pods and so very much more!

pupiņu ēdieni If you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin, need help? Want and chat?

lielvārdes karte Please do not hesitate to give us a call! We have the most skilled dealers in the UK-Europe!

stormbreaker torrent Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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tirānas parks Over the years, one tends to learn what works and does not work. As the first company from the Baltic’s, or for that matter any where in the world, to supply the UK with Interlocking Log cabins, we understand what can and should not be done with log cabins.

aluminija cenas Our blog today is going to focus on what you should not attempt to do!

mazda motor There are too many back street companies selling in our opinion waste wood, and referring to these or calling them Log Cabins. It’s easy to spot them, they brag about selling 70.000 a year + log cabins, and show mountains of cabins in plastic wrapping 10 high! These in our opinion are a waste of perfectly good timber! Manufactured on high-speed machines, and designed for maximum profit. Not longevity or Safety, and forget Quality!  Its easy to spot these companies, they ALWAYS have a sale on!

semolina calories The companies that are high quality brands be them watches, Rolex, or computer’s, Apple, do not have summer sales, winter sales etc, and neither do we! This is because our Brand is strong, our Quality is renowned, and our prices reflect our Workmanship!

zuzanna z So over the years we have learned what to offer the customer and what not to offer. We as a company believe in offering quality every time.

poppy mēbeles With the failing of past governments and the shortages of housing, more and more people are looking to live in the Garden. This is illegal, so planning permission is essential.

dzīvokļu izsole But!!! Looking past the laws of the land, we would like to focus on what you should attempt to use as a starting structure for a Residential dwelling and what you should not!

augu aizsardzības līdzekļi Too many people are looking to internally clad a solid wood 44mm log cabin, to bring them up to a habitable standard  (this is on the advice of doggy dealers offering this as an option to earn crazy amounts of money for internal cladding) this is just plum crazy, and not just because firstly the timber is way too thin, and that it moves around way too much as the different seasons come around, also that the timber shrinks, and not forgetting that it does not in its self have any U value to speak of, and the biggest problem is that it is not structurally sound! The Cabin was not designed for the extra weight, or stress of internal timbers bolted to the walls and roof! A residential cabin, is designed from the off set to be a residential cabin, a garden log cabin, is not a residential cabin.

balvi vakances Most 44mm solid log cabins are designed for that extra room in the garden to have a snooker room, or drum kit, put garden tools away, the patio set, etc, garden log cabins are just better buildings than the old T&G Shed, they last a lot longer, far more aesthetic, and have far more uses, But! They are not residential buildings! When ordering a log cabin from, we always ask the purpose, we do not try and sell you a building for the sake of just selling a cabin.

letoonia club As most of you know solid timber be it 44mm, 60mm or 70mm and 90mm is affected by the seasons, the timber swells, contracts, and will do this most of its life! Most dealers will tell you other wise, but this is plain and simply the truth! Yes you can add timber stain, and yes it will slow some of the movements down, but not entirely.

vera batņa We at logcabins LV believe the starting structure( building-Cabin) should be manufactured from 80mm engineered laminated glulam log-timber to internally clad and insulated. We also will offer with this kind of cabin very robust purlins of 80mm x 300mm ( glulam) which will take the support of roof cladding and insulation.

izsludina konkursu Our Engineered Glulam Timber only compresses, it does not move, expand, or contract, and at a starting grade of C32 it is truly the one timber that should be in the foremost on your mind to use to build a residential log cabin from.

atestāts par vispārējo vidējo izglītību We hate blowing our own trumpet, we like people to read and figure out for themselves why we are the best and what they should use, however, today is an exception, as the matter at hand is far to grave to leave it up to chance.

meklē darbu Laminated, Glulam log cabins are the only choice when it comes to internally insulate and clad a residential log cabin, park home.

kautz hotel frankfurt Please follow this link and read and view some up close photos of good Glulam engineered graded logs, and the not so good finger jointed timber.

grzegorz kozakiewicz Ours and the Rest!

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baiba zvaigznīte Solid log cabins can be adapted to support great weights, and insulation, but you must inform the manufacturer of the Kn values etc.

atlantida filma For advice, please send us an email or give us a call today…

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