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brunurupuci latvija gratulation zum geburtstag  We do not offer 28mm log cabins, this is a floor board material, not a construction timber, beware of any manufacturer using the word (strong) 28mm timber is not a construction timber.

surrealistic pillow We are please to announce our new range of Deluxe Log Cabins. logaritmiskais lineāls

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Welcome to a fantastic range offering a choice of over 20 Garden Log Cabins
manufactured from the highly regarded Siberian Pine that will, in effect, last a
lifetime when maintained with the recommended protective coating every 3 to 5 years.

When searching for your EURO garden Cabin, you will, no doubt, have had in mind
the whereabouts in your garden you wish to position it.

Obviously the right size is important to you and to help you decide you will find something from the Log Cabin Euro Range to fit the bill.

We have brought into the Log Cabin Euro Range a good cross section of different designs to suit most applications. However, size is the first priority and we have listed in size order most of the EURO range here for you.

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4.0m x 3.0m Euro range HETTON
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4.0m x 5.0m Euro range SILSDEN
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The 4.0m x 3.0m is a popular size for most gardens.
We have therefore manufactured a wider range of this size for you to choose.
The Euro range SAXMUNDHAM being a 2 storey log cabin offers enormous
Advantages for additional storage and archiving items used less frequently.

Having covered the priority of size, you need to be assured that there has been no compromise on quality whatever size cabin we manufacture.
Even the compact 2.0m x 2.0m EURO range LEISTEN comes with a strong tongue & groove 28mm flooring.
Thicker than most other Garden Log Cabins twice that size.
At Log we pride ourselves in only producing the best to satisfy the most discerning of our clients.

The clipboard getformat provides a nice clean finish and is a wood of high density
compared with many of our competitors who use young spruce that, after a time, can twist or split.

Whist there is that old saying "You get what you pay for". In this particular industry,
if you purchase a very cheap product that seems to knock spots off the competition, do start questioning and comparing the specification and quality before you make your purchase. Everything looks great when it's new. But how long will it last?

As experienced manufacturers we are always keen to respond to any bespoke/ customised enquiries. So if out of the Euro range you find that nothing fits, please let us know what measurements you are after and we will be happy to quote you accordingly.

Either way you can also be assured of receiving top quality windows and doors and insulation where required.

We believe the Euro range offers quite a diverse spread of excellent designs and sizes and you are sure to find something that will suit you.

koala rk The largest Log Cabin in the Euro Range is the Woodbridge 200 which is 6m wide and 7m deep. Take a look at the image of the plan and you will see that this is a multi room cabin. Shown in the picture are two Bedrooms, a Kitchen, Washroom and Living area.

catadioptric lense In addition some ideal space for reading or sunbathing etc in the open area at the front corner.

eea indicators The Woodbridge 200 EuroLog Cabin is a perfect “Granny Flat” providing an excellent comfortable residence for a single person. This certainly takes the Garden Cabin aspect to a different level. Another option is that each individual room could be used as a separate games room for different activities. If you happen to be involved in Arts and Crafts you could split up your cabin to enable you to have a working area, a showroom,and an office area come reception.

pures stadi As a working office, you have the scope to have two separate offices, an exhibition area, reception and/or meeting area. Compact and very economic compared with having to rent. 42sq. metres of space is quite generous and could accommodate a multitude of uses.

strēlnieku iela The Euro range Log Cabins have been carefully pre-cut and arrives at your doorstep complete with instructions and plans. If you are reasonable adept at DIY you will find the assembly process both enjoyable and rewarding. If, however, you prefer not to get involved with the installation, we can deploy a team of installers to carry out this work for you. 

gleznu galerijas Please contact us or one of our appointed dealers who will be pleased to answer any further questions or queries you may have.

madhouse bārs We are able to Offer….

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    miksta mebeles Log Cabins Meltham Log Cabin 4m x 6m

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    ierēdņu likums Log Cabins Eye Log Cabin 3m x 2.6m

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    karpfen backofen Log Cabins Hadleigh Log Cabin 5m x 4m

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    leupold riflescopes Log Cabins Leiston Log Cabin 2m x 2m

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    ciganskaja muzika Log Cabins Halesworth Log Cabin 2.6m x 2m

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    pienākumu apraksts kriminālprocesa kodekss €0.00

    rrc seats Log Cabins Felixstowe Log Cabin 4m x 4m

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    dārzs un drava Log Cabin Saxmundham Log Cabins 5.5m x 8.5m

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    dvur kralove Log Cabins Bungay Log Cabin 6m x 7m

    fourteenths amendment
  • jatoba parket

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    aribe hotel Log Cabins Stowmarket Log Cabin 3m x 2m

    girtekos logistika
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    mailscanner pyzor Log Cabins Sudbury Log Cabin 3m x 3m

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    medoff rafael Log Cabins Godalming Log Cabin 3m x 3m

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    ārpusdzemdes grūtniecība Log Cabins Haslemere Log Cabin 4m x 3m

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    rotu izgatavošana Log Cabins Hetton Log Cabin 4m x 3m

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    daiļamatniecības pamatskola Log Cabins Otley Log Cabin 4m x 3m

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    endangered animals in latvia Log Cabins Todmorden Log Cabin 5m x 4m

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    kravu serviss Log Cabins Normanton Log Cabin 4m x 3m

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    ģipša fabrika taupības receptes €0.00

    bērnības svētki Log Cabins Silsden Log Cabin 4m x 5m

    sāpes kreisajā sānā
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    šalc zaļais mežs Log Cabins Featherstone Log Cabin 4.5m x 3m

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    svs transports sia Log Cabins Littlehampton Log Cabin 4m x 6m

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    pikaso pablo Log Cabins Arundel Log Cabin 4.5m x 6m

    charset baltic
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    rumbula auto tirgus Log Cabins Warwick Log Cabin 4m x 5m

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    unleaded regular gasoline Log Cabins Kenilworth Log Cabin 3m x 3m

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    papīru locīšana Log Cabins Woodbridge Log Cabin 6m x 7m

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